The Hoop Dream – Changing Lives Through Basketball

The hoop dream is a project started by Brian Smith that began with his love for basketball and how it changed his life. After traveling around Africa, he thought that basketball could also help a lot of children there. The idea behind the project is to go to different towns in South and East Africa and find a space where a hoop or courtyard can be built. He then spends some time teaching locals how to play.

The Hoop Dream

There are cases where he has managed to put teams together to play tournaments. Aside from having fun and learning about team work, responsibility and dedication, the winner gets a special prize. Brian pays for school supplies, tuition and things they might need to study. They also get sports equipment to motivate them to keep playing.

Projects like this one are extremely important in marginalized communities, because they give people something to be passionate about, and the opportunity to learn. The idea is to make this project something that helps people all over the world .

If you like what this project is doing and would like to help, this is how you can do it:

– Donate Money.
– Materials- Including rims, basketballs, tools, etc.
– Assistance with acquiring materials
– Volunteer to assist with the project

Check out the hoop dream for more information.

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