Paid volunteer opportunity in West Bengal, India

During my volunteer time in India, I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Prem Tshering Lepcha, at this time the very dedicated Vice Principal of the Holy Child School. In 2012 he founded the St. Xavier´s English School and some time later I was fortunate to be able to help him with the funding of a small orphanage associated with the school. Now he would love to engage a volunteer and I am happy to be of assistance, as I do not have the time at the moment.

Assignment: Teaching English as a co-teacher and assistance in the orphanage
Skills: good spoken and written English, teaching and volunteer experience are an asset, ability to live under basic circumstances needed
Duration: minimum six month up to one year
Benefits: free accommodation, food (indian style) and pocket money

For more Information please check the School homepage:

***To indicate your interest please contact me via (Mr. Prem Tshering Lepcha is quite busy with his daily work, so I am helping him with the preselection.)***

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