Volunteering with Camillian Social Centre -Home of Charity- Chiang Rai -Thailand

The Home of Charity (HOC) is interested in hosting volunteers to volunteer at our centre for special needs children. By bringing volunteers from around the world there would be a learning opportunity for both the volunteer and special needs children. As both sides discover more about each other, we hope to create a world of greater understanding and compassion.
This centre is under care of the Camillian Social Centre which is an Italian Catholic order. Persons do not have to be Catholic to volunteer at our centre, but persons must be mindful that it is a faith based centre and all persons are to conduct themselves in a positive manner. Persons are to be respectful of traditions, prayers and observances. Proper manners and dress at all times.
Volunteering in a foreign country offers challenges and rewards; at the Home of Charity you will receive a glimpse into Thai, Akha, and Karen traditions and customs.

HOC are primarily seeking persons with skills. The HOC is a centre for special needs children. Our children come from remote villages in northern Thailand. Children range in age from 4-15. The centre is an environment where children learn how to become as independent as possible. Some of our children attend a local school; those not able to attend are taught at our onsite school.
We are interested in having volunteers, focusing on persons with training. We are requesting persons to assist us in many areas, professional and non professional. Professional persons share their expertise in areas such as speech therapy, assist with our existing physical therapy program, occupational and cognitive therapy….etc. Non professional persons who have skills are encouraged to take part in and teach arts and crafts, acting, basic computer applications, music, creative dance, yoga…etc.

Interested volunteers must be able to speak English. Persons must come with an abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Applicants must also be mature, responsible, and must have an open heart and willingness to help special needs children and have a passion to make a difference.
In order to have the full impact of volunteer work, one month is the usual length of time for volunteers to stay at HOC, but adjustments can be made to the length of stay at the HOC on a case by case assessment.

Cost and Lodging
Lodging and meals are free; however, donations to offset costs would be appreciated.
Lodging is on the premises; all are shared rooms, by either two or four persons per room.
While at the centre there would be time for sightseeing. Please note that travel, entrance fees, and meals out would be paid by the volunteer.
Throughout the year lodging can be limited, arrival date and length of stay is dependent upon room availability.

View our website: www.camillianchiangrai.org or send us an email at:


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    You may have better luck emailing the organization directly.

    http://www.camillianchiangrai.org or send us an email at:

    good luck!

  2. This organization sounds very exciting as I have been searching for a foundation to volunteer in Thailand this May. Is the organization needing any volunteers from May 4 or 5 to the 26th? I am currently in the process of attaining my degree in child and youth care. I attend Grant Macewan University and I think I have much to offer.

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