Volunteer Programs in Africa

The following is a list of free or low fee volunteer programs in Africa. If you know of a volunteer work program in Africa that is free or has a low fee, please share it in the comments and it will be added to the list.

Also, check out our new site dedicated to free or low cost volunteering opportunities in Africa: www.volunteerafrica.net


Nido di Speranza (Nest of Hope) – The target population Nest of Hope works with/for consists of women, widows, children and orphans of age 0-17 years and youths who will be involved in the project activities in Buea and district wide.
RUDEC – The Rural Development Centre encourages volunteers to join them to try to achieve a better quality of life of local communities. If you’d like to help but can’t travel to Cameroon, there are also things you can do to help from home.


Dream Seed Academy – The Dream Seed Academy targets its work towards providing kids with first class education. For volunteers there are teaching opportunities, homework assistance and opportunities to help create a library.
Ghana Health and Education Initiative – This is a health and education initiative with the objective of providing opportunities and success to locals. Their volunteer programs offer participants the chance to be immersed in a rural Ghanaian community and work alongside local staff members.
NKA Foundation – NKA focuses on human capital development through use of the arts. You don’t have to be an artist to volunteer with them as they can also accommodate volunteering at local schools or at the village centre.
The Turing Trust – This is another organization that works to provide rural communities in Africa with lasting and self-sustaining benefits. Volunteers can join them for the construction or administration of school houses or computer labs in Ghana.
Volta Aid Foundation – This is a non-governmental organization in the Volta Region of Ghana. They believe in empowering the community through education. Their volunteer programs are suited to everybody – ranging from school teaching, to medical work, to orphanage caring. They accept volunteers year round.


Daos Children Centre – The organization was founded in 2008 to provide quality education to unprivileged kids of Uganda. They offer volunteer and internship opportunities for people with all different kinds of skills. They aim to provide a family-like environment for children.
Development Pamoja – Pamoja means together, so this organization’s name can be translated to ‘Development Together’. They work with people of communities near Nakuru where credit is limited, education is not a priority, primary health care is inadequate and farm practices are outdated.
Kenya Voluntary and Community Development Project – KVCDP offers internship opportunities in community development projects. They aim to support cross cultural exchanges with the help of local and international volunteers.
Mama Hope – Mama Hope works in close partnership with local African organizations to connect them with the resources required to transform their own communities. They only accept a few volunteers each year, because of space.
Volunteer Work in Kenya – This organization manages a children’s home that serves 46 kids. They need volunteers to help them protect children that have been abused. They also operate an HIV/AIDS education program for youth.


ASTVS – ASTVS is a youth and non-profit organization situated in Errachidia. They raise awareness about the poverty of the region and support educational, social and cultural projects.

South Africa

Iziwe Projects – The mission of the organization is to revitalize community-centred organizations and providing opportunities for international volunteers to learn about the local culture. As a volunteer, you can join the dance group, the restoration project or the human dignity centre.


Impact Health Organization – This organization works with vulnerable and marginalized communities. They develop their health and human rights projects in close consultation with communities they serve.


Small World Initiative for Women’s Security and Children’s Orphanage – SWIWSCO works to support and create awareness to women, orphans and vulnerable children in Tanzania. They offer a number of volunteer opportunities throughout the community including work at schools and hospitals.
The Fun Arts and Clowns – FAC believes that there is nothing more special than sharing knowledge. Volunteers are part of an exchange of arts, culture and knowledge.


Another Hope Children’s Ministry –  AHCM is a team of dedicated, Christian Ugandans with a commitment to give hope to the orphaned, street children and children from impoverished families.  While volunteering at this organization, volunteers stay with local families and have an opportunity to work with children.
Children Reach out Program – The Children Reach Out Program was founded by Edwin Agaba.  It all started with a football game with the locals.  Now the organization provides free classes and workshops.  It focuses on bringing together all children in the community and supporting those whose development is at risk, socially.
Culture Waves – Cultural Waves is a nonprofit organization founded by a group of students from Makerere University in 2004. Their mission is to improve the livelihood of women and girls in rural areas through ICTs in terms of agriculture, health and education fields.
Hapa Resources – We are a team of people enthusiastic about social initiatives that support: youth ICT empowerment, livelihoods and training. From our diverse backgrounds, we believe in what we do and are committed to contributing towards change and building lives.
Eden Ministries – This organization dedicates its work to promote community empowerment in Uganda. They have long and short term volunteering programs. Volunteers can be involved in evangelism, community health, education and community outreach programs.
JICCO – JICCO was created to help in the development of rural communities by teaching and implementing sustainable projects. They accept long and short term volunteering.
Kitega Community Centre – It is a Christian organization located in the Kitega village of Uganda and it is mainly targeted towards kids with special need that have been abandoned or rejected by their parents. They have a long list of activities for volunteers, but are also open to suggestions on new projects.
Kyabirwa Primary School – As the name implies it is an organization that uses volunteers as teachers, whether it is at the school classes, sports, carpentry, etc. This means that you don’t have to be a teacher to volunteer with them, you can use your skills to teach things you know about.
Soft Power Education – This is another organization that believes that to improve the conditions of people from any place the most important factor is to educate them. All they ask for is enthusiastic, self motivated, passionate about making a difference, prepared to fund raise before you join us in Uganda and have a great sense of humour!
Training of Rural Women in Uganda – TORUWU is a non-government organization that has as goal to provide women with tools and skills. This makes them independent and on the long run it provides a better quality of life for their kids.


Zambian Carnivore Programme – ZCP is dedicated to the conservation of large carnivore species that are native to the country. They accept donations and have an internship program for students of ecology, biology, environmental sciences and other related disciplines.

Throughout the Continent

African Hope Fund – This organization believes in conservation through education. Aside from supporting and building schools they help at an elephant orphanage.
International Humanity Foundation – IHF supports projects in Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand. If you are talented in any given area they can find a task for you. Volunteers are involved in the hands-on teaching and care-giving, as well as the administration and general management of the organization.
Juelsminde Development Instructors – The Development Instructor program is a unique chance to study and work with people from all over the world. You will get the chance to travel and learn about different cultures and to help those who are less fortunate. In Denmark you will help children and young adults who have had a difficult start in their lives and may have special needs, and in Africa you will be able to contribute to the fight against poverty and diseases.

For more volunteer programs around the world – click here!


  1. Ivona Tatarova says:

    Good morning!
    I am Ivona Tatarova, 19 years old from Bulgaria and I really want to volunteer somewhere in Africa where I can help and gain experience. I can also teach English and French and would prefer to work with children and take care of them, but other offers are great as well. I wanted to become a volunteer but until now the ones I have seen cost a lot of money, so anything no cost or low cost is a great opportunity.
    I am very passionate and enthusiastic about this and would love to hear back from you. Thank you!

    Best regards,

    • coordinates says:

      Hi! Ivona
      My name is Allen from Tanzania co-founder of organization known as Tanzania child Care & technical support which owns a Private preschool offering free education to most vulnerable children. Aside from that, we also practices outreach programs mostly for single parented families and outpatients suffering from chronic infections including HIV/AIDS.

      We offer an opportunity of creating children clubs to several public primary schools which faces a lot of challenges including books deficiency, lack of enough qualified teachers, chairs and many other basic needs for a schooler.

      If you find this interesting let me know and I will let know about other information you may want to know from my side.



  2. Ivona Tatarova says:

    My name is Ivona Tatarova and want to be a volunteer in Africa for free. I know English and French and would love to teach children. I am almost 20 years old, passionate and enthusiastic, and ready to volunteer for a few months, from March until June. If there is something available, please let me know so I can do what the program requires and help.

