Volunteering and Internships with Afrik’Avenir

Afrik’Avenir is an association of solidarity in Togo and located in Lomé, the capital. Their main goal is to promote a socio-economic and cultural development for African population. The association receives : students, young graduated or any person who is motivated to help, professional or retired or those looking for an internship.


What they are looking for:

The missions can vary from 1 to 6 months. The intern or volunteer will have real responsibilities and the permanent members or the staff will encourage him/her to develop autonomy in the management of his project. Furthermore, the different frames of Togo urges the volunteers to leave a classic and theoretical approach to its skills. They will have to adapt and understand the specific domains such as cultural, geographic, political, social and economic.

The association is looking for interns and volunteers in the following areas :

⦁ Social workers : education for young children, specialized educators, child monitors.
⦁ Cultural and social educators
⦁ Teaching area
⦁ Sociology and applied languages
⦁ Psychology
⦁ Nursing and maieutics
⦁ Orthophony and physiotherapist
⦁ Medicine

The present internship would consist in alternating a practical internship according to the skills of the student or the volunteer in the medical and social centers, community centers, educational establishments, the various departments of the hospitals partners of the association and the intervention on the ground on one of the various actions of the project « useful health and education for all » of the association.

Mission 1: Practical internships avaiable to your choice
⦁ Nursing internship, maieutics, of nurse’s or medical aide in a hospital or a medical and social center
⦁ Internship in orthophony in a center of orthophony
⦁ Internship in the department of physiotherapist in a medical – social center or hospital
⦁ Internship of specialized educator, social technician, child’s instructor in a school, an orphanage, a social services department, or educational establishment of handicaped children
⦁ Internship with social workers in a community center
⦁ Internship in a pre-school establishment
⦁ Internship in a primary or secondary educational establishment

Mission 2: Practical internships available to your choice
⦁ Creation of the activities of prevention and educational in the health on the cases: of nutrition of the children, the family planning, the breast cancer and the neck of the womb,
⦁ Implementation of the plans of educational support: assistants for homework, academic support and cours of literacy.
⦁ Development and animation of the system of social integration of the young people in situation of handicap and social maladjustment: workshops parents/children, individual educational support and social reinstatement, sponsoring and taking care
⦁ Creation of language courses: spanish, english, german, french…
⦁ Organization of child animations: artistic and playful activities and civic workshops
⦁ Creation of holiday camps during summer for the disadvantaged children

These missions allow the interns and volunteers outside their practices, to intervene in the ground and to become useful. These actions take place within the framework of the project: « useful health and education for all » from the association Afrik’Avenir

Skills required:
– Control of the office tools (Pack office)
– Personal qualifications :
– Autonomy, organization skills
– Creativity, dynamism, Motivation, Flexibility

Work conditions:
– Duration: 2 to 6 months
– Place: Lomé and Noèpé ( 20 min from Lomé)

To volunteer with them you have to do a couple of payments.

– 50 euro’s for inscription
– 320 euro’s per month

If you are interested in volunteering with them you can send your CV and motivation letter to afrikavenir2000@gmail.com. You can also check out their website for more information.

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