The Dead South are Great Guys and You Should Watch Their Video

A few years ago, when we ran our Hockey in the Himalayas project, we had a fundraiser.  We were looking for a band to provide entertainment for the night.  A friend of mine reached out to a local band and they were happy to perform.  I didn’t know any of the band members, but they offered their services free of charge.  On top of that, at the end of the night, they donated a portion of the money they made from the sale of their merchandise.

Pretty classy move by a classy group of guys.

The band, The Dead South, were fantastic that night.  Since then, they have endured a rigorous tour schedule across Canada and Europe. They are currently reaping the rewards of their hard work (and good music) in the form of a viral video.

Because this song is great and because these guys are great, you should watch their video:

Also, here is a short video of our equipment donation that they helped make happen.

Thanks again to The Dead South for their support.  Glad to see Karma is treating you well!

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