  3. Greetings from TRUST FUTURE UGANDA.I am taking this chance to introduce you Trust Future Uganda. An NGO with 8 years’ experience in serving the orphans and vulnerable children, youth and disadvantaged women in Uganda.
    Our organization specializes in empowering orphans and vulnerable children, disadvantaged youth and women through providing them with access to education, health and empowerment services. There is a professional team of social workers and teachers working within our organization. During our existence in this sector, we didn’t receive any negative feedback from our clients.
    we need volunteers in areas of teaching, childcare, women and youth empowerment, social work, administration,resource mobilization/fundraising, among others. you can volunteer as an individual, group or family.
    contact us on: shamim@trustfutureuganda.org
    whats app: +256706921846
    visit our website: http://WWW.trustfutureuganda.org

  4. Marilla Appleby says:

    Looking for clinic in Uganda or Malawi. Registered nurse from Australia. 3-4 months with possibility to extend. Please advise if any good NGOs

  5. Hi!
    I’m 18 years old and I would like to volunteer in child care in August 2018. If possible I would like to be near the coast and I have a low budget. I study Mathematics at university so I could teach it even if I prefer to work with orphans or kids whose families are unable to care them.
    Thank you

  6. George Ouma says:

    SHOULD YOU BE INTERESTED kindly contact for more information here oumag2000@gmail.com,Skype id is George.ouma14 my mobile number is +2540705540401 and we shall be glad to host you in our community programs http://www.githima.com and many more .
    just organize to pay your air ticket and come we are very flexible and you will have the opportunity to interact with the community all the times and be able to identity areas of need and come up with the road map .we are waiting for your arrival and communication.
    we are working very closely with uridu organization and the giving way organizations among others.

  7. Humanitarians Greetings to all.
    Saint Leonard Health and Research Foundation Limbe Cameroon is a non governmental, non racial, non religious and non political organisation that welcome both national and international volunteers from multicultural and multidisciplinary background in an excited and most challenging atmosphere to bring empowerment to more women, young girls and children in underserved, difficult to reach rural zones and refugees camps in Cameroon and Africa. We continu to welcome national and international students, and professionals from different background to join us for the global challenges of sustainable development goals and global health objectives. Thank you.
    Email: slhef22@gmail.com
    Web site: http://www.slherf.org
    Facebook: Saint Leonard Health and Research Foundation Limbe Cameroon

    • Noluthando says:

      Hi ,I’m Noluthando Geledu,19 years of age from South Africa and would like to be part of your organization in 2018.
      I’m passionate about women issues,and women uplifing other women.
      And I believed that it is our generation’s duty to create or pave a way for women and young girls that will come after us.One that is free from patriarchy.

      • Hi Noluthando, accept our greetings from Saint Leonard Health and Reseach Foundation Limbe Cameroon. Please email us at slhef22@gmail.com for our organisation to send documents you will fill and send to us so as to register you as one of us in 2018. Thanks for being part of us in 2018.

  8. JebrockPremierAcademy says:

    Jebrock Premier Academy is a school located in Vihiga county, western Kenya. I wish to request on behalf of the school if your overseas volunteer program can include the school so they can benefit from the international experience. There are teaching opportunities in computers, sports, drama, music arts and other teaching subjects. The schools aims to provide quality education and multicultural exposure to the young minds.

  9. Abreeotta Williams says:

    My name is Abree and I’m from The USA. I speak English and I think I can be helpful about any teaching program! I have degrees in Biology and Agriculture. I’m seeking a free volunteer program in Africa for July 2018!

    • ALRIGHT …am from Ghana and own an NGO called Repositioning Peace in Africa (REPEAF). http://www.repeaf.com

      If you have group of friends who are ready to come with you for volunteerism activities you are always welcome.

      If for a reason you want to come alone you can as well let me know.

      Whatssap: +233501196769

    • Hello all good friends around the world, i am Raphael Peter from TANZANIA in africa, i am running organization focus on helping most vulnerable children those living in hard situation such as children with albinism and orphans, our focus is education, health, human rights and economic, currently we have a pre school with 100 children, we are looking volunteers who can come for teaching, playing with children, visiting community and registering more children who are living in poor family, we welcome group of friends, family and any one interested with us send email to us attaching cv and photo, we are looking teaching volunteers, administration volunteers, fundraising volunteers, proposal write up volunteers, contact us helpchildrenfoundation1@gmail,com

    • Hi Williams, you can volunteer with our organisation: Saint Leonard Leonard Health and Research Foundation Limbe Cameroon to teach biology to our nursing and pre-medical students, help assist and empower young girls and women in rural zones cameroon in order to improve their skills in the field of agriculture for sustainaible development and economic growth. Email us at slhef22@gmail.com. Thanks

  10. We have volunteers and interns opportunities at our school. Choose one or two that is suitable for you then contact Jonathan Munyany to send you an application form (info@joylandpa.com)
    The opportunities are:
    (A) Teaching opportunities
    – English Grammar, English composition writing, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Computer, Geography, History, Civics/government, Christian Religious Education, Islamic Religious Education

    (B) Fund Raising opportunities
    -Build One Classroom (BOM) project
    Build One Classroom (BOM) project 1: is expected to be completed into three phases
    1st phase: fund raising $ 350 for buying blocks
    2nd phase: fund raising $450 for buying sand and roofing sheets
    3rd phase: fund raising $ 200 for buying paint and paying contractor
    -Girls Hygiene Fund (GHF)
    The project is to be completed into three phases
    1st phase: fund raising $ 250 for buying girls sanitary pads.

    (C) Other
    -Photography work, Social work, Drawing charts, Painting , Building and construction, Furniture making and repairs, Architectural work, Sports coach , Electrical work, Medical services (public health), Guiding and counseling, Book Keeping work, Tree planting and watering, Cleaning, Swimming

    You don’t need to be qualified or experienced to apply. You need to have heart full of love for human beings only.

    Eligible people
    -Religious or students group

    Volunteer/intern duration
    -Minimum is one week
    Maximum is three months
    Extension is allowed.

    -Host family
    -Guest House

    If you need more information feel free to contact
    Jonathan Munyany
    Email: info@joylandpa.com

  11. dbuinia says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters Jesus Christ name
    This is Daniel Baitone Buinia from Mozambique
    We have got a small ministry here in a rural area and we are looking for friends/partners who can help with some resources or leadership training facilities. We need to build our first church we are looking for some friends hands to become reality. And also if you know anyone with same hart please connect to us
    Waiting for your best feedback and remain blessed
    Warm regards
    Waiting for your best feedback
    Daniel Buinia dbuinia@gmail.com

  12. My name is Jean Claude DUSABIMANA, the program manager at Nature Rwanda.
    Nature Rwanda is a youth led and run Non-Governmental Organization registered in Rwanda. Nature Rwanda aims to build communities where human beings live in harmony with nature, coexisting without compromising the wellbeing of future generations.
    In order to achieve this mission, and to contribute to the advancement of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation in Rwanda, our organization has four programs; environmental Facts,Environmental Clubs, environmental Mentorship, and environmental citizenship programs.
    Our Mission is to connect young people with nature by promoting environmentally-responsible youth, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in Rwanda through empowerment and engagement of informed, responsible and participating citizens.
    It is in this respect that we would like to have two volunteers interest in working with us in protecting the nature, for the betterment of the future generation. We are looking for self funded volunteers because we are still in the process of developing organization’s financial status. The volunteers can help us with fundraising and grant proposal writing, or joining one of the 4 programs listed above. I hope that we will find people who would be interested in joining our organization. I can be reached at jclaudu@gmail.com or dusabimana@naturerwanda.org.
    For more information visit our website: http://www.naturerwanda.org.
    Kind regard,

  13. Hi,

    I’m Nili and 23 years old. I’m also a mechanical engineering student (M.Sc.) whom also have a hand in electrical and computers. I’m willing to do anything at anywhere just to see the smile of people who need help. please contact me if you have anything in mind.

