Volunteer in schools with Niños de Guatemala

We are a Guatemalan based NGO, focused on improving access to education in Guatemala and offering a brighter future to our children. We initiate small-scale development projects within communities, and we are proud to introduce our three schools: Nuestro Futuro and Basico, in Ciudad Vieja, and El Porvenir, in San Lorenzo el Cubo. During the morning we follow the government-approved educational program, whilst in the afternoon, children immerse themselves in extra-curricular activities or take … [Read more...]

Planning on volunteering in Nepal??

Why not volunteer with Experience Himalayan Nepal an organization interested in becoming more than just a volunteer organization. We are currently designing projects that put extra back into the country to help those in need. Very soon each volunteer who comes with us will have reduced fees as long as they purchase a family lifestraw. A device that can give a family of five drinking water for upto three years. So to make a real difference contact Wayne on wayne@experiencehimalayannepal.org for … [Read more...]

Travelling to Nepal? Try volunteering two weeks £150 food/lodgings included

TWO WEEKS IN NEPAL VOLUNTEERING FOR A £150 Planning on visiting Nepal? Wanted to try volunteering in an orphanage, disabled centre or school but don’t want to sign up for months or pay thousands of pounds? Then why not volunteer with us our 2 week package starts from as little as a £150 and if you want to stay longer then you will be most welcome. Each extra week costs £50. We are a joint Nepalese/English project designed to provide volunteering experiences at an affordable price. Want to … [Read more...]