Grassroots Collaborations for Better Communities

Hapa Resources (HR) works to empower communities in Uganda and is registered as a social enterprise. They are also working to provide comprehensive approaches to challenges related to youth empowerment and skills development in low-resource communities. ​In doing so, HR establishes partnerships aimed at; engaging in development initiatives that have direct linkages to: Community Health and Participatory Research; Youth skiiling and micro-enterprise promotion; and Experteering and Community … [Read more...]

Teach English in Hanoi, Vietnam

YESD is a social enterprise committed to community development. They are working to ignite lights of children and young people in the North of Vietnam by helping them widen their eyes and to gain access to a proper education as well as career opportunities. Their mission is to deal with unemployment rate amongst youth. Due to the Universities commonly teaching theory with little practical application, Vietnamese youth are faced with many obstacles in finding a suitable job after graduating. … [Read more...]

Volunteer as a Fundraising Officer in Peru

Are you looking for the opportunity to improve your Spanish language skills and gain hands-on experience in the field in the International Development sector? Why not volunteer with LAFF, where your skills will be put to good use and you will have the opportunity to work directly with beneficiaries, gain valuable field experience and increased awareness of International Development issues, whilst practising and improving your Spanish language fluency working in a Latin American … [Read more...]

Community Development Volunteering Program in Haiti

Volunteer in the Kenscoff Region of Haiti and work in community development to improve local infrastructure, sanitation, education and overall quality of life. The Kenscoff people lack basic infrastructure such as roads, community buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. and greatly need the help of volunteers to improve their lives. As you travel and explore this stunning country, you will have the chance to help develop the Kenscoff region so they can properly preserve their culture while living … [Read more...]

Volunteer at Tea Leaf Vision Centre for Professional Development

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others. We run the Tea Leaf Vision Centre for Professional Development where we provide a high quality education for the 18 to 24 year olds of the deprived tea leaf estates in central Sri Lanka. The young adults of these disadvantaged communities suffer from a lack of opportunities in education and employment which would allow them to lead better lives. Local established systems … [Read more...]

Kokua Hawaii Foundation

When you travel to Hawaii don’t limit yourself to the touristic places and activities. You can also learn about the local culture and meet locals by approaching a non-profit organization and working with them for a while. One of those organizations worth checking out is The Kokua Hawai'i Foundation. Their main task is to promote environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii. They do this through providing children with experiences that allow them to understand and … [Read more...]

Teach English in Peru!

The Organization Horizon Peru is a non-profit organization in Trujillo, Peru. The mission of Horizon Peru is to educate disadvantaged individuals in English and extra-curricular activities such as music, arts, gardening and sports in order to provide the community with equal opportunity and empowerment. Horizon Peru is based in the community of La Esperanza, just outside the centre of Trujillo. La Esperanza is known as Pueblo Joven in Spanish, which translates into shantytown emphasizing … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Hanoi with Immigrant Children

Volunteer in the outskirts of Hanoi in the Kim Chung commune, Dong Anh district. The locality is in the process of urbanization, and as a result of the establishment of Thang Long Industrial Park, which leads to mass immigration from nearby rural provinces. Migrant workers accounted for more than half the total number of immigrants in Dong Anh district. Young workers with limited income are living in difficulty conditions. While we all know that children have rights to basic subsistence, … [Read more...]

Volunteer opportunities in Peru with Otra Cosa

Otra Cosa Network is a registered Peruvian non-profit NGO and Registered UK Charity that offers a wide variety of affordable and satisfying volunteering opportunities to well-motivated volunteers from around the world. We are dedicated to providing interesting, stimulating and rewarding placements to our volunteers, each of whom contribute something new to our many projects. Our ultimate objective, however, is to support our wide range of projects with suitable volunteers to help them … [Read more...]

Weaver Bird: Community For The Arts

Posted by: Kelly Fischer Weaver Bird: Community For The Arts is an organization that is using art to empower and sustain the Ndegeya community, located just 6 Km outside of Masaka, Uganda. Our mission is to use art to change lives. We are accomplishing this by implementing various programs and workshops in Ndegeya, such as Weaver Bird Handicrafts, COCHICO children’s library, and Ndegeya Youth Cultural Troupe to mention a few. Through these programs community members have access to resources … [Read more...]

