Volunteering in Phuket with Dogs

If you’re looking for something to do in Phuket instead of just lying on the beach all day, Soi Dog Foundation welcomes visitors. Their animal shelter has hundreds of dogs and cats (and puppies!), and you can take a tour of the shelter and play with the animals.

Besides visiting, you can volunteer there for days, weeks, or months. You don’t need any experience. Soi Dog has volunteers from all around the world who walk dogs and spend time with the animals, especially the shy ones who need attention.

Soi Dog’s animal shelter is in Mai Khao near Phuket airport. More info: www.soidog.org.


  1. Tiffany Ladebat says:

    I lived in Phuket for awhile and adopted two dogs there. These people are the real deal! They work their tail off and get amazing results in Thailand. I wish there were a Soi Dog Foundation for every single province in Thailand.

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