    P.S. I’m a little short in budget.

    Thanks in advance

  14. Theo Tuyisenge says:

    Hello ï am pastor Theogene from Rwanda looking for volunteers to help our orphans children ,We need help for our children to reach their educational needs and helping younger creating job, and needs every helps for our nursery school, and helping church mother’s affected with HIV/aids We need any kind of help we may get to reach our organizational goals, Thank you.
    For more information please mail me on: tuyisengetheo0@gmail.com

  15. UP-Volunteering is not only the hosting organization in Tanzania – but we also have placements in more than 12 interesting different sectors for our community development.
    A flexible organization that its always there for its people, offers free tour guide, free culture training, we also arrange any kind of safari, mount climbing, day trips, national packs and beach retreats.
    Just contact us and let us know / choose exactly how you want to spend your time. Here you will meet people from different countries with similar interests. You will be able to participate in our volunteer programs and experience new things while feel proud of yourself for helping your host community.
    Our accommodations are affordable & negotiable depending on the facilities chosen. You will discover the beauty of the country side and its people.
    You can contact us; info@volunteeringup.oug or visit our website: http://www.volunteeringup.org
    Get Excited of your day to East Africa!!

  16. Hello….
    Lukalu Umea primary school found in Butambala district in Uganda,East Afriaca.
    In our school, we provide education to children between the ages 3 to 12years.
    We welcome any volunteers who would love to and exercise teaching andeco projects in line of environment conservation.
    Our environment is conducivehospitable community.

  17. THOMAS CHISALE says:

    Hello world!

    My name is THOMAS CHISALE from Malawi,Africa which is in the top 5 poorest countries in the world..

    I am a student at Pact College doing my diploma in Accounting under the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Malawi ICAM..

    I have very big ideas in helping my fellow youths in my community in Chikwawa district through a Non -profit making organisation that I am setting up in the area while I am still persuing my education.

    The organisation will do some of the following :

    1.Youth empowerment
    2.Promote education to the young people in sorrounding villages in the community
    3.Fighting against alcohol and substance abuse

    I therefore am seeking for any advise or any assistance from all angles of the world as I am setting up my PROJECT..

    I also look for any indivuduals or organisations who are willing to work with me in order to make this Project a success..

    I am available at any time on email address thomchisale@rocketmail.com.
    or Facebook username THOM JAMES.



  18. Roko 20 Academy is a small primary school in a rural part of Kenya. We educate orphans and children from disadvantaged backgrounds for free. We also assist their guardians and parents out of poverty with small income generating projects. We are looking for voluntary teachers to help in particular with English. There’s opportunities to work in a variety of areas. Please check out our volunteer section on our website roko20academy.com. Or email us at roko20academy@gmail.com. Thank you.

  19. ANDREA HERBERT says:

    Am Andrea Herbert from Arusha Tanzania, Northern Part of Tanzania, East
    Africa, I have started a Nursery school called FAITH NURSERY SCHOOL in
    Arusha Region, helping children who are orphans, poor families, and
    children from widows get education.

    we are providing all services for free like breakfast, learning materials
    like pencils, exercise books, sharpers, uniform etc, all these running
    costs are from my income as am employed in certain company, sometimes
    becomes difficult to provide services on time as all things depends from my

    I have employed teacher and non teaching staff to help those kinds, and we
    enroll from age of 3 years and above.

    Am here looking for volunteers, material supports, financial support, ideas
    or advice from different people from all corners of the world. As all
    children has equal right to acquire the quality education.

    Also we don’t have enough land, quality or good class and or infrastructure
    conducive for learning.

    Thanks for any kind of your contribution.

    Form information; my phone number is +255 769 851 511
    P. O BOX 1055

    Regards Andrea Herbert
    The Founder

    • laurapat says:

      Hi Andrea! I’m looking for a place to volunteer next summer for 5 weeks. I’m a teacher in Spain and I’d love to spend my holidays helping in any kind of project (specially with children) in Tanzania. I can also help taking care of the children, cooking, buiding or whatever is needed. I just need to know if there’s any fees (a part from my own accommodation and food) to pay, as I cannot aford paying huge amounts of money.
      If you need some help during summer just let me know!
      Kind regards,

      • Dear Andrea!
        I’m Suzuka Kuriki from Japan.
        Recently, I’m studying in Germany as exchange student.
        I’m looking for the place to do volunteer in this summer for 1 month.
        I would like to help to take care of chirdrean , since I really love to play with children.
        Moreover, I can help cooking, Building, and other things, if you want me to do!
        If there is anyting I can do, I really would like to do!
        I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
        Thank you.

        Best regards, Suzuka

      • UPVolunteering says:

        Hi there from Tanzania,
        We are register organisation in Tanzania, currently we have 5 different and very interesting placement in Southern Zone Tanzania,
        you can always email to me betty@volunteeringup.org; info@volunteeringup.org
        or visit our website: http://www.volunteeringup.org
        We are very flexible, friendly cause our major air is to change the expression of volunteer days in East Africa – We work and have fun!

        Lets get in contact.

    • daniel benzaquen says:

      Hi Andrea!
      Do you have an email account where I could reach you?
      Otherwise you can send an email to danibenza@gmail.com. I am interested in doing some volunteering in Africa, and I would love to do it with people that are really working towards a more fair society.
      Hoping to hear from you soon,

  20. Hello.

    My name is Zeynep from Turkey. I would like to receive an opportunity to be a volunteer in non-profit program in Africa. I can speak english and german fluenlty and I think I can be helpful about any teaching program since I’m graduated from History and Economics. I need some assistance about being a volunteer. I’m searching web but there are many foundations even I cant apply them without donation. I’m looking for a volunteer program between up to 6 months. Please feel free to contact me.

  21. I have sound experience with development sector. i have completed Technical Vocational and Education Training- TVET project funded by European Union EU and other livelihood and Education projects. i have been working with development sector for last 10 years.
    looking for affordable volunteer abroad and for further correspondence please follow below email
    May Thanks

  22. hi am Janton live in Cameroon, if there is any volunterism available am willing to volunteer for any one available, below is my email address kojanny16@yahoo.com

  23. Andreas Knotzer says:

    .My name is Andreas Knotzer and I am a 19 year old student from Czech Republic. I am looking to take a GAP year to volunteer my skills set and time to a charity.

    For a period of time I was thinking about volunteering in Africa, now I have decided to go and help these who are in need.I am preferring a ‘non-profit’ organisations, but I am willing to spend money for such move, but only if the cost is reasonable as well.

    I am fluent in English and German. I amm an open-minded and calm person willing to help those in need.My funds are small but my motivation is great.
    I come from a christian family and have been raised well. I am an athletic person,in good shape and willing to work hard-as I always did. I am also communicative and adaptable to any situation as I can handle stress quite well.
    However, I have only little experience with working with kids…Further information your can find in attachments in my CV/resume

  24. JeremyT says:

    Hello fellow travellers!

    I was hoping I could get some feedback and direction to my search for the right volunteering project. I am a 30year old male, electrical project manager from Australia and I am looking to take a GAP year to volunteer my skills set and time to a charity that is involved in building and construction. I have found many organisations and charities that require me to pay for me to be there, but I was hoping I could find something or if anyone one could help tell me where I could volunteer for free. Look forward to hearing back from anyone!


