Missions, Volunteering Gap Year in West Africa

fova togoThe precarious situation in Togo generates disadvantaged groups who struggle to meet their basic needs, like food, clothing, school supplies, medicines, toys, etc. In these groups include orphans, widows, street children, illiterate etc…

Several associations and non-governmental organizations have worked extensively through a voluntary movement and missions to help those sections of the population.

FOVA-TOGO is one of those organizations. It targets widows and orphans in a small village in Adidogome called Awatame. FOVA-TOGO, with its awareness, seeks support for the entire layer of all these poor people, through volunteerism, missions, sponsorship and donations.

FOVA means (Faith for the Orphans and Widows for Their Future) in English. They are always looking for volunteers to help out with their programs.

Everyone’s help is appreciated but specialized educators, scouts, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, students at the end of training, local development agents, doctors, architects, computer scientists and teachers are specially welcome.

Entry requirements:

  • Age: At least 18 years (minors must bring a parental authorization)
  • Languages: French, English
  • Duration of projects: One to six months.
  • Start of projects: Training volunteers three days of each month;

Participation fee:

  • One week: 50 euros;
  • 1 Month: 230 euros;
  • 3 months: 710 euros to be paid in one installment on arrival;
  • 6 months: 1430 euros payable quarterly on arrival.

Why the fee? Participation fees cover your food, lodging, hospitality and orientation on arrival and administrative support structure.

For more information about FOVA-TOGO visit their website or send an email to info@fova-togo.org.

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