Coordinate and Manage Education Center – Indonesia or Kenya

International Humanity Foundation is an organization that believes in absolute transparency and functions almost entirely through the efforts of its hundred plus unpaid volunteers from all over the world, who give their time, skills, energy and love to help our family in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia. What they are lookig for IHF is looking for hard-working, dedicated volunteers to commit their time and talents for one year in one of their children's home and education centers in Indonesia … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Ethipoia – Medical Instructor

Ethiopia, like other countries with limited resources, suffers from a significant human resources for health (HRH) shortage. With currently less than one physician for every 25,000 people. The country is in the process of rapidly scaling up its number of physicians. However, medical education has been traditionally taught with limited integration between the basic and clinical sciences; insufficient attention to teaching communication skills, problem-solving skills and social aspects of … [Read more...]

Volunteer with and Help Educate Pastoralists in Northern Kenya

We are a community based organisation. We are offering volunteering opportunities with school children, non-school going children, as well as morans and others. The foundation has various programmes consisting of an “Informal Education/Advisory Programme”, a “School Programme”, a “Business Programme” and a “Community Building Projects Programme”. The first involves health, life skills, literacy etc. advise, whereas the second is based at New Dawn Primary School which has a huge lack of teachers, … [Read more...]

Equine experience – volunteer & back up rider

Do you love horses and are looking for something valuable to do during your gap year / career break / holidays? Do you want to gain comprehensive experience in horsemanship and working with horses? Do you need a placement for your equine studies practical? We offer a 1-2 months comprehensive horsemanship and trail riding experience on the edge of the Karkloof mountains in the Kwazulu Natal Midlands. This is a great opportunity for you to experience life in South Africa from “the inside”, get … [Read more...]

Bhubesi Pride – Rugby in Africa 2015

Bhubesi Pride assembles highly qualified teams to carry out annual rugby coaching expeditions, using the sport as a tool for education and development in Africa. Working with schools and communities in 10 African countries, children unite through sport, local staff are empowered and international partnerships are developed, to ensure sustainable impact for the long-term. As a Bhubesi Pride coach in Africa you will have the chance to: ★ Experience Africa as you travel between … [Read more...]

Early Child Development Internship in Uganda

Kampala Community International Preschool is looking for hardworking, dedicated individuals who are committed to the Early Child Development in children ages 0-5 years old. KCIP is the first progressive international early child development center in Kampala, Uganda for children ages 18 months-5 years old. We emphasize the importance of learning through a play-based and child-centered curriculum. KCIP strives to develop active and creative minds in every individual child by providing an … [Read more...]

Teaching Summer Camp – Morocco

Teaching Foreign Languages to Moroccan Children and Youth Casablanca 1st period : July 6 - July 30, 2014 2nd period : August 6 - August 30, 2014 Volunteer project:After the successful experience in the last years, international volunteers are once again invited in different Moroccan cities to organize English / French / Spanish courses for children and youth aged from 10 to 18 with less educational opportunities. This Workcamp consist at the reinforcement of languages capacities of … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Zambia!

Imagine Rural Development Initiative (IRDI) is a non-profit Non-Governmental Organisation, working to empower people and communities in Zambia toward sustainable and environmentally-sound development through the provision of resources and skills training to improve livelihoods and enhance access to quality nutrition, water, shelter, education, health, information technology and equitable income-generating opportunities, thereby eradicating poverty, hunger and malnutrition. Some of our current … [Read more...]

Kuzi Project – Kirk Hollis and Seth Warren

My favorite thing about traveling is the people. When I reflect back on my travels, it is always the experiences that I have had with people that provide the most vivid memories, whether fond or otherwise. There is always an interesting sensation that goes along with those memorable encounters at the time they are happening. Something seems to switch on in my head and say 'this is one of those times'. Strange to explain, but maybe you know what I'm talking about. I had that kind of … [Read more...]

Fundraising Manager – Uganda

Job title: Fundraising Manager Period: Six to twelve months Responsible to: Coordinator United Organization for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU) Department: Fundraising Main purpose of job: To maximize the generation of funds for United Organization for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU) Key Duties: • Generate increased income from existing sources. • Identify and research potential funding opportunities. • Develop fundable proposals for projects that could attract new … [Read more...]

