Volunteer with the Canadian AIDS Society

The Canadian AIDS Society will be attending the 20th International AIDS Conference, taking place in Melbourne, Australia.

This year, the Canada Exhibit will once again have a prominent placement at the conference and we are expecting to welcome many of the 20,000+ delegates at our exhibit.

The exhibit is an interactive stage for Canadians which showcases insightful presentations, and encourages visitor interaction with our Wishing Tree.

In an effort to create a welcoming and memorable experience at our exhibit, we are searching for dedicated volunteers to represent Canada at our exhibit. If you would like to volunteer, please submit an application by visiting the link below:


Thank you for your help and support.


  1. Blessed Winnie says:

    i would like to join you but doesnt have money can i be considered.Am agood volunteer i have been doing it for many years now.

  2. Mousa Badr says:

    Actually i’d like to express how much i liked this site,i always wanted to go abroad and help others.I really love helping people even the people i don’t know,blind people melt my heart because i had two Glocauma surgeries in the eyes for 5 months and i felt the pain and suffering,but i have been patient and since then i have a great deal of compasion to all of the blind people and the people who have disabilities.

    Thank you, God bless .

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