  25. Becky’s Foundation is a credible local non-profit organization in Ghana. Beckfound has enormous experience working with international volunteers and organizations in uplifting lives and communities. Currently, Beckfound operate an orphanage home caring for 50 disadvantaged children, a grass-root preparatory school, sport academy for a social change and medical/healthcare programs.
    For more information check out https://www.beckysfoundation.org

  26. Hala Abdelfatah says:

    I looking for opportunities to volunteering for this year in africa , I am from egypt I have bachelor of commerca an diploma in marketing and I’m member in egyptian social democratic party , iam volunteered with ngo’s in egypt to anti harassment and for feminist loyalty , and in a project to kids from 12 to 17 years old to learn them about democratic and citizen …. I happy to do any thing
    I hope to contact with me

  27. I work for a National NGO in South Sudan, we are focusing on promoting health and human rights. We are looking for volunteers to support our work. Visit http://www.ihonet.org email us at volunteer@ihonet.org

  28. Hello,

    I am looking to do some volunteering over the next 3 months and have been looking for places available?
    What options are still available? I am happy to do anything.

  29. IvanCapin says:

    Hello good people! My name is Ivan and I come from Croatia. Am 21 years of age and looking for cheap opportunities to volunteer anywhere needed. Am short with funds and you can read my full story about it all on my profile here,in the biography section.

    Thank you for your time,and have a nice day!

  30. vasilismilas says:

    hello.. im 18 yo from greece and i would like to volunteer somewhere i could teach english/math or even build community buildings like libraries and schools… there are a lot of them around here but all i see is high costs which will actually benefit more those ‘non-profit’ organisations than the children in need. i’m willing to spend money for such move but only if the cost is reasonable as well. if you have any suggestions please reply to me asap because i really need it

  31. Can you please add us to the list above?

    We are a community based organization based in Northern Kenya named Lchokuti Foundation. We are offering volunteering opportunities with school children, non-school going children, as well as morans and others. The foundation has various programmes consisting of an “Informal Education/Advisory Programme”, a “School Programme”, a “Business Programme” and a “Community Building Projects Programme”. The first involves health, life skills, literacy etc. advise, whereas the second is based at New Dawn Primary School which has a huge lack of teachers, classrooms and resources. It also addresses issues like parents’ ignorance and tries to bring those who are in the bush looking after goats back to school.
    This is one of the few volunteering opportunities based in Northern Kenya where cultural beliefs and practices are still very much alive, within pastoral communities (Rendille), and you will get to live within, experience and see people wearing a lot of beadwork all around the clock. On top, the project is located just around a Game Reserve with lots of animals like lions, elephants, antelopes etc.
    For more information visit our webpage at lchokuti.my-free.website or our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/lchokuti . You can also send an email to lchokuti@yahoo.com.

    Thank you

  32. Children Of Africa-Uganda is a Non-profit Organization supporting disadvantaged children in war torn regions of Africa and other third world countries through provision of scholarships and educational centres,Health Care,protection of fundamental Human rights of destitute children and provision of livelihood projects to the community.

    The organization was founded as a result of the over-whelming conditions of orphans and other disadvantaged children roaming the streets of major towns of Africa due to the activities of guerrilla warriors and HIV/AIDS prevalence. COA is a wing that tends to cause a purposeful change in the lives of these disadvantaged children through holistic transformation.

    We are looking for volunteers , ambassadors, fundraising teams , partners and donors who can add value and help support the projects we are running.

    Contact me in the first instance and let me know how you can support our project and make a difference.
    Name : Sam. Email : smusharu@hotmail.com.

  33. Ecotrekcameroon says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Ecotrek Cameroon your # 1 Tour operator, Present Tourism in Cameroon
    Ecotrek Cameroon is an environmental, friendly enterprise which has as main drive to use ecotourism, heritage tours, and community based tourism as a tool for community development and enhance economic growth to our local communities, southwest region and Cameroon at large…

    We can do lots of different types of trips to all parts of the country, from sightseeing to adventure and Tourism volunteer, tourism internship and specialty travel, and food. We can also organize sailing and beach apartment rentals..Camping gears and currency exchange.

    Our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/Ecotrek-Cameroon-Offer-Outstanding-Tour-Packages-And-Camping-Gear-760768940690817/

    SHARE and LIKE Please

    Contact Details :

    (+237 ) 233 323 223 / 674 964 793

    Thanks for the consideration

  34. Dance Africa Foundation, a leading youthful traditional music and dance Foundation based in Ghana, has declared its intention to develop traditional dance by organizing free training lessons for the youth and the less privilege.The group is noted for teaching in so many academic institutions and engaging international students who want to learn African cultural dancing.

    Dance Africa Foundation is also aiming at strengthening the participation of young people in Ghana and abroad the Ghanaian culture as a means of boosting their self-confidence and further to empower young people with the requisite knowledge and skill in the dance and in production of handicrafts in order to reduce unemployment.
    Dance Africa Foundation has developed a periodic workshop on drumming for homeless kids in the capital, villages and other part of the country.

    We are looking for sponsors and volunteers,


    Expecting your favorable reply,
    Phone – 00233244 929409
    Skype – abrahamdancegh
    email – danceafricafdt@yahoo.com

  35. Rewell Ngatia says:

    Hello there, i feel compelled to work with the less fortunate in the society- Kenya.. My financial capability has only helped me partially realize my dream of helping people build on there capacity. Considering the people’s potentials and the available opportunities i have established a workable framework to reach out to the marginalized, less privileged and economically dis empowered individuals and groups in Kenya. They say an idea generated is as good a start point towards realization of a goal or objective. Am Seeking foreign Organizations, Multi National companies and foreign based entities to partner with me in this noble course as a way to give back to the community..
    Kindly reach me through
    my email
    my phone number

  36. Hello. 55 year old semi-retired senior buz executive, looking for opportunities to help less privileged people in need. Looking for low-cost volunteer opportunities in micro-finance, community development, teaching – ideally high school or vocational school (I am also a licensed teacher). Prefer Africa, India: currently live in China, native English speaking American. Thank you.

    • Mustard Seed Fund Zambia says:

      Greetings Brain,

      Your interest in micro finance and teaching is of interest to us! We are an organization working in rural and slum communities of Eastern Zambia bordering Malawi and Mozambique. We are so passionate about micro financing and adult and children literacy. Currently we have a total of 320 women we are helping with our micro finance project and over 800 children who can benefit from your teaching skills. If you still looking for a volunteer opportunity, we encourage you to consider our organization in Zambia, Southern Africa and experience the innovative way we are delivering micro finance to women in need. Through our approach, we were selected as a pioneer organization championing systemic change in Zambia! Be part of our cause and we are saying you are welcome!

    • vanessawilliams says:

      Good afternoon Brain

      I am approx in the same age range as what you are and would like to fulfill a live long dream – helping the less privileged.

      I am trying to connect with like minded people.

      My email address is vanessalesleywilliams@gmail.com.

      I pray that I will hear from you soon.

    • Hi Brian, I am Cuong from Viet Nam. I am vice dean of faculty of foreign languages- Dong Nai technology university, Viet Nam. We are looking for volunteers who can help our students to study English. Our university is going to pay for all expenses when volunteers works in Viet Nam. You may come and live here in three, six or even 12 months. Please contact us for further information.

      My email is tancuong008@gmail.com.
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

      • joseph77 says:

        hello sir .
        i am Joseph Cole from Liberia,but in Ghana,doing my studies, sir i am willing to come and teach English in you institutions .waiting for your reply sir , my email is coleborkaii@yahoo.com

      • Karolina LA says:

        I am female graduate in healthcare, 29 years old and currently living in Kenya.

