Program Coordinator in Peru

mushoc-waraqiMushoc Waraqi was founded in February 2016 in order to confront labor market challenges for women, particularly single mothers, people with handicaps, senior citizens and other communities in Huaraz, Peru.

What they say:

We are looking for a talented, responsible, and energetic person to work for Mushoc Waraqi. Mushoc Waraqi is a non-profit organization dedicated to work in solidarity with single mothers, low-income women, children, young people, and other marginalized communities in Huaraz, Peru. The purpose is to help them lead productive and healthy lives. We do so by offering the opportunity to develop capacities and skills to confront the challenges and competition within the local labor market. We currently offer trainings two days a week in different themes including dessert making, jewelry making, recycled art, and weaving. We also support our beneficiaries by connecting them to bigger markets to sell their production.


• Speak English and have a sound understanding of Spanish language
• Flexible
• Adaptable to different working cultures
• Forward-thinking
• Experience working/long-term volunteering with non-profits*
• Experience living abroad*
• Respect for different cultures, customs and traditions
• Positive attitude
• Good communication skills
• Able to work independently as well as in a team

*preferred but non-essential

Role Responsibilities

Day-to-day tasks:
• Prepare materials for classes
• Run classes with Directors
• Communicate with beneficiaries
• Teach classes (depending on skillset)
• Field visits – participant recruitment

• Support in developing future goals for the organization
• Responding to changes in the curriculum and production
• Exploring markets to sell products made by beneficiaries
• Creating partnerships with local and international agencies

Communication – Support with the following by taking pictures and providing content:
• Emails
• Social media
• Website

The Commitment

Currently, we have 2 weekly classes, each for 3 hours; however, there is a possibility of increasing class frequency depending on the pace of program development. Planning, preparation and other responsibilities are flexible but an average of 15-20 hours a week (including classes) can be expected. We are a new non-profit organization so things are constantly developing and progressing. Patience, the ability to adapt and think creatively is needed to succeed in this position. In addition, we are preferably seeking a long-term coordinator who can commit for approximately 4 months or more, however if you are not able to commit that long but feel you are a good candidate, please reach out.

Note: This is an unpaid position, however there would be time to work outside of the internship (in a remote position, in a café or hostel, teaching English, etc.) Huaraz is also an outdoor mecca, meaning you would have time to explore, hike, climb, and mountaineer!

For more information, or to submit your application (CV and cover letter explaining why you are interested in the position and why you would be a good fit), email

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