Human Rights Volunteers/Trainers


EHA Uganda was founded by a group of concerned libertarians, interventionists and human rights activists with a prime objective of responding to various marginalized groups in Uganda that suffer from discrimination and exclusion.

In Uganda, when for example, disabilities, teenage pregnancies or sexual orientation and albinism become public; they normally result into loss of social status, income, education, friends, family connections, and loss of identity.

What they say:

We are currently looking for or inviting volunteers from USA, Europe, Canada and Australia with any expertise in Human Rights issues, safety and security of the person at the highest risk within their own society to train our beneficiaries in different parts of the Country.

This organization doesn’t charge any fees to volunteers, however the must take care of all of their expenses while they are at service in Uganda.

If you are interested in volunteering with them check out their website of send an email to

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