Community Development Volunteering Program in Haiti

Volunteer in the Kenscoff Region of Haiti and work in community development to improve local infrastructure, sanitation, education and overall quality of life. The Kenscoff people lack basic infrastructure such as roads, community buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. and greatly need the help of volunteers to improve their lives. As you travel and explore this stunning country, you will have the chance to help develop the Kenscoff region so they can properly preserve their culture while living … [Read more...]

Free Volunteer Abroad Programs

Free Volunteer Abroad Programs Volunteer work means giving your time and energy to work in a project without payment. The programs of the volunteer work are made by the organization in which you are going to volunteer in. Most of the volunteer abroad programs are flexible. As you will be putting in your time, energy and sometimes money, the volunteer programs available are flexible. The flexibility comes by choosing the numbers of hours that you are willing to work in a day or in a week and … [Read more...]

What to do if you are arrested while volunteering abroad

“You can be arrested and not charged. You can be arrested and have no right to counsel.”- Harry Belafonte. When volunteering abroad, your biggest hope is that nothing goes wrong during your experience while in a foreign country, but as fate would have it things can often go wrong, and most likely when you least expect it. It will help you a lot if you are prepared for some likely unfortunate circumstances that you may find yourself in. Here are some guidelines in case you get arrested. A … [Read more...]


"Sharingdreams-Peru" is a nonprofit organization that helps improve the quality of life of poverty-stricken children in the central Andes region of Peru. It was founded in 2009 and has expanded over the past couple of years. More volunteers are deciding to work with our organization and help improve the lives of these children. Therefore, Sharingdreams-Peru is in need of four people to help coordinate all of the volunteers and continue to recruit more. Responsibilities of the position: … [Read more...]

Volunteer work with communities in the Andes of Peru – Sharing Dreams

Posted By: Frank Cotera Based in the central Andes of Peru,"Sharing dreams-Peru". nonprofit organization, legally recognized by the Peruvian laws. Our mision is to create a community of volunteers with the objective of providing support to and enhancing the quality of life of the poorest people in Peru. They place special emphasis on childhood development and on free and direct work between the volunteers and the community,with a philosophy of work and participation open source. We … [Read more...]

The Real Panama

Posted by: Nitin Sharma I did my Peace Corps service in a tiny community 20 minutes outside of Los Pozos, Herrera. I arrived on October 13th, 2009 and have called it my second home ever since. I arrived to my host family’s house in the middle of a torrential downpour. Two young ladies came with an umbrella to bring me from the car to the house. The oldest one is stoic and poised, ever ready to help those around her, just like her mother. The younger one, a troublemaker after my own heart, has … [Read more...]

Volunteering in Rural Villages – Uganda (Fee)

Mzungu a charity working to provide quality volunteer travel opportunities in Uganda. We focus on displaced children, education, and community development in villages and rural areas around Uganda. We offer the volunteer the ability to provide these villages and people a much needed service at a very affordable price. Our Charity was established to link like-minded travelers looking to make a difference in African villages where the need is greatest in Uganda while at the same time … [Read more...]

Volunteer Abroad and Vaccination

“Vaccination is the medical sacrament corresponding to baptism.” - Samuel Butler. No one likes to fall ill when travelling, be it for volunteer work, but more so if you are taking a trip as a tourist. The risk for catching disease is increased when travelling to another continent. It is therefore advisable when you are travelling to any country for you to make sure you have all your immunization shots. Immunization schedules are usual personalized according to an individual immunization history, … [Read more...]

Volunteer Abroad Packing Tips

“I'm very strict with my packing and have everything in its right place. I never change a rule. I hardly use anything in the hotel room. I wheel my own wardrobe in and that's it.” - Charlie Watts. How you pack when you leave home for volunteer work, will determine how you get off to work on your project. Many volunteers, especially first time travelers, have a problem in knowing what to carry with them abroad, and how best to do their packing. Add to that the hustles of the airport and being in … [Read more...]

Gestures To Be Aware Of While Volunteering Abroad

“Words represent your intellect. The sound, gesture and movement represent your feelings.” – Patricia Fripp. Many people consider the spoken word as the main mode of communication around the world. We forget that non verbal communication also forms a large part of what we are saying to the person we are communicating with. Different gestures mean different things across the world, what is acceptable in your home country like for instance handing someone an item using your left hand, may be … [Read more...]

