Volunteers Needed at Organic Farm

The Fruition Center is equal parts permaculture education center, hostel, and the heart of our farm. We have built this center to create and support a harmonious social and ecological environment, utilizing Permaculture, Biodynamics and Non-Violent Communication.

Over the years we’ve had over 500 people of various cultures coming together to share their experiences and knowledge to contribute to a solution-based way of life. Our mission is to thrive! Thrivability is the ability for a system, culture, society, or ecosystem to produce abundance. Producing more than we need to survive, empowers us to embody our fullest potentiality through strong community bonds, a supportive environment and a nourishing culture.

We are currently searching for:

– Volunteers/staff with general construction knowledge – assisting with improving infrastructure, knowledge of building structures with basic supplies
– Volunteers/staff with general experience with farming – composting, irrigation, planting etc.
– Volunteers/staff with Social Media marketing experience – updating Facebook, Instagram, taking photos/video etc
Volunteers and Staff Opportunities are open at the farm! Helping hands and hearts are always welcome!

Our programs offers volunteers the opportunity to live and work on a tropical farm based in Permaculture design, while practicing methods in Biodynamics and Organic Agriculture. Located 800 meters above sea level within a rural farming village, there is weekly opportunity for cultural immersion and sightseeing the beautiful vistas.

Staff and volunteer accommodations are rustic and beautiful. The center staff and volunteers are welcome to camp or stay in the dormitory. Amenities include warm solar showers, Wi-Fi and electricity, kitchen, outdoor dry composting toilets and a laundry facility.

The communal kitchen is stocked with rice, oats, beans, and basic spices. Harvesting seasonal fruits and vegetables is a weekly task we also share, since most of the food we consume comes from the farm itself. A great luxury for everyone to enjoy.

Responsibilities of meal preparation and clean up is shared amongst all of us, this is counted as part of the working hours. Although our diet is primarily whole foods vegetarian based, we do eat eggs and dairy products and occasionally fish.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Volunteers are asked to collaborate 4hrs per day (20 hours weekly) Monday-Friday in exchange for a dormitory bed. A fee of $10 per day is required in exchange of 3 meals a day. There’s no a minimum time commitment.

Staff Opportunities:
Provide a means for us to receive long term assistance with the activities on the farm and within the center. Staff positions are available for a minimum 3 month commitment. Staff positions require an average of 30 hours per week in exchange for meals/accommodation. (6 hours per day Monday-Friday; we reserve the weekend as a days of leisure.); with a small contribution of $35 per week to contribute to costs. Work hours are based on integrity, co-collaboration, self-regulation and productivity.

*️If you are interested in a more private space, we may have some options. Please contact us for further details.

Extras may be an option depending on the abundance generated by the staff member and team and will be discussed on an individual basis.

Languages spoken
English, Spanish

Our project is in an ever expanding state of shifting space. Accommodations will vary upon availability and at what stage of growth each space is involved in.

The shared-use kitchen is lightly stocked for base sustenance, and the weekly farmers’ market is a great source for additional organic and other food supplies/snacks.

We have wireless Internet, solar heated showers, dry composting toilets, walking trails, animals, nourishing on-site spring water, refreshing breezes, and amazing views of Mount Chirripo and the Talamanca mountain range.

We are less than an hour’s drive to San Isidro del General in one direction, or Uvita in the other. We have bus access to town five days a week, and we look forward to inviting you in with a warm and welcoming spirit.

What else …
Set amidst a largely agricultural zone, our property is especially rich in bio-diversity where one can easily submit to the beauty of Mother Nature, while enjoying the broad openness of our ridge top vistas. It’s a quiet place to enjoy and deepen one’s understanding of the earth and the complex systems which sustain life on this planet. At the same time, it is an active center for co-creation, interaction, and development of the self, in the company of others.

Transformation, Celebration, Manifestation is our way of life.

How many Volunteers/Staff can stay?
Maximum of 8 in dorms; more if people would like to camp

Cultural exchange and learning opportunities
See and taste all the exotic fruits and vegetables growing at the Finca. Ever heard about Guapinol or Beriba or Tulsi or Mucuna-Bean or Moringa, and and.. all the others, If you want to know how to make a green or orange facemask or toothpaste with grinded Mandarin peels or Moringa leaves, and drink mountain water. We are communally and emotionally aware. Want to do to Yoga, or Shout Out your anger after some breath-work…by the way the oxygen level here is super high, we are 800 meters or 2600 feet above sea level.

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