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Volunteerbase is a not-for-profit project made by volunteers for volunteers with no fees no money. A directory of worldwide volunteering opportunities completely FREE for everyone. Hosts in need of help can post their Projects and Volunteers interested in joining can get in touch. There is no money involved. Projects can be almost anything, whatever you need help with can be the next project. Some examples: sustainability-related projects, farming, building, home renovations, community projects, hostel work, arts and crafts, language teaching, homeless shelters, event management, baby/house/pet-sitting, etc.


  1. Elvis Fotabong Ezoh says:

    I am living in Cameroon and i am interested in Volunteer job in Europe because i have been doing some Ngo work in Cameroon as a volunteer catechist.I will like to travel and work as volunteer in any NGO abroad.contact me ezohelvis@gmail.com

  2. Elvis Fotabong Ezoh says:

    I I am living in Cameroon and i am interested in travelling to Europe for Volunteer job because i have been doing some Ngo work in Cameroon as a volunteer catechist,send contact ezohelvis@gmail.com

  3. Anthony Shephard says:

    Interested but not sure what’s the right fit for me. Love children and animals

  4. Hi!
    I’m a last year high school student from Latvia and I’m interested in volunteering abroad for free (I can pay my travelling costs) for a few weeks this summer.


  5. hi,,I am living in London.I am interesing in volunteer job somwhere in africa,but i dont waana pay for flights any propositions, danielzygadlo@yahoo.co.uk


    Hi! I am interested in searching a paid volunteer job in some countries.
    What I need is I can get my salary USD1000 per month.If you have these information, pls email to me : kennycschuah@yahoo.com


    We are OVERWORLD MESSIAH FOUNDATION,a not for profit making Organization dedicated for community change in health,education,environmental conservation, HIV and AIDS victims support and poverty remove as mentioned in few.currently we are looking for people to volunteers in our conservation program over water catchment area,Aids and HIV counseling and testing project,home based care project,hard waste collection and property disposal project,Proposals designer and web updating volunteer.
    Therefore if you find interested in any or more of our choice mentioned above please check us through this email for more details.israel.kisanga@yahoo.com
    The above contact is for the executive director of the Organization.

    • ANDREW JAMES says:

      I am living in Nigeria i am interested in Volunteer job with because i have been doing some Ngo work in nigeria as a volunteer catechist

  8. Andrea Morris says:

    I have a boarding facility and this year it is being turned into an elementary school. I am looking for someone in the education field and the agricultural field to help get my project started. My church has 12 street-kids that we would like to teach farming to as well as giving them a solid education. The school is starting this September. It will go up to grade 4 for now, but 2 of the kids will be sponsored to attend the school. If anyone is interested in running a school, teaching, and helping to create a fishpond, small chicken farm and vegetable farm, I could use some help in getting my project started this summer. I am a teacher and I am starting a small project primarily to support street-kids. Please contact me.

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