Volunteering Experiences from 5 Travel Bloggers

There are a lot of travelers out there that appreciate volunteering as a way of learning, having fun and doing something good for someone else. To me, it is very inspiring to read about their stories and how the experience changed them. I also find it interesting how different being a tourist is from being a traveler. Here are 5 experiences from travel bloggers that might inspire you too.


Photo by: Izy

5 Inspiring Volunteering Experiences of Travel Bloggers:

Volunteering in Cambodia – Izy from The Wrong Way HomeIzy volunteered at New Futures Organization in Takeo, Cambodia as an English teacher. The school receives many children. One class has around 200 children. It looks like she had lots of fun sharing time with the students who really appreciated her help. Take a look at her full article to learn more about her experience in Cambodia. She has a beautiful story.

Teaching – India, Vietnam and Toronto – Sherry from OttsworldRead about the impact that volunteering as a teacher in India has had on her and how she found what she wanted to do with her life. This inspiring article is about how her students have left a mark in her heart and how they remember her.

On Being a First Time Volunteer – Adam from Travels of AdamDiscover how he ended up working with the Geneva Initiative and what made it his choice for a first volunteer experience. It is really interesting to learn about what he thinks of the work being done by the organization.

Volunteering in Cambodia – Abbie Mood from Plum Deluxe – Abbie also opted for teaching. The organization she volunteered with was United Planet. Her task was to teach English to the children. It looks like her visit to Cambodia and volunteering was not only meaningful but also quite exciting. Visit her blog to read more about it.

My First Volunteering Experience – The Wacky Duo – This post highlights the fun adventure that it was for Big C (the writer’s boy) to participate in his first volunteering opportunity. This shows that age doesn’t matter much when you want to make a change. Find out what this little guy learned by volunteering at Willing Hearts.

Personally, I find these 5 stories very inspiring! They are the perfect example of how fun and meaningful it can be to combine traveling with volunteering. It is amazing how interacting with people of different cultures can enrich your own life.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing my story. The time I volunteered there was one of the most interesting of my life! I learned so much — not just about the organization and the regional politics, but about myself.

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