Nepali Mountain Peace School seeks Volunteer Teachers

Sarswati Peace school was founded in 2012 in the small village of Arupokhari in the Gorkha district of Nepal. After nearly a decade of brutal civil war, the Sarswati Peace school was built with the intention to help the next generation have a better life. This idyllic mountain village overlooks the beautiful white peaks of the Himalayas, with eagles soaring above and smiley Nepali villagers bustling around farming. The school was founded by a local Nepali who wanted to bring the opportunity of primary education and English language learning to his community. Equipped with internet access, a projector, three large outdoor playing spaces, and 12 small classrooms, this English-medium school has loads of potential. It currently serves a few hundred eager, joyful and well-mannered local children who grateful for the opportunity to learn. Current staff (chairman and teachers) are friendly, approachable and excited to work with foreigners.

view a short video on the building of the school here:

Available Positions:

Volunteer Teachers

Subjects: English, Science, Computer, Permaculture/Cooking and Library Teachers (English-medium school)
Duration: Minimum of 2 months
Start in June, July or August

speak fluent English
have some experience working with children (ideally teaching experience)
are friendly, smiley and easy-going
are energetic, flexible and patient
enjoy living in the mountains
love working with children
are able to live happily in decent but simple living conditions
bring your own personality and expertise
are interested in running an extracurricular club before or after school (ex. football, yoga, meditation, volleyball, art, music, singing, dancing etc)
are willing to work with the principal and other teachers to improve the school
are interested in learning basic Nepali

We provide:
a home stay with a local family
two meals of organic fresh home-cooked dal baat (lentils and rice with veg) each day
beautiful, peaceful environment
clean water
clean air (“traffic” consists of one bus a day coming and leaving the village)
friendly students, teachers and families
flexibility of teaching of teaching options
workbooks (basic curriculum) already in place but easily amendable
* unfortunately, we are not able to pay for flights or visas


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    i want a volunteer teaching in Nepal

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    May I request an email address to discuss this further?
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