Sustainability Demonstration Center Administrator in Costa Rica

The Sustainability Demonstration Center, located in Costa Rica near Monteverde, is a great place for volunteers to get hands-on experience in sustainability projects and make a difference in a rural Costa Rican community. At the Sustainability Demonstration Center, we aim to demonstrate different environmentally-friendly ways of reducing the footprints we leave behind each day by leading Environmental Protection, Social and Economic Justice, and Animal Welfare programs.

As the Sustainability Demonstration Center Administrator, you will be trained on-site to help with community events, classes, and programs, as well as administrative tasks that are essential to the day-to-day running of the Center. You will also be trained to help deliver tours through the historic building that houses the Center and the animal rehabilitation and environmental protection projects. For all volunteer positions, we welcome you to get involved in any or all projects that are going on at the Center, whether with animal welfare, social and economic justice, or environmental protection – delve into your interests and passions! We can also personalize your experience by combining elements of different positions to find the best fit for you.

We are looking for people who are passionate about sustainability, community-based projects, animal welfare and/or the environment! We want mature volunteers who are eager to make a difference and come with the intention to give of their skills and talents to make a better world. We need someone to really get involved and become part of the community. This is the perfect opportunity for either individuals, couples, or a family unit (including furry four-legged members), as we welcome diverse sets of talents and we are looking to fully integrate them into all aspects of daily living. For the Sustainability Demonstration Center Administrator position, we are looking for people who are interested in interacting with different people, from local Costa Ricans to international visitors. English is a must and a basic level of fluency in Spanish is necessary – we can facilitate training to help you work on your Spanish during your time here! Administrative experience and familiarity with computers is preferred.


  1. Hamza alonso says:

    Hello ; i’m hamza , i’m really interested and passionate about sustainability, community , i’m helpful , i like to do great job for people who need help , i ‘m ready to work with you .

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