Field School and Volunteer Coordinator in Cusco, Peru

Start date: June 2015 Duration: 3-6 months Application Deadline: May 29, 2015 Mosqoy is a registered Canadian charitable organization that works in remote communities of the Peruvian Andes, offering opportunities for economic development while nurturing the threatened Indigenous Quechua culture. We operate three main programs: the Textile Community Program, which supports Indigenous communities by revitalizing textile traditions and supporting women weavers; the Andean Youth … [Read more...]

Equine experience – volunteer & back up rider

Do you love horses and are looking for something valuable to do during your gap year / career break / holidays? Do you want to gain comprehensive experience in horsemanship and working with horses? Do you need a placement for your equine studies practical? We offer a 1-2 months comprehensive horsemanship and trail riding experience on the edge of the Karkloof mountains in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands. This is a great opportunity for you to experience life in South Africa from “the inside”, get … [Read more...]

Little Friendly Farm Sanctuary Project

If you love animals, nature, children and you want to find a new travel experience. Our local farm sanctuary might be the place choice for your gap year Thailand Destination! … [Read more...]

Rick Steves: The Value of Travel

After spending 4 months a year for the last 30 years living out of a suitcase, Rick Steves reflects on the value of thoughtful travel. … [Read more...]

Volunteer in London and New York City this summer!

Winant Clayton Volunteers is a charity which facilitates an annual exchange programme for British and American volunteers to support disadvantaged groups in London and New York. Founded in 1948 our aim is to promote friendship and cultural understanding through volunteering. Anyone, aged 18-80+, with a desire to support those in need in New York or London for eight weeks over a summer, can apply to join the programme. We have helped many volunteers to experience challenging, exciting and … [Read more...]

Top 5 Volunteer Abroad Resources

Recently,I have been trying to put together a site called The idea is to make a list of low fee volunteer opportunities in Africa. It's only new, but hopefully it will become a useful resource. This led me to think that I haven't seen a list of great low fee volunteer abroad resources. So, here is my current list of Top 5 Volunteer Abroad Resources. 1. Daniela Papi and the Pepy Ride I think that Daniela Papi is someone people should checkout at the beginning of … [Read more...]

Sicily – A land of food, volcanoes, stunning landscapes, markets and so much more

Travel Blogger Marianne Heredge writes down her thoughts following a November 2012 trip to Sicily.  Sicily is famous for its volcanoes, ancient civilizations, wonderful markets and cuisine as well beautiful beaches. On Mediterranean’s largest island, there’s often more than one church per street, and a history that goes back to Greeks and before. Wherever you go, you can expect a warm welcome from local Sicilians Temples and history For those interested in history, Sicily has plenty of … [Read more...]

What is Sustainable Tourism? – Get in the Know

Sustainable tourism aims at giving an insight into local culture without impacting it in ways that make local people become wholly dependent upon it for their living, abandoning their traditional livelihoods and skills that otherwise might be prevalent in area and culture. Sustainable tourist companies try to employ local people and utilise local services which stimulates the local economy. In turn, tourists are taught about local etiquette and customs and can form meaningful and mutually … [Read more...]

Saving money tips while abroad

Spending money wisely is one of the biggest things we all worry about. We are told not to spend more money than we earn. If you earn $ 2,000 a month you shouldn’t be spending $ 2,500 during that month. But it is easier said than done, we might pass by a shop and start buying things on impulse e.g. shoes (for ladies) and other clothing. Spending money is tricky especially if you want to make every dollar or pound or Euro to work for you. Using money is even harder if you are in another country … [Read more...]

Undertake a Volunteer Internship with Children in Thailand, Indonesia or Kenya

Posted by: International Humanity Foundation Currently studying? Gain an understanding of how grassroots organisations function through an Internship with the International Humanity Foundation! The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic students to contribute to our orphanage and education centers in Kenya, Thailand or Indonesia. IHF has grown over the past 25 years under the visionary leadership of Carol Sasaki (CEO) and the dedication of thousands … [Read more...]

