Community Development Volunteering Program in Haiti

Volunteer in the Kenscoff Region of Haiti and work in community development to improve local infrastructure, sanitation, education and overall quality of life. The Kenscoff people lack basic infrastructure such as roads, community buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. and greatly need the help of volunteers to improve their lives.

As you travel and explore this stunning country, you will have the chance to help develop the Kenscoff region so they can properly preserve their culture while living happy, healthy and productive lives. Sadly, the lack of development has led many locals to migrate for survival and employment, but your efforts can provide them with opportunities in their homeland, where they can continue to live as a strong community. Join this project now and immerse yourself into the unique Kenscoff daily life, and truly make a difference in the lives of others.
Skills/Qualifications Needed

There are no specific qualifications to volunteer in this project. However, professionals and volunteers with skills in construction, agriculture and community leading are highly valuable. Other than that, all you need is a positive attitude and an open minded, caring and flexible personality.
Volunteer Responsibilities

Each volunteer in the Kenscoff Community Development Project in Haiti will engage in a variety of activities depending on individual skills and interests. Volunteers who are interested may also combine this project with another project in Kenscoff, such as teaching English. Examples of activities may include:

Building, renovating schools, orphanages, hospitals, community centers, etc.
Assisting locals make their crafts and sell them to tourists
Promoting HIV/AIDS education
Working on community clean-ups
Educating and helping locals expand upon community sanitation
Supporting women’s groups
Organizing children’s programs
Promoting community health, disease prevention and personal hygiene
Expanding community goals and planning future projects
Teaching English
Organizing extra-curricular activities such as talent shows, singing, dancing, sports, art, games, etc.

Project Facts
• Duration: 1 week to 1 year
• Cost: $350.00/week ($1100) for 4 weeks, ($250) for each week thereafter
• Requirements: Age 16+
• Project activities: Educating, health care, micro credit project, community development, organic farm, construction and renovation projects, feeding and playing with the children
• Working hours: 8.30-3.30pm Monday – Friday
• Project Availability: Year-Round.

What is included:
• Accommodation: Home stay with hot, running water, and electricity
• Insurance
• Food: 3 meals per day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Travel to Help requests that all volunteers requiring a specific or special diet inform our offices prior to arrival in country.
• Airport pick-up/Drop off
• Training: Pre-departure pack, on-site orientation and project induction included
• Support: 24-hour staff support
• All volunteers are given a local phone with 150 minutes to call USA, Canada and Mexico.
• Activities: Staff helps organize evening and weekend activities.

•What is not included
• Flights
• Visas

Project Quality
Travel to Help (TH) evaluates every project we offer to ensure that we only commit to programs with genuine need for volunteer aid, not just financial assistance.

We develop relationships with the projects and help shape initiatives to ensure in the long run that we do not encourage dependence on outside help, but rather establish foundations on which the people can build and develop themselves.

The quality and sustainability of our programs are very important to us. We want you to have the most fulfilling and memorable time as possible, and be part of something that is going to last into future generations.

Once the volunteer program begins, our local staff maintains contact with volunteers. If your project is very far, then our local staff members maintain communication by either email and/or phone.


  1. Santi Roos Venter says:

    Cost: $350.00/week ($1100) for 4 weeks, ($250) for each week thereafter –
    does it mean I must pay R6000.(FROM SA) to teach and assist as teacher?

  2. I would have love to help in Haiti by volunteering but how can do that,is what I don’t know.pls can someone help out on how and where to apply

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