Youth Development Coordinator in Peru

Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) is a small UK-registered charity which works to give vulnerable children and young people in Peru the tools and skills to build themselves an independent future. LAFF partners organisations in Cusco and Lima which share our vision and supports them through education, vocational training, capacity building and sustainability projects such as income generation and cost reduction initiatives. Through the Youth Development Programme LAFF … [Read more...]

Social Enterprise Coordinator Peru

In order to reduce dependency and move towards sustainability, Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) supports activities which generate income for our partners, reduce their dependency on external funding and, in some cases, provide training and job placement opportunities for at-risk young people. The Social Enterprise/ income generation programme is built around a participatory approach. The main strategy is to provide technical support directly or indirectly through LAFF’s … [Read more...]

International Development Training Internships

Posted by: The Foundation for Sustainable Development Gain real-world hands-on experience in international development through one of FSD's Intern Abroad programs! FSD training programs are highly immersive, bringing students, professionals, and retirees on-site to support critical grassroots initiatives. Rather than work on aid-based, short-term projects, participants collaborate with community partners to enhance local capacity to address health, social, environmental, and economic … [Read more...]

Chiapas CoService

SPANISH AND SERVICE OPPORTUNITES IN CHIAPAS, MEXICO Combine Spanish study with cultural immersion by working alongside Mexican University students completing their community service requirement in fields such as: Agriculture, Anthropology, Bio-Medics, Business, Computer, Development, Education, Energy, Engineering, English, Enviro-Tech, Graphics Design, Language & Culture, Marketing, Tourism and more… … [Read more...]