International Humanity Foundation Co-Director: Indonesia

Are you looking for a long-term volunteer management opportunity? IHF is looking for hard-­working, dedicated volunteers to commit their time and talents for one year in one of our 4 education centers in Indonesia. Your role will be to manage the day-to-day maintenance of the center’s programs and initiatives alongside an international staff, in the effort to provide a better opportunity for children’s futures. You are asked to complete at least 4 hours a day of local work and 4 hours a day of … [Read more...]

Nepali Mountain Peace School seeks Volunteer Teachers

Sarswati Peace school was founded in 2012 in the small village of Arupokhari in the Gorkha district of Nepal. After nearly a decade of brutal civil war, the Sarswati Peace school was built with the intention to help the next generation have a better life. This idyllic mountain village overlooks the beautiful white peaks of the Himalayas, with eagles soaring above and smiley Nepali villagers bustling around farming. The school was founded by a local Nepali who wanted to bring the opportunity of … [Read more...]

Social Media Extraordinaire

We are a youth-driven magazine based in Kathmandu, Nepal looking for social media extraordinaire who can help us reach more people worldwide. Our magazine also hosts workshops in journalism, film, photography, fiction, etc. and we need publicity for that. If you are interested in seeing a small media organization reach its full potential, please contact us at … [Read more...]