Volunteer Teaching in Mai Chau

logoVina Volunteer Service (VVS) is the first company in Vietnam, to deliver a variety of volunteer placements for volunteers in Vietnam, in the hope that we can support the community development and promote natural conservation.

From 2001, a youth volunteer club was founded call Green Youth Club included more than 100 members throughout Vietnam. Green Youth Volunteer Club is operated by youth who aim to organize volunteer activities for youths all over Vietnam. From time to time, they cooperate with many NGOs all over the world to became a reliable host organization with many volunteer placements in Vietnam in term of volunteering programs for community development.

What they say:

Have you ever joined in the minority ethnic community in the mountainous area to see how their life’s going? Especially for children who don’t have much chance to get a basic education. Would you like to come here and help? The volunteering in Mai Chau, Vietnam to teach English is the right choice for you.

Mai Chau is one of the places in the Northwest of Vietnam where Thai people live. They often settle in separated village and are very far from the highway. The forest is one of their cradles to provide food and other resources for their lives such as wood for building house, agricultural tools, and also to build the schools for children and so on. Living standards are lower than normal, and their education is basic as well. Coming to the school, we’ll be warmly welcomed by 160 students. We see in their bright eyes, all the love they give to us is so pure. In the lessons, they put their heart in the lesson as we learn a favorite song. However, all the furniture is in poor condition and the lesson is basic as well , no open-minded books and others related to a basic education. In order to bring hope for a better education, VVS would like the help ofb worldwide volunteers to help with a variety of activities such as: teaching English (mainly), and planting trees… or any bright ideas from you as you go along.

About the Assignment

  • Duration : From at least two weeks to 3 months
  • Placement fee : 635 USD/person
  • Location : Mai Chau- Hoa Binh, Vietnam

For more information visit their website or send a email to info@vietnamvolunteer.net.

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