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Updated in September 2017

Who are they:

“A not-for-profit organization that works in socially impoverished neighborhoods where people are often homeless. Our objective is to raise the children’s standard of living and their environment, giving them new opportunities that will allow them to develop better.

For the most part, our activities take place in the west of Buenos Aires and the urban cone, specifically in LA MATANZA and ESTEBAN ECHEVERRIA. We also periodically provide humanitarian assistance in an indigenous village situated 1500 kilometers from Buenos Aires, in the Misiones jungle.

Our institution is characterized by its activity funding different hospital programs and already established community canteens.

The sudden impoverishment that our society had to face since the currency devaluation four years ago has not changed things for those that have less. The official statistics for September 2005 are that 65 percent of the children in our country live under the poverty line. For this reason we are developing a food plan in addition to our other programs of recreation, sport and education.

Our N.G.O has the legal status of a civil association of national remit, and is managed by an executive committee of 11 members.”

What they do:

“We carry out a number of different activities through our different programs. Through these we promote and offer, Education, Recreation, Sports, Health and Hygiene, Nutrition, Primary Medical Assistance, HIV AIDS prevention as well as other STDs prevention, Family Planning, Accident Prevention, Micro Commercial Initiatives, Humanitarian Assistance, Counseling and Advice and Vocational Orientation.

A General Coordinator runs each program, including the groups of volunteers that totals 140 people. Amongst our members we have legal professionals, psychologists, doctors, and physical education teachers. Added to these, we have people who simply want to collaborate to the formation and entertainment of the children.”

Contact Information:

Facebook: lifeargentina

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