        I’d love to join your organisation for a month at least to teach English And learn more about your culture .

        My email is carolowiti@yahoo.com

    • Brian,your interest is great and advantageous to the lesfortunate ones in ghana.we have these programs that you need and we do not charge volunteers .check on our web site on http://www.humblehub.org and get back to us on info@humblehub.org or niendowiddrisu@yahoo.com

  37. Shaqer Orr Enuk Souer says:

    My name is Enuk. From West Africa Ghana. I’m a Photographer, Graphic Designer and Website Developer by profession. I must say life wasn’t easy growing up having to have been born and raised by parent’s who struggled to put me through school. I practically sponsored my tution to study a Diploma in IT and hoping to acquire a degree soon.

    Life in some parts of Ghana is very hard to live if you’re not rich and wealthy. The majority of the population are poor and can barely afford three square meals or tution for their kids among many difficulties.

    I started the Help Peoples Foundation late last year. Including a team of young visioned persons like my self including fashion designers, athletes, beauticians, carpenters and what have you. Our focus areas include; School drop outs, Street Children, Unemployed Youth, The Sick and Disabled as well as the old aged. We have been trying our possible best to put funds together to organize food and clothes distribution prigrammes, schorlaship programess, Sports Academy projects, IT training and many more in both urban and rural areas.

    I write to touch the hearts of readers who will be interested in sponsoring/donating to our organization. We will be happy to have volunteers visit and help us in our activities be it teaching, training, food and clothes distribution and a whole lot. In appreciation, we’d gladly show our team of volunteers around the beautiful parts of the country like the Mount Afadjato, Wli Water falls, Tafi Tome Monkey Sanctuary, the Gold Coast Castles among many others.

    Please kindly visit our website under maintenance at “http://thehelppeoplesfoundation.nueramultimedia.com/” or visit and like our facebook page at “https://www.facebook.com/The-Help-Peoples-Foundation-1635371616709643/?ref=hl”

    We’d be honored to have you contact us.

  38. Hallow friends of Children.
    Be a friend of New Hope New Winners Foundation
    We are from Tanzania working with grass root organization called New Hope New Winners Foundation helping vulnerable children and youth , We are looking for volunteer and work partner.
    For more details about our organization you can email as at n_newhope@yahoo.com or pscholastica@yahoo.com
    phone no. +255717592294
    Hope to hear from you soon

    • Greetings Scholastica,

      Thanks for showing interest in voluntary work any month/ year that is flexible to you. Well. our organization offers voluntary work for both locals and international volunteers. We are based in coastal town of kenya called Mombasa but we work all over the country in partnership with other organization. I would love to hear more from you on how you would like to spend your time volunteering in kenya. Kindly get in touch using the contact details provided below.

      Mr Tony cleaons
      Email us on: cleaons@jeston.org / volunteer@jeston.org
      Website: http://www.jeston.org

    TRUST (ORCCAST) was established in 2009 and
    registered in 2011. Its main aim is to eradicate
    poverty among groups of people particularly
    children. The organization was established as a
    community initiative after realization that many
    children , particularly OVC are not attending
    school thus it is the organisation’s mandate to
    assist these children with basic needs so that
    they feel they citizens of Zimbabwe. orccast a non profit making organisation
    assisting vulnerable groups of people
    particulary children. The organisation is runner by students from university so as to cater with little we find. Now running a peanut
    butter project. Proceeds help in payment of
    fees for ovc, buying of stationery, uniforms and
    the general upkeep of ovc. Lets join hands
    together by assiting the ovc in cash or in kind.
    Be your brother’s keeper. Make a donation. Our phone number: +263776493882
    Email: 0776493882
    You can get in touch with us on fb using the organisation

    God bless you..we want to work with you to help our communities here in Zimbabwe

  40. Denis Wampula says:

    We are looking for volunteers all over the world to help us in our activities. Our organisation is called smile again children’s encouragement. we are a community based organisation registered in Kampala, and Iganga districts in Uganda. We give care and educational support services to orphans and vulnerable children, adult literacy, Aids sensitization and counselling, and children rights advocacy. Our website is http://www.smileagainchildrensencouragement.org/ and email is smileagainchildrens@gmail.com or you you may call me directly on +256779908871. Hoping to hear from anybody who is willing to work and partner with us thanks

  41. Care community education Centre (CCEDUC) is a registered nonprofit NGO based in Northern Uganda its aims and objectives are to transform the lives of the marginalized women and children In Northern Uganda. Take little time to visit our website; http://www.carecommunityeduccentre.org to see our programs where you can help.
    Email; carecommunityeducation@gmail.com

  42. Irina Melnichuk says:

    Hello from Russia!
    My name is Irina. I’m 25 years old. Easy-going and kind. PR and projects manager.
    Life is great but I feel a deep sense of frustration. Really wanna change my life but I dunno what I should do. So I’m looking for a volunteer projects in Africa. It’s time to be useful.
    If I can help you please let me know
    email – melnichuk_ira@mail.ru

    • Denis Wampula says:

      We are looking for volunteers all over the world to help us in our activities. Our organisation is called smile again children’s encouragement. we are a community based organisation registered in Kampala, and Iganga districts in Uganda. We give care and educational support services to orphans and vulnerable children, adult literacy, Aids sensitization and counselling, and children rights advocacy. Our website is http://www.smileagainchildrensencouragement.org/ and email is smileagainchildrens@gmail.com or you you may call me directly on +256779908871. Hoping to hear from anybody who is willing to work and partner with us thanks

    • Frost khan says:

      There many such opportunities in Uganda I could help inform you of some incase you are interested. ….cheers

    • Hi I’m looking for some one to help me in my wildlife hotel in selous are you interested??

    • Greetings Irina,

      Thanks for showing interest in voluntary work any month/ year that is flexible to you. Well. our organization offers voluntary work for both locals and international volunteers. We are based in coastal town of kenya called Mombasa but we work all over the country in partnership with other organization. I would love to hear more from you on how you would like to spend your time volunteering in kenya. Kindly get in touch using the contact details provided below.

      Mr Tony cleaons
      Email us on: cleaons@jeston.org / volunteer@jeston.org
      Website: http://www.jeston.org

  43. alihuqaroba says:

    Hello! Iam a co-ordinator at pastoralist resource initiative development agency-PRIDA, a nonprofit,nonsectarian,volunteer driven, and a grassroot community based organisation striving to improve the quality of life of the underpriviledged and remotely located agropastoral communities in saku constituency of kenya. The organisation was founded in the year 2002 by the local elites who felt compelled by myriads of challenges facing the villagers. Since inception, we’ve been ambitiously involved in thematic programs such as; community mobilization and awareness building,households data collection,community engagement and training on topical issues,advocating/amplifying the voices of the disadvantaged,and addressing the community’s critical concerns through seeking partnerships for development. However,despite community rapport and our selfless teamwork, we’ve incapacitated to effectively deliver due to lack of crucial equipments and financial hurdles subjecting the organisation to perennial online invisibility. Iam humbly appealing to welwishers and for holistic intervention in website development, donation of laptops, digital camera and a motorcycle to enable us access hard-to reach villages and for partnerships in addressing community priority projects. Look foward to hear from you for longterm cooperation. Thanks for continued humanitarian services. For more information, kindly dont hesitate to reach me at alihuqaroba@yahoo.com

  44. Greetings from Tanzania:

    I am a Project Coordinator for Busegwe Development Association here in Tanzania. The Organization consist of several numbers of well equipped Secondary Schools with the target of helping the community with a provision of quality education. The schools consist of Science Laboratories, Libraries and all other facilities to facilitate students to excel in their academic ambitions.