DRH Lindersvold in cooperation with One World University

We offer two programs: Bachelor degree in “Pedagogy” 1st year: International Practice Field (9 months training in experiencing and understanding the global reality) 2nd year: The European practice Field (6 months training in experiencing and understanding the European reality) 3rd year: The school Practice Field (12 months training in experiencing and understanding the reality of children and teachers in school, with connected theoretical studies) Development Instructor Fighting With … [Read more...]

Volunteering in Rural Villages – Uganda (Fee)

Mzungu a charity working to provide quality volunteer travel opportunities in Uganda. We focus on displaced children, education, and community development in villages and rural areas around Uganda. We offer the volunteer the ability to provide these villages and people a much needed service at a very affordable price. Our Charity was established to link like-minded travelers looking to make a difference in African villages where the need is greatest in Uganda while at the same time … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Travel Insurance

Whenever organising a trip with all the other important things to organise, travellers can start to forget the essential travel extras that they should not leave home without. Add mounting costs that accompany the mounting excitement and often the first thing to be forgotten is travel insurance. So Why Get Travel Insurance? The sad reality is that not having a comprehensive travel insurance policy can be the difference between a trip of a life-time you never forget and the trip in your … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Uganda

Volunteer at Kitega Community Centre Uganda. Kitega Community Center welcomes volunteers from around the world. The centre relies on volunteers to achieve its goals. Please see below for a list of projects that might interest you; opportunities include placements in our education, community outreach, building and infrastructure improvements, and health care programs. You are also welcome to suggest relevant projects that you wish to carry out. General Requirements: You will need to … [Read more...]

Volunteer Abroad Emergency Evacuation

“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”  ~William Shakespeare. In the last few weeks, there have been violent protests in different countries. The protests have been mainly political. The first was the failed elections in Ivory Coast, followed by violence in Haiti, Tunisia, Egypt and it is spreading through to some of the Arab nations.  Apart from these manmade disasters, there are natural ones like the floods in Australia, Brazil and disease out breaks in parts of Africa. Being … [Read more...]

Volunteer opportunities in Morocco

Volunteering in Morocco will provide you the chance of a lifetime to explore this mystical country while giving back to the community. The Moroccan people are known for their gracious hospitality, their culinary delights, colorful markets, horse shows, acrobats and their delicious tangines and decadent sweets. Our volunteer projects allow you to support the local children, at orphanages and primary schools, in nursery schools and teaching English to the woman and children of the … [Read more...]

Volunteer Abroad – 7 Fund raising tips

Deciding to volunteer or intern abroad is a great and sometimes expensive. The cost of travelling around the world is expensive. To work with the major volunteer abroad organizations like and you want to volunteer for them. Many of the programs offered are affordable but there are other costs in which you will have to incur. These costs are like flight expenses which in some occasions are very expensive. Also during you volunteer work you would want to travel, buy souvenirs and sometimes give a … [Read more...]

How to Fit Into a New Culture while Volunteering

When many of us go to a different place we sometimes find it difficult to fit in. A different place can be another part of town with your relatives. It could also be going to college, University, summer camp or a different work place. There are some of us who are lucky and have great personalities like extroverts who can mix in any crowd. On the other hand there some of us who can’t but want to be like extroverts and have outgoing personalities. To make it easier for us to mix with the others … [Read more...]

All About Home Stays While Volunteering

Imagine you visit a country and you have such a great experience you fall in love with the place. But you have to contend with hotel fees or hostel fees. As a foreigner the expenses will become too much at some point. Then you wish you had a cheaper place to stay to extend your holiday or your experience. What do you do next? You go to your laptop and hit Google and your type “cheap hotels or hostels and lodgings” plus country off course. Then you find out the fees you are paying are the almost … [Read more...]