Grassroots Collaborations for Better Communities

hapa-resources-logoHapa Resources (HR) works to empower communities in Uganda and is registered as a social enterprise. They are also working to provide comprehensive approaches to challenges related to youth empowerment and skills development in low-resource communities. ​In doing so, HR establishes partnerships aimed at; engaging in development initiatives that have direct linkages to: Community Health and Participatory Research; Youth skiiling and micro-enterprise promotion; and Experteering and Community development.

What they say:

Our projects is designed to provide means through which individual and group experts/volunteers are able to offer their skills and experiences by contributing to grassroots development within the context of a wider and longer term relationship with developing communities. We seek to establish partnerships and connect development workers to our communities to; share, empower and improve lives.

Our opportunities are in the areas of; educational, health and community-based projects with our partners. Placements are available in; medical/health centres, schools, NGOs and at municipalities with local government in and around Kampala.

Activities include; teaching, extra curricular activities, community outreach components, conducting patient consultations, organizing and facilitating health campaigns, ASRH, maternal, newborn and youth health, on-site medical support, health missions.

They don’t ask for fees but you have to do some fudraising. For more information you can check out their website.

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