    Currently, we are looking volunteers who will teach science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and taking in charge for the all science laboratories in each school.

    Conducive environments and security insurance for volunteers are available. The cost are very low only to cover the volunteer’s stay .

    For more and details information please contact me through:-

    Email: masalurobert@yahoo.com Tel: +255 757 487898


    Busegwe Development Association
    8th Floor, EXIM Tower
    Ghana Avenue
    P.O. Box 4369
    Dar es Salaam

  45. Thembelihle Simelane says:

    Looking for volunteers to help our npo base in South Africa. We help children with their educational needs and afterschool activities. We need any kind of help we may get to reach our organizational goals

    • Adrian Birkeland says:

      We are three teenagers from Norway in the age of 19 that wishes to help out in any way we can. Do you mind telling me more about your organization. What kind of tasks would we do if we could help out?

      Best regards, Adrian Birkeland

      • Adrian,We are Universal Humanitarian Association for Peace and Solidarity (U.H.A P.S.)Learning of your wish to help Associations,we are happy contacting you.We are a non governmental Association in Cameroon Africa.Our objective is to make this world a better place,through humanitarian and aid projects. By empowering women and youth s.By taking care of the environment, widows, orphans,aged and sick persons,prisoners,underprivledged and school drop outs.As of now what we need from you is your expertise and ideas in related fields listed above.We wish to hear from you.Please do contact us at uhaps_cameroon@yahoo.com Tel:+237675795685 Best Regards

    • Janessa Bennett says:

      I am all yours!! I am a 22 year old college student from Boise Idaho USA!

    • Hi Thembelihle, It would be great if you provide your email or a link to your organization so that interested volunteers can contact you directly. Thanks

    • hi everybody, i’m a woman of 26 y.o from Algeria , i want to be a volanteer and offer my help to the africain population, so if you need any kind of volunteerism i will be very happy to be contacted from you.
      email : fouzia-06@hotmail.fr
      mobile :+213 699785571
      best regards

  46. charity for homeless says:

    Good day and compliments.
    We are the Charity for Homeless in Africa and needs your assistance and partnership in the provision of affordable and low scheme housing projects in Africa.
    We are currently working on some projects in Nigeria and wish to expand our programme to be able to reach more people who are desperately in need of home across the continent and beyond.
    Thank you as we hope you will be of assistance to us.
    Kindly reply our email as soon as you can.
    Dr. Mclanec.
    Programme Coordinator.

    • architecture says:

      We Avant Garde Studio an architecture and interior designing firm based in India(delhi) would like to extend our hands to help your organization through our architecture services.We can combine local solution with economical and sustainable architecture.We are also associated with other organizations providing aids in Nepal.

  47. Tanka Dhungana says:

    I have got good experience of last 15 years agriculture different organization. I have got continues working International Non Government in Nepal i want to volunteer service different part of world. Please help me

  48. I am particularly interested to work as a volunteer in Morocco or South Africa by next year on the month of April. May I know how to apply for this organization. I am currently teaching English in Thailand for one year now.

  49. Share holistic Approach for farmers development(SHAPE-Uganda) says:

    SHAPE-Uganda is local community based organization in Uganda on improveved livelihood and environment conservation. It has been recomended for registration with the national board for NGOs. We are interested in internation volunteers who are ready to learn from a starting organization. Free accommodation and transport to the communities we reach can be provided to and two volunteers of any age.

  50. warn greetings from Uganda
    This SHES organization (Social Health and Environmental sustainability) we are a registered community based based in Kampala nakawa offering free services to the entire community.we have adult literacy program ,we teach the illiterate people on how to write,read and add.we have a daylight program -this is where we use local materials to solar lights and we give them to the community in slums.we sponsor the vulnerable children in schools.we fight for the rights of children regardless of their HIV status.we involve the youth in sports and skills building program.we also carryout HIV prevention program in schools.in addition to this,we carryout counseling and HIV testing to the children in schools.we empower women with entrepreneurship skills and job creation skills.we have opportunities for students and volunteers at a very low cost of 160 us dollars per week.you can contact us through our :shesorganization@yahoo.co.uk or +256773189845 or http://www.shesorganization-com.webs.com

  51. ROSALIND IMARA says:

    there is a school in ogun state nigeria that is desperately looking for foreign volunteers to teach teenagers how western education produces independent learners and young enterpreneur minds that encourages creative development after school. there is a difference between learning styles of African children and children from the western world. CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. more details will be provided over the email.

  52. are you interested on providing your chance to Orphans and vulnerable Children in Tanzania as volunteer or you might know someone,TAWAWAMI like to welcome you and our email is mtawawami@yahoo.com

  53. Hope Development Volunteers is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 2009 with offices in Uganda, with operations in Kenya and Tanzania.

    Hope Development Volunteers is running a skills, talents, culture and hospitality exchange program – In return for your volunteer help; Our African hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about their lifestyles.

    All our programs involve volunteering with local families around Africa in exchange for free meals and accommodation. This is a fact that money shouldn’t stand in your way and stop you from travelling and giving back to the communities in need.

    This is a great opportunity for long-and short-term budget travelers. Many families are willing to host volunteers for a few weeks or even a few days. It does mean spending part of your vacation working, but if you’re interested in cultural travel and language exchange, traveling doesn’t get much more local than literally living with a local family and sharing in their daily activities.

    We connect people who want to volunteer in Africa with people who are looking for volunteer help.


  54. rev philip maiyo says:

    Greetings in Jesus name, how are you hope fine the same applies to me.
    First I am Reverend Philip Maiyo from Kenya and I have ministry called Peace community, I have 400 pastors and 100 evangelists and my churches are widely spread in 12 counties of Kenya. This ministry of mine consist of mainly the people from the minority group of people called the Ogieksengwer
    The main request to you is that we need to partnership together so that our vision of spreading the word of God to the whole world will be fulfilled, also in joining together we will be able to sustain and help this community to be self-dependent even in terms of businesses since we have orphans and widows with us,

    Also my community still live in very low standards of living and if we shall partnership together things like building schools and churches and bible school,also we shall build one hospital so that all the people from this community we benefit,we are also requsting banks to join hand together with us so that we can proceed together.

    Also we are proposing for we makea schedule in which we shall be visiting one another from to time also we shall join our churches and your to be one thing.

    Rev Philiph Maiyo
    e-mail: philiphmaiyo@yahoo.com


    NB: please have this letter and read trough it while being guided by the holy spirit and please reply to me when you have read it.

    • Andrew Davis says:

      Hi I’m from Australia. I am a qualified mechanic and a hard worker. I am more than willing to take part in construction projects. I am willing to do anything to help. Feel free to contact me on my email address. God bless.

  55. sanjay kumar jena says:

    Dear I love Jesus .I interested for this work .plz give me advice how it apply.

  56. i’m ahmed from egypt, i’m a biomedical engineer and i want to be a part of this

  57. Hello, I’m Karim Salah from Egypt and i’m going to finish my exams course soon and i’d like ti be a volunteer with you as soon as i can of the project of the development!

  58. hi
    i’m from Egypt , how can i volunteer please ???

  59. Lam Wooi Chin says:

    I would like to volunteer because im interest of this.please let me in ur part.thanks

  60. My name is Dr. Isa Byona. I am a medical doctor with a passion for community developments on the grass root level. I am the Executive Director General and co-founder for Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation (ASTCF) is a local Uganda based non-profit tourism organization established with diverse and holistic approach to promote innovative sustainable tourism practices that are geared to reduce poverty, empower local communities, fight gender inequality, encourage conservation of cultural and natural heritage and foster sustainable development through tourism.

