Volunteers Needed at Organic Farm

The Fruition Center is equal parts permaculture education center, hostel, and the heart of our farm. We have built this center to create and support a harmonious social and ecological environment, utilizing Permaculture, Biodynamics and Non-Violent Communication. Over the years we've had over 500 people of various cultures coming together to share their experiences and knowledge to contribute to a solution-based way of life. Our mission is to thrive! Thrivability is the ability for a system, … [Read more...]

Sustainability Demonstration Center Administrator in Costa Rica

The Sustainability Demonstration Center, located in Costa Rica near Monteverde, is a great place for volunteers to get hands-on experience in sustainability projects and make a difference in a rural Costa Rican community. At the Sustainability Demonstration Center, we aim to demonstrate different environmentally-friendly ways of reducing the footprints we leave behind each day by leading Environmental Protection, Social and Economic Justice, and Animal Welfare programs. As the Sustainability … [Read more...]

Social Enterprise Coordinator Peru

In order to reduce dependency and move towards sustainability, Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) supports activities which generate income for our partners, reduce their dependency on external funding and, in some cases, provide training and job placement opportunities for at-risk young people. The Social Enterprise/ income generation programme is built around a participatory approach. The main strategy is to provide technical support directly or indirectly through LAFF’s … [Read more...]

Ecology and conservation in the Ionian islands of Greece

Goal The goal of our field volunteer program is to contribute to sustainable development in the area, and is part of the kalamos and Kastos sustainable development program. An important goal of this, is to help educate and inspire people from around the world with respect to sustainability and nature conservation.  It is based in the Kalamos Island biological field station. Volunteers work on a pre-agreed plan with us based on the structure of our program. Our interships program works in a … [Read more...]

Climate Activism in the Caribbean

Join a 6 months intensive program with studies, courses and actions to make the small island nation of St. Vincent Climate Compliant. The effect of Climate Change are already affecting Small Island Nations and the poor will be the most vulnerable for the effects. With that in mind, the Climate Compliance Project started in 2012 and will run till 2021. A small group of teachers and volunteers from Richmond Vale Academy will together with a big group of Vincentians make our island and people … [Read more...]

The Little Friendly Farm Project

If you love animals, sustainable agriculture and the simple life and want to be far away from the bustle of the big city, we believe that our eco friendly farm might be the place for you. You will learn the simple Thai way of living in a rural area and enjoy caring for our animals whilst learning lots of new skills during your new work experience. We welcome anyone who is interested and wants to take part in our volunteer project. Here you can share, play full of love and enjoy your work … [Read more...]

Volunteer at Tea Leaf Vision Centre for Professional Development

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others. We run the Tea Leaf Vision Centre for Professional Development where we provide a high quality education for the 18 to 24 year olds of the deprived tea leaf estates in central Sri Lanka. The young adults of these disadvantaged communities suffer from a lack of opportunities in education and employment which would allow them to lead better lives. Local established systems … [Read more...]

Volunteer at Reserva Mundo Verde in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest

If you like the idea of waking up to an orchestra of toucans in Ecuador's cloud forest before you help the friendly locals milk the cows, then volunteering at Reserva Mundo Verde is for you. Reserva Mundo Verde is only 2 hours from Quito, but is located in one of the planet's richest biodiversity hotspots. Volunteering at the Reserve involves mainly outdoor work such as tree planting, helping to construct wooden cabins, milking cows and working in the organic gardens. In your free time you can … [Read more...]

Amazon Conservation and Community Development Internships

Are you looking to start a career in conservation research? Do you want to get involved with local community projects? Are you passionate about sustainability and helping to protect the rainforest? Do you want to lead your own project? Become the next crees intern! crees is excited to offer a 6-month internship programme designed to help recent graduates, gap year students, and career breakers develop specific career skills in conservation research, community development, and non-profit … [Read more...]

Volunteer to work with children in a sweet town by the sea!

Calling artists, musicians, magicians and scientists! We need teachers, camp counselors, psychologists, and more! The Honduras Child Alliance is a diverse and collaborative, volunteer-based group, collectively working to make life better for impoverished children in Honduras. United by a love of children and the desire to improve their opportunities, we coordinate volunteer-powered projects to support education, health & hygiene, families and community. Join us to help operate our … [Read more...]