Tips For Your First Volunteer Abroad Trip

There is a first time for everything, most people are nervous the first time they leave their home towns or cities for a different country. You have to leave your support system behind, which includes your family and friends. Instead you are headed to a destination that shares possibly a totally different culture than you are used to, and maybe just a few people that you are familiar with. In addition you are not a very well travelled person then you start to be more nervous as your date of … [Read more...]

Volunteering Abroad: Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more corporations are starting to engage in international volunteer programs, they are doing this as part of their corporate social responsibility efforts. Corporate responsibility helps to align organizations business operations with social values. Volunteering abroad as a part of your corporate social responsibility will help your organization address expectations of some of your other stake holders, including your investors and employees. It therefore does not only help you to relate … [Read more...]

Educational Support / Income Generation at a local level – Andean Alliance – Peru

Andean Alliance is a Peruvian registerd Civil Assocation  (Grassroots Organization ) that works in the Northern Andes, Huaraz area in a small rural area at 3650 mtrs. We work with Early Childhood Education , literacy and comprehension skill building in addition to the development of a local community center that will house not only the edcational rooms but areas for local guides,donkey drivers etc. to sell their services directly to tourists, a small cafe concept for women to sell to tourists in … [Read more...]

Volunteer Visa in Ghana

Going abroad to another country to do volunteer work is a humble undertaking for the individual. Your volunteer work in another country needs to be legal in order to avoid any complications that may lead to your stay during your volunteer experience getting cut short by the government.  There are incidents of volunteers being caught without the proper paper work; being deported and even prosecuted to face jail time. These incidents are becoming more and more prominent. You therefore need to … [Read more...]

Volunteer Visa in India

India has many new visa regulations, the most recent having been released in 2010. Most countries are not strict when it comes to volunteer visas, and in some cases you may be allowed to use a tourist or entry visa to do your volunteer work for a short period of time as you make preparations to get the right documents for your volunteer work. For an Indian visa it is required that you apply for one from your home country only, it is not allowed to apply for one after your arrival in India, or … [Read more...]

5 questions you must ask yourself before volunteering abroad

Volunteering, especially volunteering abroad, is one of those life changing experiences an individual can go through, it can form some of the best moments of one’s life or the worst, and so before a person commits themselves to volunteering abroad, there are a few things you need to ask yourself, to ensure you are making the best choice. Here are a few questions you may consider. Why do you want volunteer abroad? There are many reasons why people choose to volunteer abroad, one may just … [Read more...]

Impact of volunteering abroad on the community

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.” ~William Shakespeare. When you are volunteering abroad, you do so for several reasons, some may be personal, while some may be career oriented. However a volunteer usually has an immense impact on the local community you are working in. The impact may vary in different places, depending on the local’s attitude towards what you are doing for the community, in most cases it is a positive impact, but in some rare cases it can be negative. Here … [Read more...]

5 things to know before hosting an international volunteer

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” - Robert Frost quotes. There are many people out there who love meeting new friends and making connections. They don’t get satisfied with meeting only people of their area and sometimes they choose to broaden their horizons by making international friends. Becoming a host of a home stay is a one of the ways for him/her to meet people from different cultures. A home stay is a form of tourism or study abroad program … [Read more...]

Top 5 tips how to make friends while volunteering abroad

“God and angels don't get paid even though theirs is some of the most important work around.  Ditto for volunteers.”  ~Cherishe Archer. Some of the fears for volunteers when they are going abroad are whether they will be able to make friends. Some fear they may be too different and understanding others will be a problem. Hence making friends could be a problem. This fear is common among teenagers, young adults, boomers and expats who are abroad. Most of them are self conscious especially the shy … [Read more...]

Dealing with culture shock while volunteering abroad

“Service to a just cause rewards the worker with more real happiness and satisfaction than any other venture of life.” - Carrie Chapman Catt. Culture shock is defined as pronounced reaction to the psychological disorientation most people experience when they move for an extended period of time into a culture different from their own. Many volunteers who are abroad for an extended period of time succumb to culture shock. Some volunteers are affected by culture shock after a period of days, some … [Read more...]