    We are focused on developing responsible tourism in partnership with poorer rural communities, in order to sustain village life and culture, improve livelihoods, empowers rural women and youth with skills training, connects them to global market opportunities, and enables them to earn an income to transform their communities in remote rural areas and reduce the need for outward migration.

    I would like to introduce to you our volunteer program where we facilitate all kinds of group or solo volunteering options in the areas of community development, building, community capacity building, environmental management, eco – village development, teaching, sports, healthcare and wildlife conservation and so much more.
    Our Volunteer program is a unique program that offers many possibilities of volunteer service for men and women who wish to devote a few weeks or up to two years of their lives to international volunteer work. We provide an integrated development experience consisting of practical leadership opportunities, International Internships and participation in a global learning environment. We aim to put our volunteer’s skills to use in supporting the development initiatives of local communities in Uganda. Working with this program means opting for an enriching and dynamic experience that will change the course of your life
    We focus on local grassroots projects, cultural immersion and travel learning opportunities, and offer memorable experiences to our international volunteers, with purpose to:
    • Improve the lives of deprived people in less-fortunate communities (often rural, poor and economically marginalized) by connecting volunteers to grassroots projects, to enhance learning opportunities for positive transformation;
    • Offer unique opportunities for cultural immersion through well designed language and cultural program, and amazing travel adventure to our volunteers, for memorable experience.
    Our volunteer placement program fosters a Cross Cultural Program with the aim of developing of understanding and mutual respect between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences. We focus to work towards human justice and peace through support of cultural, socio-economic and the preservation and conservation of natural ecosystems. We believe in working through development education and intercultural learning and practical interventions through international voluntary service.

    The work our volunteers do in these projects compliments and increases the capacity of the projects’ impact in the community, and we seek in all we do to ensure the work is sustainable in its’ own right and not reliant on overseas volunteers. The time you spend with each project provides a huge bonus to their work. You are not taking any opportunities away from local people; this is not job substitution, but the provision of additional support, knowledge, insight and energy to worthwhile local projects. This is important to us, and ultimately means you can have confidence in knowing that when you give your time to our projects, you will be contributing to a work that will last for years to come.

    Please take a look at our website http://www.africasustainabletourism.org It tells you more about us and the volunteers opportunities we have. Thank you so much. I look forward to hear from you soon.

    Dr. Isa Byona
    Executive Director General
    Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation

  61. We are a non profit organization in Malawi focusing on community-led health, girl child and women empowerment. We focuses on supporting Community Health Workers (CHWs) programs that empower underserved community residents to be more engaged in their healthcare, be more educated about their health conditions, and address the social determinants of health in their neighborhoods.
    We focus on supporting CHWs programs and interventions on maternal and child health, malaria prevention, family planning, nutrition, HIV/AIDS and health and hygiene.
    We are looking for volunteers to support our community health programs. Medical, nursing students are welcome.

  62. Peter Macharia says:

    Am Peter and i would like to connect with volunteers who would like to visit Kenya near Lake Baringo in Baringo County. Burden for mission is a ministry where we are call to help poor old people and children. our area is dry it experience famine and children and old are most affected. we help them through well wishers. We request if you can donate to us clothes and shoes for all sizes we will be grateful. Thanks.
    our Email – pemacil@yahoo.com

  63. My name is Peter Macharia and i work with Burden for missions which is a non-profit organization that help people here at Baringo County in Kenya. Kampi Samaki is a dry area and most affected are children and old people. We help them through providing for food and clothes from well-wishers. We are requesting for volunteers who can work with us, help these people who are in great need. If they can help with clothes and shoes we will really appreciate. The accommodation and food are affordable for volunteers.
    if you are interested our
    E-mail – pemacil@yahoo.com
    Website – http://www.burdenformissions.org
    thanks waiting to hear from you soon.

  64. My family and I are searching to volunteer where help is needed, can be for animal welfare, building communities, society / people help or medical help. However, we can’t afford the expensives of travelling nor pretty much anything else. Searching on all volunteering web sites, we’re told that some organizations will pay for flights, but I haven’t found any opportunities like this anywhere. Please advise where we can help and get our expenses for travel / lodging / food paid. Thank you.

    • Hi Mathieu,
      It is very difficult to find an organization that will pay for flights for volunteers. I don’t know of any of these opportunities, and I’d suspect they don’t exist. Organizations just don’t have the budget to pay for that.


    • Hi Mathieu, I am Cuong from Viet Nam. I am vice dean of faculty of foreign languages- Dong Nai technology university, Viet Nam. We are looking for volunteers who can help our students to study English. Our university is going to pay for all expenses when volunteers work in Viet Nam. You may come and live here in three, six or even 12 months. Please contact us for further information.

      My email is tancuong008@gmail.com.
      Looking forward to hearing from you!

  65. am interested in being a volunteer but i dont know how to apply or where to, i know i can do what is required of me very well, please get back to me, bye

  66. Amber west says:

    I really want to help and volunteer but I need a placement of a low fee

    • Hi Amber,
      You’ll have to search around the site and look at a few of the organization’s websites to see what ones may be right for you. They should all be transparent with their required commitments and/or fees.

      Good luck!

    • Greetings,
      I am Lucky L. Peter, the Programs Director of Save Uganda Foundation, a community based organization based in kampala-Uganda.
      We are in need of volunteers to join efforts with our local staff in changing the lifes of the poor and unprivileged Ugandans in terms of Health, Education, Livelihood sustainability, environmental conservation and Child Protection .
      Please get back to us through the given e-mail address below.

  67. Path to Africa is a registered not-for-profit based in Moshi, Tanzania. As well as supporting several community projects we aim to connect volunteers with local projects without going through a third body, ensuring their time and money goes directly to the projects intended. Our volunteers stay with us at Hostel Hoff (www.hostelhoff.com). The only costs are for accommodation, with the volunteering experience and support completely free of charge. We work with a variety of different projects including nursery & primary schools, vocational training centres, orphanages, centres for children with disabilities, medical centres, women’s groups, community development & conservation projects, and many more. If you would be interested in coming to volunteer with us please send an email to info@hostelhoff.com!

  68. Greeting From TAWAWAMI

    We are non profit organization based in Mwanza Tanzania. Our main goal is to increase the opportunity for the Orphans and Vulnerable Children,Women and youth from pastoral Communities in Tanzania.

    We have already Build the Preparatory School for the early Child Education at Ilemela Sub ward through MaryJane Gallo and the American board Co- Members. Its Our pleasure to welcome the Volunteers from whole over the world, due we are running our projects through voluntary programs.
    Richard L.



    • We are Save Uganda Foundation, a community based organization based in Wakiso District-Uganda.
      Save Uganda Foundation (SAVE UGANDA) is a registered (WCBO/1716/14) community based organization that provides physical and psychosocial support to marginalized and at-risk Orphans and Vulnerable Children, youth and the HIV positive living mothers in Wakiso district. The organization seeks to empower these groups of people through economic development, which it achieves through education programs, vocational training, and the provision of health care. SAVE UGANDA also campaigns for HIV/AIDS, Poverty and human rights awareness and provides direct support to children who have been orphaned as a result of the Poverty, HIV/AIDS and Violence.
      We have a belief that everybody is a unique individual and that we all have a right to good health and basic needs and should access means to a comfortable life in one way or another.
      We are in need of International Volunteers at our centre to assist us with the work we have.
      Please if you are there and you looking for a place where to volunteer to, please contact us:

    • Please provide us your contact and send us on mtawawami@yahoo.com


    we’re a school offering pre-education to the slums of Budhumbuli villages in Bugembe town council Jinja district. we welcome volunteers allover the world and our mission: We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our pupils’ learning.

