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Volunteers teaching English and Culture exchange in Hanoi, Vietnam

 Contact us: volunteer4vietnam@gmail.com

We are Bamboo volunteer organization (NGO) seeking support for our organization in Hanoi. Our work is mainly in communities, tourism, education, training, international co-operation, community capacity building and poverty reduction.

We believe that education is fundamental to sustainable development. Our goal is to use educational programs to link people all over the World, cultural exchange, share experiences, gain knowledge and development co-operation.

We have been building an extensive volunteer network to help local people, addicted games students, disabled kids and the youth. We do not only teach them English but also social skills, culture exchange; sharing life experiences. It would be beneficial for the rural communities by broadening their horizons and giving them new opportunities they didn’t previously have

Inspiring videos produced by one of our fantastic volunteer Tommy

Please watch these videos in links below which will give more insight into our project

Teaching English for students in Hanoi

Helping disable kids

How you can help…

We are looking for volunteers to help improve our student’s English. We need volunteers who are able to speak English fluently either native or non-native speakers. We do not really need volunteers with teaching experience, however if volunteers have a teaching experience it will be very beneficial.

Provide English lesson for youth

There are thousands of young students studying in Hanoi coming from rural areas. Their English lessons in universities are not good enough and mainly concentrate on grammar and reading skills caused they are unable to speak English fluently and confidently. At the same time, the price for taking part in international English centers are quite expensive (around 15 US/ lessons) so that most of them cant afford to pursuit their dream of learning english with foreign teachers

We are operating free English communication classes for the middle class and disadvantaged young students. We believe that having the ability to communicate English makes a valuable difference to the students within these communities as it gives them the chance to apply for higher paid jobs, substantially improving their standard of living.

Beside teaching english for poor students, we try to direct them to practice becoming proficient tour guides, helping tourists explore Hanoi and earn money that can improve their family income and boost their confidence.

Be a part of our project, You will not only have chance to meaningfully contribute to improve local lives but also meet many friendly people, truly explore Vietnamese culture, enjoy traditional food, some students in class are willing guide you to some famous destination around Hanoi in the way that the tourist will never experience.

Placement Location

Bamboo volunteer organization is based in Hanoi, in the north of Vietnam. Hanoi is one of Southeast Asia’s liveliest cities. It is the capital and the second largest city in Vietnam.

Our address:

Number 301, Block A5, 28 Xuan La street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi (In English)

Phòng 301, Nhà A5, Ngõ 28 Xuân La,  Quận Tây Hồ, Hà Nội (In Vietnamese)

When travelling to our centre please give the address to the taxi driver.


  1. 03092001 says:

    Hello, I’m Ken from Hanoi, Vietnam. I’ve been looking for some volunteer works to join through one of school activity and I found this organization interesting. So I would like to contact to one of member of this organization to get some information. Thank you, and sorry for my poor English.

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