Volunteer Opportunities in Florida

If you are looking to do some volunteer work, there are plenty of opportunities for you in Florida. Although there are a number of institutions that have volunteer jobs openings, here is a list of my top 5:

1. Camillus House, Miami:
Camillus house is dedicated to the service of the homeless and volunteers enrolled with it assist each other in preparing and serving food. The minimum age of volunteers is 14 years; however children younger than this age may also be allowed to do an activity that befits their age, like helping to prepare food. Children younger than 14 have a Guardian Angels program that involves them in making jelly sandwiches, peanut butter and greeting cards for the clients of the house. It is a wonderful way for the whole family to pay back and do something worthwhile for the less privileged.

2. Florida Hospital for Children, Orlando:
This hospital employs volunteers to provide care to the patients of the underprivileged community. It is recommended to go through the following checklist before going for the volunteer job:

– Do you share their vision of being the global peace setter who delivers faith based healthcare.
– Will you be able to gift as much time to the patients as the hospital demands.
– Can you remain with the mission to extend the services to children and families.

Some of the descriptions of volunteer works are:

– Artists in motion: They are entrusted with providing creative activities to patients at the bedside.
– Snack car attendant: The volunteer delivers free snacks to the patient’s family or visitors in the hospital.
– Events and Holidays assistant: Provides assistance in organizing special activities and events.

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3. The Mission San Luis, Tallahassee:
From 1656 to 1704, San Luis served as the principal village of the Apalachees and was the Spaniards’ westernmost military, religious, and administrative capital. The Mission allows visitors to experience the largest historic-period Indian building found in the Southeast and greet the friar at the church. The Mission San Luis always has openings for volunteer positions and these are best suited for those who love public interactions. Volunteers can also engage themselves in gardening duties and thus help the San Luis garden remain in full bloom.

4. The Ronald McDonald House Charities, Tallahassee:
This is a wonderful place to be in as a volunteer. These houses, known as “Ronald Mc Donald houses”, are a home away from home for families with children undergoing or requiring serious medical attention for illnesses or injuries. The Ronald McDonald house of Tallahassee is always open for volunteers who can help them with either donation campaigns or with activities such as housework, kitchen work or gardening.

5. SPCA Tampa Bay, Largo:
Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or SPCA in Tampa Bay accepts volunteers who are 16 years or older and will be able to spare at least 3 hours per week for the organization. This society has a selection procedure for volunteers in which all teens are required to submit a 500 words essay on their eligibility as SPCA volunteers. This is followed by an interview to decide whether they will be good to serve as volunteers with the society or not. The society carries out services like pet cremation among others. The society aims at being the leader in animal advocacy by preventing cruelty on animals and promoting care and love for them.

These are five of the many volunteer opportunities in Florida. There is no better way to teach community service to your kids than encouraging them to be volunteers with one of these organizations.


  1. i am very much interested in the volunteering work.caretering for the old and the children.
    i am very fluent in both english and french

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