Grassroots Collaborations for Better Communities

Hapa Resources (HR) works to empower communities in Uganda and is registered as a social enterprise. They are also working to provide comprehensive approaches to challenges related to youth empowerment and skills development in low-resource communities. ‚ÄčIn doing so, HR establishes partnerships aimed at; engaging in development initiatives that have direct linkages to: Community Health and Participatory Research; Youth skiiling and micro-enterprise promotion; and Experteering and Community … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Sri Lanka

Working as a Volunteer in Sri Lanka is one of the best ways to experience life as it really is for the local people. The opportunity provides unique challenges and rewards, and allows you to move beyond the sometimes superficial encounters and observations of a normal traveller. This tropical island unfurls before the senses as soon as you arrive, the heavy warm air, the endless array of rich green foliage, the luxuriant swirls of the Sinhalese and Tamil alphabet, the multi-coloured Buddhist … [Read more...]

Volunteer abroad group volunteering

A group of volunteers could be you and a couple of your friends, family, church members and coworkers. Many corporate companies offer their employees a chance to volunteer abroad as a part of their corporate social responsibility. They use this as a part of their team building and have their employees more motivated. Many employees after coming from their volunteer holiday are more open-minded and are rejuvenated by their work abroad. It also introduces your employees to new opportunities and … [Read more...]