Technical Intern in Social Entrepreneurship

Post: Technical Intern in Social Entrepreneurship Duration: Minimum commitment of 3 months and up to 1 year Location: Lobitos, Piura, Northern Peru Deadline: 31st of March 2012 or earlier if an appropriate person is found Project Background: Governments world-wide, are increasingly recognizing the fundamental importance of tourism because of its ability and potential to:  Stimulate business activities in other sectors of the economy and thus contribute to sustainable economic … [Read more...]

Come Volunteer with us in Nicaragua!

Waves of Hope is a small community development project working in the beautiful surf side town on El Manzano Uno in northern Nicaragua. Waves of Hope was developed by the founders and friends of El Coco Loco Resort ( and is our way of giving back to the community. We are currently looking for TWO interns to come and work with us mid-April to mid-June. Interns are asked to contribute about twenty-five hours a week to our various projects, which include: - Child and … [Read more...]

Live and volunteer in the Caribbean!

Participate in the GAIA ACTIVIST PROGRAM How do we best protect St. Vincent and the Caribbean against Global Warming and Climate Change?   Starting dates: March 1, 2012 and September 1, 2012 Program duration: 6 months Program Information: Studies about sustainability, volunteering, organic farming, self-sufficiency the risks/effects of Global Warming in the Caribbean. Through research, creation and implementation of projects in nearby villages, promotion, and by example, you will … [Read more...]

Volunteering in Rural Villages – Uganda (Fee)

Mzungu a charity working to provide quality volunteer travel opportunities in Uganda. We focus on displaced children, education, and community development in villages and rural areas around Uganda. We offer the volunteer the ability to provide these villages and people a much needed service at a very affordable price. Our Charity was established to link like-minded travelers looking to make a difference in African villages where the need is greatest in Uganda while at the same time … [Read more...]

Multiple teaching opportunities for sustainable development in Ecuador

Posted by: The Yachana Foundation, dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to the challenges facing the Ecuadorian Amazon region Do you have a passion for working with people? Do you have a desire to make a difference? Does the ecology of the rainforest intrigue you? The Yachana Foundation is looking for volunteers with an interest in teaching Ecuadorian indigenous and mestizo youth in the areas of English, alternative energy, … [Read more...]

Educational Support / Income Generation at a local level – Andean Alliance – Peru

Andean Alliance is a Peruvian registerd Civil Assocation  (Grassroots Organization ) that works in the Northern Andes, Huaraz area in a small rural area at 3650 mtrs. We work with Early Childhood Education , literacy and comprehension skill building in addition to the development of a local community center that will house not only the edcational rooms but areas for local guides,donkey drivers etc. to sell their services directly to tourists, a small cafe concept for women to sell to tourists in … [Read more...]

Volunteer teachers/community workers needed in Peru

Ayni focuses on Development and Education.  Ayni; which means “today for you, tomorrow for me,” is based on the idea of reciprocity, and having a sense of responsibility for each other.  Our small grassroots organization works together with the community of Alto de los More to alleviate or address some of the major barriers of living in extreme poverty.  Our role is multifaceted and continues to grow within the community.  In short, Ayni attempts to enrich the child’s experience by providing … [Read more...]

Volunteering opportunity in Colombia

Mariposas Amarillas ('yellow butterflies'  is a small Colombian grassroots organization committed to supporting disadvantaged children and families around Santa Marta, Colombia. We provide services (education, psychological assistance, recreation), supplies (food, clothing, items for school and home), and information on nutrition, education, and childcare to families in Santa Marta’s poorest neighborhoods. We are happy to accept foreign and local volunteers to help with administration, … [Read more...]

Foundation of Goodness – Volunteer Sri Lanka

The Foundation of Goodness is an NGO in Sri Lanka. It is committed to creating a sustainable rural community model designed to empower the less privileged rural communities.  Our work is unique since it is of a holistic nature attending to all needs of the villagers and surrounding area including children’s needs, education and training, healthcare and mental health, housing projects, livelihoods development, sports, environmental management and sustainable development and womens needs. … [Read more...]

Otra Cosa – Volunteer Peru

Travelling can be much more then cruising from one national park to the next archeological site and from one party here to the next beach over there. Otra Cosa gives you the opportunity to give your travels an in depth and most rewarding experience by doing voluntary work in Huanchaco, Trujillo and other nearby places in Northern Peru. Otra Cosa has invested in the setting up of a network of local organizations looking for tourists and students interested in enriching their travels in Peru … [Read more...]