Volunteer Programs by Region

We have developed lists of volunteer opportunities and organizations around the world. They are provided to our community free of charge. If you have any organizations to add, please let us know in the comments.


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  1. My name is Jean Claude DUSABIMANA, the program manager at Nature Rwanda.
    Nature Rwanda is a youth led and run Non-Governmental Organization registered in Rwanda. Nature Rwanda aims to build communities where human beings live in harmony with nature, coexisting without compromising the wellbeing of future generations.
    In order to achieve this mission, and to contribute to the advancement of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation in Rwanda, our organization has four programs; environmental Facts,Environmental Clubs, environmental Mentorship, and environmental citizenship programs.
    Our Mission is to connect young people with nature by promoting environmentally-responsible youth, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Rwanda through empowerment and engagement of informed, responsible and participating citizens.
    It is in this respect that we would like to have two volunteers interest in working with us in protecting the nature, for the betterment of the future generation. We are looking for self funded volunteers because we are still in the process of developing organization’s financial status. The volunteers can help us with fundraising and grant proposal writing, or joining one of the 4 programs listed above. I hope that we will find people who would be interested in joining our organization. I can be reached at jclaudu@gmail.com or dusabimana@naturerwanda.org.
    For more information visit our website: http://www.naturerwanda.org.

    Kind regard,

  2. morgan jones says:

    hi, my name is morgan, I really wanna help people, put goodness in the world, I have such a strong desire and that’s always been being kind and to help people, I wanna feel like I’m putting a purpose in the world, I am 20 years old, Unemployed, I have a disability ADHD, I would like to know which program is cheaper, I wanna discover in the world.

  3. Theo Tuyisenge says:

    I am pastor Theogene from Rwanda
    I am looking for volunteers Who Will help to get the needs of our nursery school
    We have an orphanage association that need support , thanks ,for more information
    Émail me on : tuyisengetheo0@gmail.com

  4. Angel Thelma says:

    My name is Angel and I work with Adventure Expeditions Uganda – a Tour Operator/company based in Uganda that operates tours and safaris but also has a passion for community and volunteer tourism. Most of our clients are volunteers who we place in different projects before they decide to go on safari in Uganda. We have church groups and volunteer teams that have in one way or another impacted the lives of children and women in the impoverished communities in Uganda.
    We have free volunteer placement projects and those where you can make whatever donation as you see fit during your time at the project. Projects include rural schools, slum areas, orphanages, churches and community based initiatives. If you would like to volunteer in Uganda, get in touch with me on angel@expeditionsuganda.com or call me on +256 772 347010. Please check out our website http://www.expeditionsuganda.com

    As a Co- founder, I do my best to place you one or more projects to achieve your goals. We usually work with anyone from the age of 18 years and above as by law in Uganda at 18 years, one is an adult.

  5. julietamorano says:

    Hi, my name is Julieta, I´m 28 years old and willing to volunteer in any part of the world, for as long as it´s required.

    I´m fluent in English and Spanish, studied fine arts and I´m open to any type of work, specially related to communities, women, kids, orphans, families, teaching, art practice, languages, etc.

    I´m available from June 2017.


    Kind regards,

  6. We are a local grassroots org called Riley Orton Foundation Org. We empower underprivileged girls and women from obunga slum and obambo village through education at Akili Preparatory School http://www.akilischool.weebly.com and also connect marginalized women and youth to resources and training they need to build a resilient community through entrepreneurship training, grant writing, business plan development, fundraising, basic computer skills etc.
    we would like to receive volunteers to help with our programs including sports, guidance and counseling, computer skills training, entrepreneurship training, grant writing and proof reading etc.
    We charge $150 weekly including accommodations and food, airport pickup and dop off. Contact omondidavid@gmail.com for more information

  7. Tshepo Seeletso says:


    I’m looking for opportunities to volunteer/work internationally with a strong interest on African Youth development. I’m a 32 year old from Botswana currently living in Johannesburg.

    After achieving commercial success as a media business owner at a young age I finally admitted to myself that it didn’t fulfill me and subsequently closed my businesses mid last year. I’ve learnt a lot as a business owner but more specifically within the media industry (Advertising and film) and would love to contribute my experiences as a youth myself to empowering others instead.

    I no longer have a desire to pursue self interests due to my growing urge to contribute to African Youth development in whatever capacity. I worked hard from a young age to realise my ambitions and after years of wanting personal success it brought me little joy.

    I now aspire to help other African youth to reach their potentials and seek out opportunities. My greatest desire is to become a motivational speaker.

  8. Dear Friends
    New Hope New Winners Foundation is looking for volunteers and ambassadors all over the world.
    New Hope New Winners Foundation (NHNWF) is a Tanzanian institution officially registered under the Non-Governmental Organization Act, 2002 as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) No. NGO/00007363. The grassroot organization is dedicated to promotion of the welfare of children and youths living under difficult conditions, especially children and youths undergoing psychological problems.
    The magnitude of the problems of children and youths is ever in the increase everyday. The role of the NHNWF is therefore crucial in re-unification and re-integration of needy children back into their families and communities. NHNWF undertakes strategies that empower the children and youths to acquire basic education and skills necessary to manage their own lives. NHNWF approaches engage families, communities and local education, health and other social schemes in provision of children and youths needs.
    If your interested to join our team in rescuing , protect and provide to a child in need contact me via email adress pscholastica@yahoo.com/ n_newhope@yahoo.com. Phone no. +255717592294.
    Do not worry about your distance love doesn’t have a distance as love is power and vulnerable children need love. You can join our team and be our ambassador work to your place for our organization.