  71. Zindua Africa Safaris says:

    Kenya Overland Camping Volunteer Safaris:
    You have a unique opportunity to learn a different way of living and culture, and to experience the traditional Kenyan diet. Accommodation in homestays and on-site have been selected to ensure volunteer well-being and comfort, to maintain safety and security, and to give an insight into Kenyan life.
    Care for children, provide medical support, teach in classrooms or immerse yourself in the Maasai tribelands through projects in and around Kenya. Learn about the challenges facing Kenya as a country moving forward, while building a relationship with your host family. During weekends, you can visit the beautiful Indian Ocean or experience a true Maasai Mara plains safari.

  72. I would love to join your community.

  73. Me and my best friend really want to volunteer but we don’t know where to start or what we would need money wise or visa etc please could anyone help me with this

  74. Dibya Robert says:

    Hello friends,
    We are Lugacraft Uganda a community based organization designed to facilitate access to better life for disadvantaged youth, children & women in Uganda. Our mission is to facilitate access to better life for disadvantaged youth, children and women with fewer opportunities through training them life-changing skills.
    We invite volunteers for projects like: teaching in rural primary schools, train soccer to street children and other games; train women business management skills; public health services; train youth music, dance & drama, computer training among others.
    Enjoy volunteering as you adventure beautiful sights in the pearl of Africa ( Uganda) at low cost. We forward to receiving you in Uganda,(Lugacraft Uganda). Waiting to hear from you soon!

    • Dakota Boyd says:

      I am an 18 year old looking to travel and volunteer during the summer months before I have to go to college in the fall. I have a little money saved up please email me if interested in my help.

  75. Kadogoo Hostel is a friendly place where you will find much more than simply a great accommodation. We also offer a huge variety of FREE volunteer projects in colaboration with the local NGO Progress for Africa Foundation and we arrange any kind of safari, mount climbing, day trips, and beach retreats. There is no minimum stay in our hostel, or required volunteering experience, so you choose exactly how you want to spend your time. Here you will meet people from different countries with similar interests. You will be able to participate in our volunteer programs and feel proud of yourself for helping your host community. You will only afford the accommodation, because the programs are for free. You will discover the awesome wildlife in the national parks and the amazing views from the highest mountains in Africa. You will enjoy the fantastic night life of Arusha. And you will relax in the incredible beaches of the Tanzania coast.We look forward to hearing from you!

  76. Hi, I just wanted to say I’m a little concerned that your site isn’t staying up to date with the groups it is recommending. For example, culture waves appears to be a group teaching IT to women, NOT educating them about aids as it says on this site. Africa Hope Fund says little to nothing about its elephants or its volunteers, despite the fact that your site suggests that volunteering and helping elephants are two of its main activities. Perhaps your info is all correct and their websites need updating, or maybe it’s the other way around, but overall it gives an impression that your word on these groups is not totally trustworthy. Which is something I would think you would want to avoid, since true travellers is supposed to offer a trusted source of info for would-be volunteers.

    • Hi Franny,

      Fair concerns and comment. We try to stay on top of our list of opportunities but, as you can imagine, each organization is always evolving. Their sites will be updated with their own information before ours is. So, it wall always be our site that needs updating and their information will be more relevant as it pertains to them.

      Our goal is to connect you to organizations and then you can do your own research. The link to the organization is the most important part of the information that we share.

      Thanks for the update on Culture Waves as we rely on individuals to help us keep the site up to date. As for the Africa Hope Fund here are two links: http://africahopefund.org/index.php/projects-ahf/the-elephant-orphanage and http://africahopefund.org/index.php/about/our-volunteers Doesn’t look like they’ve had many volunteers (according to their site) but they have had some in the past.

      Best of luck on your search!

  77. I do work with BID UGANDA a community based organization that supports volunerable children we even have a home for these children. we do invite volunteers to come and work with us and maybe can have time with the children because it rely means alot to them after meeting new faces.

  78. Hi,

    We are a non-profit that partners with a small orphanage in Tanzania and helps families in the surrounding community. We achieve our mission through the operation of three cooperative programs: partnering with the locally run Nkoaranga Orphanage, creating our Children’s Village to house and care for these children after they age out of the orphanage at age 5, and running a community outreach arm to keep children in biological families or reunite them whenever possible.

    We are always seeking hardworking, responsible volunteers who love kids. The costs are very low and only cover the volunteer’s stay and a small donation to current projects, no profit is made and nothing goes on administration.

    Please click here to find out more http://www.thesmallthings.org/helpvolunteer.html

    • Dear Emma , are you still in need of volunteers? so that we can do placements for you. we could also work in collaboration for exchange programs.

      • hi, derich, we are based in Zambia and looking for volunteers to help with our micro finance project working with women borrowers.

        we have a very exciting program and want volunteers who are ready to come on board and transform communities.

        kindly get back to me so that we can plan it.


  79. Warm greetings from Uganda.

    How are you today? Please allow me to briefly introduce myself and the organization for which I volunteer. My name is Matthew Kim, and I am currently here in Kumi District from the US. I am reaching out to you on behalf of the Pallisa Children’s Concern Project (PCCP) located in Budaka District. The PCCP is a registered community-based organization working with orphans and other vulnerable children at the grassroots level in eastern Uganda. At the moment, there are over 350 children benefactors.

    The reason s I have contacted you today is to see if you and your organization would be able to help us;
    1.We have had several friends in Canada who are sympathetic with the kind of work we are doing. They would have liked to sponsor individual children in our organization but they have no way to do that. They would be comfortable to pass through a Northern partner through whom this sponsorship can reach us.
    We would therefore like to make an enquiry from you whether you can possibly agree to act as our Northern partner.
    2. The PCCP is in need of volunteers to help with every aspect of maintaining the project, including but not limited to organizational management, student counseling, and teaching. I understand from your website that this email is for inquiring about getting involved on the other side of things, but would you be able to help?
    We shall be very grateful if our requests are favorably granted.
    Matthew Kim
    Pallisa children’s Concern Project (PCCP)
    P.O.box 658 Mbale, Uganda.
    E-mail: pccpug2000@yahoo.co.uk
    Website: http://www.pccpuganda.org

  80. Dear Sir/Madam
    Kalambi Community outreach project [KACOP] is a community based organisation found in central Uganda.
    The project work with orphans and other vulnerable children by providing basic medical care and educations support.

    We have experience managing international volunteers and interns.
    and so far we have a few students and volunteers we hosted from England, Germany just a few month ago and currently we have 2 students from Netherlands who are now at the project.
    If you need their contacts i can send them to you and ask them about the project.


    • Desrich is a consortium of innovation driven highly skilled trained young Nigerians willing to make a difference in their immediate environment, who hold specialities in Academics and Community Integration. A social enterprise that specializes in “Deliberative learning”.
      Deliberative Learning is an approach to education that emphasizes dialogue, inquiry and choice making. Deliberative learners explore complex topic in depth, consider diverse perspective on these topic, identify and work through tensions inherent to those views, and attempt to arrive at reasoned judgment. When used to support children’s development as citizens, deliberative learning takes on a public dimension: children grapple with issues of public significance in order to arrive at a shared decision.
      In Nigeria, Desrich often serves as a bridge, bringing together youths and children of different ages, races and genders in an activity they can all enjoy.

      We do not mind volunteers to come in from other african countries and we have opportunity for internship student this august

    • Francis we are experts in managing volunteers however you need to let us know on time. we are rounding up the next set of applicants for volunteer and internship by 28th june,2014

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