The Issue of Voluntourism and Orphanages

Recently I posted an opportunity that was uploaded from an organization in Kenya. The organization was looking for someone to: "Volunteer and Manage and Orphanage in Kenya". This quickly resulted in a response from twitter saying: did you really mean mean this!! "#Volunteer to Manage an #Orphanage" @TrueTravellers— better-volunteering (@bettrvolunteer) July 12, 2013 The answer to that question is yes. I did mean what I tweeted. Although, I do … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Fundraising for Your Volunteer Trip

Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to travel and see the world while using your skills and time to help a community in need. And beyond providing positive benefits to the host community it can also be a source of personal transformation. However, it can often be very expensive to participate in this meaningful activity. If it’s a financial obstacle that’s holding you back, there’s good news to share: At Volunteer Forever we’ve created a simple and effective online fundraising solution to … [Read more...]

An Inherent Risk of Danger

In chapter one of Tim Ward's great adventure book, Zombies on Kilimanjaro: A Father-Son Journey Above the Clouds while discussing AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and the dangers of climbing Kilimanjaro, Tim's son says the following to his father: "You know Dad, it seems it's not a vacation with you unless there's a chance we'll die." When I read this I knew two things: one, this was going to be a great book and two, I don't suffer from Vacation-Attention-Deficit-Disorder after all. Now I … [Read more...]

Come and see us in Sri Lanka, make us smile

My wife and I started a school for young adults in Maskeliya, Sri Lanka amidst the tea fields, mountains and reservoirs. In these deprived communities there is little chance of a better life, we run a number of educational programmes to increase hope, coping strategies and employment prospects, turning our 18 to 24 year olds into community change agents along the way. We focus on empowering them to become the solution to the problems of their communities which have 85% alcoholism rate amongst … [Read more...]