Is one of the biggest and most important islands of Italy, which is divided from the boot shape mainland by the strait of Messina. Sicily’s history highlights the richness that multicultural influences can bring to a place. Greeks, Arabs and Normans have all left their mark here in a form of art, language, tradition or cuisine. This goes along with the great landscape that the island inherits, perhaps of most known is Mount Etna, which only recently made headlines for erupting and scattering ashes in the sky. While this may sounds harsh and destructive, it is not but the natural way of transforming itself. The volcanic ash enriches the fertility in the ground, a recipe for delicious local wines. Unlike, many other islands, Sicily has three civilian airports that have regular flights from London or Manchester and travel companies like Directline Holidayshave created a number of packages to suit to all needs. To help you with your itinerary here is few suggestions that you must consider.

Main Cities

Palermo, Catania and Trapani have their own airport and most likely you will get at least a glimpse from above if you were to fly to any of those. Palermo is the capital and certainly one of the most important cities in Sicily. Here you can enjoy the architecture by taking a stroll in Via Vittorio Emanuele or visit the Oratory of the Rosary of St. Cita, a small chapel dedicated to Virgin of the Rosary. Catania will be in route to your visit to Mount Etna and certainly is a great base for your actual stay. The charm of the traditional Italy will enhance your experience in Sicily. Strolls in the main square are always advisable or for more sightseeing seek Monastero dei Benedettini or Villa Bellini. Nightlife and shopping in markets are only a few other activities that can be done in those cities. Perhaps, most importantly is not to forget to taste the local cuisine from the great choice of restaurants on offer.

Aegadian and Aeolian Islands

The island itself has so much more to offer, like visiting the Valley of the Temples a World Heritage Site or the famous “Giardino Publico” for peace and natural beauty. If time though is on your side, then do consider visiting or go diving in the smaller satellite islands of Sicily. The Aeolian Islands don’t just offer a great escape, and luxury in mind, but a true natural spa break with bubbling mud baths and steaming fumaroles. For a day out in pristine and crystal clear beaches head to the Aegadian Islands just a short distance from Trapani.

Volunteer in Sicily

Here is an interesting opportunity to volunteer on a farm where they produce olive oil and white wine.

Guest post: Ervin is an experienced travel consultant and has travelled extensively throughout Italy. He is a keen blogger on his spare time at Master in Travel.

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