  9. Hello,

    I just finished my second year of university and I am looking for some volunteer work for over the next 3 months.
    What is still available?

  10. We are excited to get your placement under way where you will:
    • Be a part of TBF’s efforts to inspire learning, innovation and action to unlock the potential of vulnerable children in Ghana. Work with exceptional grassroots projects in community development, personal development, and fundraising.
    • Be a part of progressive nonprofit that has raised support for over 600 children in need.
    • Make a long-term impact in your community of choice – it is not just a vacation.
    What we provide:
    • Airport pickup and drop-off.
    • Subsidized Accommodation.
    • 3 meals daily.
    • 24/7 in-country support
    Do you want to help us?
    Areas we need help in are:
    • Web updating (short-term daily and long term). We post to this site every day, and could use your help. There are long term projects involved with research and posting.
    • Recruitment of other volunteers.
    • Rasing funds and contributions for further work and expansion of our project.

    Our vision is to connect people with communities in need, with a particular focus on vulnerable children. We do this by supporting the work of local community organizations through the placement of international volunteers.

    We welcome your suggestions on other areas or activities that you feel would be important to us and for our volunteers. Send us your suggestions. Thank you!

    Contact us:
    The Bridge Foundation
    Aviation Road Extension
    Roman Ridge
    P.O.Box GP. 13463
    Accra, Ghana

    Telephone; +233(0)2895-533-020
    Website: http://www.thebridgefoundation.org

  11. Hi guys, I am student going to study the graduate program in USA this summer. I am looking forward a volunteer program or an internship in legal field especially in Intellectual Law. I am a girl. And because of my location, I do hope I can have a chance in South America or Central America. If anybody have some information about it, please do me a favour, come to contact me. Here is my e-mail: davieyu@foxmail.com. Thank you in advanced.

  12. OPHANNED CHILDREN’S CARE AND SUPPORT TRUST (ORCCAST) was established in 2009 and registered in 2011. Its main aim is to eradicate poverty among groups of people particularly children. The organization was established as a community initiative after realization that many children , particularly OVC are not attending school thus it is the organisation’s mandate to assist these children with basic needs so that they as citizens of Zimbabwe.Since ORCCAST is a non profit making organisation assisting vulnerable groups of people
    particulary children. The organisation is run by the students and former of universities. We heard abn opportunity from the US ambassador with a small grant by the project is over now. We were running a peanutbutter project. Proceeds help in payment of fees for ovc, buying of stationery, uniforms and the general upkeep of ovc. Lets join hands together by assiting the ovc in cash or in kind. Anyone can contribute to the organisationn and help the Zimbabwean communities.

    Be your brother’s keeper. Make a donation

    Contact US on: +263776493882
    Email; lasten.chando@yahoo.com

    You can like our page on facebook. our username is the name of the organisation

    Lets join hands and help

    I thank you

    Yours Laston Chando

    Information Officer

    God bless

  13. Emma Laliberte says:

    I am looking for a 2 month internship related to my schooling in marine environmental. I want to work in conservation, marine protected areas, and sustainable living(renewable energy). Off the top of their head, does anyone have a site or place in mind they would recommend? I have spent the past few hours clicking on links around the world, and have found a few handful. I am looking for a free internship, and I really am open to going anywhere in the world.


  14. MACAO NGOs was formed in September 2003 in Arusha Region. This was as a positive response to the community here in Arusha. This organization was registered to the Government of Tanzania on September 2006. Our registration number is 01NGO/1693.as a non-profit sharing, non-government organization, non-sectional and interdenominational organization. Macao is a mission which God placed to the heart of Mr and Mrs Baraka Kilinga to reach the Unreached people groups and rejected groups of Orphans and other vulnerable children from the Indigenous Maasai from local villages and other ethnic tribes living in the barren areas of Arusha Tanzania mainland. Our aim is to continue to establish an effective and sustainable sponsorship program so that we are involved in meeting the diverse needs in the villages and surrounding communities. The purpose of our project is bringing relief to the people by fighting against Ignorance, Poverty and Disease – the biggest enemies in Tanzania. Furthermore we provide basic knowledge and understanding to educate those vulnerable children to know their rights – since Maasai children culturally believe they have no right to be educated, right to health or the right to eat. This is due to most Maasai families living from day to day for their survival, providing food when it is available. We are encouraging and educating these local communities to further explore opportunities to develop self-sustaining ways of living. For example we have plans to use land to grow vegetables and crops,garden, orchard, cattle which will serve our orphanage and school. We come forth to eradicate these problems through different levels of education, guidance and counselling to prepare our children as tomorrow youth leaders.

    Currently Macao is based in Ngorongoro Arusha Tanzania,in a small village near Loliondo. It meets the diverse needs of orphans and the Maasai’s most vulnerable children. We operate an orphanage for 26 children and a school at which currently 85 children from the surrounding areas attend. Volunteers are very welcome and we fully embrace the experiences and skills they contribute to our project, especially within the school and orphanage. During their stay volunteers have the opportunity to partake in all areas of village life including visiting Maasai villages and the National Safari Parks. Macao asks volunteers to cover the costs of their stay in our Orphanage and School. Also volunteers will be visiting to the Maasai villages we work in. Please contact us

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