Tips to Raise Funds Before you Volunteer Abroad

The thought of volunteering itself is so enriching and it provides you with the most rewarding experiences in your life but many times you need to raise funds for the volunteering services that you offer. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you in raising funds for the programme:

Contact businesses and organizations
There are many local businessmen available that are always ready to shell donations to help with the promotion of their business; you can start with the people whom you know or where you visit frequently. While requesting for funds you need to be very clear and provide them detailed information regarding the programme you are participating in and what you will be doing. This will give them a picture of your programme and the services offered so that they can give a good amount.

Contact local groups
You can also contact the local group who share a common interest with your work such as college groups or any social clubs that focus on offering volunteer services; they may help you in gathering funds directly or may even offer indirect help by suggesting certain people to you. You can also look for help among church groups, social groups and special-interest organisations.

Contact people directly
Another good way of collecting funds for your volunteer services is by contacting the local people directly. Start with the people you know well; your family, friends, relatives, neighbours and community people will turn out to be of great help. You can also email your friends, go door-to-door and contact over the phone, this will yield great results. You may also find many people who might not be an able to help you through money but may help you in many other ways.

Conduct fundraising events:
You can also conduct events and invite all the people to the event and then let then know all the details pertaining to the program and what all services you are going to provide during the program. You can choose any place such as recreation centre or your home but make sure that you plan the event in a very creative and resourceful manner; you could even organise musicians for your event. The next thing you should do is to promote your event. Take advantage of social media and try to gather a huge crowd. To raise a good amount of funds you can sell the tickets, charge at the entrance or also provide donation boxes in many spots of the venue.

Contact military officials
There are military officials who show a keen interest in offering donations for voluntary services and there are several officials who actively participate in voluntary services abroad. Recognising this, many financial institutions, government and private organisations have come up with many special privileges for military officials; the best example for this would be the community financial services association of America (CFSA) which has made an act according to which special privileges are given to active military officials on payday loans. You can visit any of these officials and look out for some funds.

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  1. Heidi, I had never heard of mytag before and I am going to do some research on that one, thanks for the tip. The ideas shared on your blog Michelle, I am going to take notes and give it a try here before I take off on my next expedition. Keep posting interesting ideas like this because it makes it a lot easier on those of us who are always on the move and have little time to research information like this ourselves.

  2. Realizar un trabajo voluntariado eso solo se ve en personas de un buen corazon, hacer este tipo de trabajos solidarios si esta interesado emprendete a esta solidaridad .Si viajas America del Sur te esta esperando con los brazos abiertos esperando una sorpresa tuya

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