Lindersvold School, also called The Travelling Folk High School

Lindersvold School, also called The Travelling Folk High School South Zealand (DRH South Zealand), works in cooperation with Humana People to People as part of the DRH Movement. The aim of the school is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge for those who want to take a stand against the world’s main problems fighting side by side with the poor. Our programs offer an unique chance to study and work together with people from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to travel … [Read more...]

Teach Abroad in Cameroon

Educating underprivileged children is key to development and ranks as a RUDEC priority. Local classroom populations frequently reach up to 150 students. As a result, many children lack the individual attention required to succeed. To address this crisis, RUDEC staffs local schools during the academic year with volunteer teachers to provide educational expertise and to alleviate the large, student-teacher ratios in under-resourced schools. RUDEC volunteers also facilitate free, after-school … [Read more...]

New eBook about Volunteering in Africa

Volunteering should be a challenging and an immensely rewarding experience; beneficial to you the volunteer as well as to the community you get involved in. But there can be pitfalls in the shape of unscrupulous agencies that charge large fees to find you a placement, and even bogus projects that don’t exist. Volunteer For Africa aims to help you avoid these pitfalls and guide you through the process of finding a project that suits your interests, whether that involves human welfare, animal … [Read more...]

Become a development instructor in Africa

DRH Holsted, school in Denmark, recruits Development instructors for development project in Africa. We have 2 different programs- 18 month and 24 month program. All programs includes 3 periods- studies in Denmark, project in africa 6 or 8 month and journal period in Europe. Get a new experience, friends in all the world and give an effort in making a better world! You need to be at least 18 years old with finished high school or secondary school and you need to speak english, cause our … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Africa for Free with Nka foundation

Volunteer in Africa for Free Nka Foundation’s Pilot Design-Build Program in Vernacular African Architecture at Sang Arts Village in Ghana was a Success- the Second Edition, TH!NK: Art+Architecture runs from 2012- 2014. The project provides you with the opportunity to volunteer in Africa for free. In the transnational project, the empowering question is: How do you engage people who are culturally different? How do you enable sustainable rural community development? One way to begin is … [Read more...]

Living on the Edge of Africa

There I was: getting stuck in a mud pit with a three-metre long crocodile, being slapped in the face by an elephant's trunk, tracking and hand feeding an adult cheetah, being charged by a hormonal rhinoceros, pursued by a lioness with a windowless truck as my only protection and, of course, the biggest challenge of all -- sleeping alone in a tent camp -- and I loved every second of it. I went to Africa for the first time because I was hungry. I was hungry for adventure, a journey, an … [Read more...]

International Study Volunteering Program August 2012

Our 18months Fighting with The Poor Program 2012 August team is starting on August 6th. It's composed by 6months of studying and fundraising in United States, 6months of supporting project in Malawi, Zambia or Mozambique and 6months of journal activities to spread your knowledge and experience to the public in US. This is 90 seconds video mentioning about this program, check it out This program is an international study program of the world poverty. You will learn situation of the world … [Read more...]

Want to learn how to farm organically? and Volunteer shoulder-to-shoulder, empowering the poor?

Posted by: Jazmin Want to learn how to farm organically? Decrease poverty? Protect rural communities from Global Warming? Volunteer shoulder-to-shoulder, empowering the poor? Live on a Caribbean island with people from all over the world? Learn Spanish? Actively create a better world? Come to Richmond Vale Academy (RVA) to train to learn how to be a community service leader in developing countries! RVA’'s programs focus on farming, sustainability, environment, learning and … [Read more...]

Volunteer in the townships of South Africa

Posted By: Martijn van der Put Izizwe Projects is a registered non-profit working for and with the local community of Walmer Township, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. With the help of local and international volunteers Izizwe supports a high school, primary schools, creches, a community center, the local dance group and much more. Volunteers of all backgrounds and ages are welcome to support us in any way! … [Read more...]

International Development Training Internships

Posted by: The Foundation for Sustainable Development Gain real-world hands-on experience in international development through one of FSD's Intern Abroad programs! FSD training programs are highly immersive, bringing students, professionals, and retirees on-site to support critical grassroots initiatives. Rather than work on aid-based, short-term projects, participants collaborate with community partners to enhance local capacity to address health, social, environmental, and economic … [Read more...]