Himalayan Hockey

Happy to announce that a documentary that Viktor Pesenti directed from our trip to India last year has been produced by AJ+. … [Read more...]

What does a hockey game look like in India?

Ever wonder what a hockey game looks like in India? Probably a thought that goes through your head all the time! Here are some photos from a game between the under 20 teams from Domkhar (in blue) and Lalok (in the other jerseys). … [Read more...]

Hockey in the Himalayas – Equipment Donation to SECMOL

Thanks to Viktor Pesenti for putting this great video together for us. … [Read more...]

The Hockey Equipment Arrived in India!

I'm not going to say that it was smooth sailing, but all of the donated equipment arrived in India! Nothing had been damaged or disappeared. It was a journey that saw the equipment collected across Saskatchewan (and Prince Edward Island), packed in Regina and shipped via air to New Delhi, India. In Delhi, the equipment must have needed a rest as it was stuck in customs for a couple weeks. On January 12th, the equipment was flown from Delhi to Leh and delivered to the SECMOL campus. … [Read more...]

Fundraising Recap for Hockey in the Himalayas

I'm really happy with how our fundraising went for the Hockey in the Himalayas campaign. It took the entire month to reach our goal, but thanks to O'hanlons Irish Pub in Regina and generous donations from Alexander Keith's, Molson Coors Canada, Big Rock and a number of guests at the fundraiser, we were able to surpass it! I never considered our goal or project as overwhelming until I was asked on the CTV Live Morning show "why did you take on such an ambitious target?" I still don't know … [Read more...]

Incredible Generosity from Saskatchewan

I finally finished sorting through the majority of equipment that has been donated. Check this out. One more favour though, still need to collect a bit more to ship it there. We are currently at $3380 with a few days left to donate. If you are interested, you can donate online. Thanks again, the amount of equipment that has come in is fantastic. … [Read more...]

Hockey update – 7 days left

We are closing in on the end of our equipment and fundraising drive and the support that we have received has been fantastic. The equipment has really been flowing in and we have a lot of gear to ship to India. The following photo shows less than half of what has been donated (apparently, we need a bigger basement): … [Read more...]