Service Delivery Volunteer – Uganda

We are proud to offer a meaningful, fun, safe, and structured placement for volunteers to gain experience working in a resource strapped environment. Our projects run in partnership with local communities and conservation efforts. Our volunteers will be at the forefront of research and program support, and also have the opportunity to explore the beauty of Uganda. We know the powerful impact volunteers can have and believe that they are fundamental to our efforts. Volunteers will: • Build … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Africa for Free with Nka foundation

Volunteer in Africa for Free Nka Foundation’s Pilot Design-Build Program in Vernacular African Architecture at Sang Arts Village in Ghana was a Success- the Second Edition, TH!NK: Art+Architecture runs from 2012- 2014. The project provides you with the opportunity to volunteer in Africa for free. In the transnational project, the empowering question is: How do you engage people who are culturally different? How do you enable sustainable rural community development? One way to begin is … [Read more...]

Free Volunteer Abroad Programs

Free Volunteer Abroad Programs Volunteer work means giving your time and energy to work in a project without payment. The programs of the volunteer work are made by the organization in which you are going to volunteer in. Most of the volunteer abroad programs are flexible. As you will be putting in your time, energy and sometimes money, the volunteer programs available are flexible. The flexibility comes by choosing the numbers of hours that you are willing to work in a day or in a week and … [Read more...]

Live and volunteer in the Caribbean!

Participate in the GAIA ACTIVIST PROGRAM How do we best protect St. Vincent and the Caribbean against Global Warming and Climate Change?   Starting dates: March 1, 2012 and September 1, 2012 Program duration: 6 months Program Information: Studies about sustainability, volunteering, organic farming, self-sufficiency the risks/effects of Global Warming in the Caribbean. Through research, creation and implementation of projects in nearby villages, promotion, and by example, you will … [Read more...]