Gringo Trails

This documentary looks very interesting. Lots to think about on your travels. Check out "Gringo Trails Official Trailer" on Vimeo http://t.co/AnqBVYqh9w #Vimeo #backpacking #gringotrails #travel #explore #bhutan— Gringo Trails (@GringoTrails) October 24, 2013 … [Read more...]

Kokua Hawaii Foundation

When you travel to Hawaii don’t limit yourself to the touristic places and activities. You can also learn about the local culture and meet locals by approaching a non-profit organization and working with them for a while. One of those organizations worth checking out is The Kokua Hawai'i Foundation. Their main task is to promote environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawaii. They do this through providing children with experiences that allow them to understand and … [Read more...]

Stream Watch: Make a Difference in Alaska

Looking for a volunteer vacation? Make a difference on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula with the Stream Watch Program. Volunteers are everyday people providing an extraordinary day on the river! After attending a training, volunteers are outfitted with the knowledge and supplies to walk the rivers sharing information and enthusiasm to protect Kenai Peninsula Rivers. Make a difference! Become a Stream Watch Ambassador this summer! Ambassadors must be physically fit individuals who are 16 years of … [Read more...]

Environmental Researcher, Activist in Peru

We are searching for skilled environmental volunteers that will work with both Otra Cosa Network and the municipality of Huanchaco, (Instituto del Mar Huanchaco, IMARPE) to support and protect the environment, with a deep emphasis on our oceans and beaches. In the past couple of years, alarming numbers of sea animals have been washing up dead up and down the shores of northern Peru. This includes hundreds of dolphins, turtles, seals, pelicans and other sea birds. In addition, local … [Read more...]

Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary – New Zealand

Hello, If you are interested in combining conservation work with travel around the beautiful Kauri coast, join us at the Pupu Rangi Nature Sanctuary! Pupu Rangi welcomes volunteer help with any of the ongoing projects. Think of the sanctuary as a place of learning: learning about the forest and its creatures, learning about conservation, and most importantly learning about yourself. You will be challenged on many fronts: living off-the-grid, the weather, the impenetrable supple jack . You … [Read more...]

Cloudhead – Educating and Inspiring Change

We are Leigh Shulman and Noah Edelblum. We used to live in Brooklyn, but in 2007 sold everything we owned and started traveling with our daughter Lila with the express purpose of finding a new place to live. In 2010, we found ourselves in Salta and fell in love with the place. We started working locally with NGOs on various volunteer projects when we saw the great need here in Salta for good teachers and improved resources. We also realized that the same resources needed here in Salta can … [Read more...]

La Tortuga Feliz – Costa Rica

I recently finished volunteering for 3 months with a non profit protecting sea turtles in costa rica and I really want to spread the word. Working with La Tortuga Feliz was definitely one of the most rewarding experience of my life. My daily activities included beach patrolling and hatchery work. Living conditions were basic as expected, however, the amazing food was a welcome surprise. The rewards not only consisted of the opportunity to bond with a diverse group of people but also to actively … [Read more...]

Discover Siberia by volunteering with the Great Baikal Trail

Hello everyone! We'd like to invite you to take part in Great Baikal Trail volunteer camps 2013! It's a unique opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful and miraculous lakes in the whole world, learn about new culture, enjoy life in primitive nature conditions, meet new friends, contribute to the eco-tourism development in the region and have a lot of fun! Great Baikal Trail (GBT) is a non-profit environmental organization that aims to provide Lake Baikal and surrounding areas … [Read more...]

What is Sustainable Tourism? – Get in the Know

Sustainable tourism aims at giving an insight into local culture without impacting it in ways that make local people become wholly dependent upon it for their living, abandoning their traditional livelihoods and skills that otherwise might be prevalent in area and culture. Sustainable tourist companies try to employ local people and utilise local services which stimulates the local economy. In turn, tourists are taught about local etiquette and customs and can form meaningful and mutually … [Read more...]

Looking after Cultural Centre Nicaragua (6 months in 2013)

Cultural Centre Nicaragua We're looking for a coordinator who will be responsible for the daily lessons offered at the Cultural Centre in Nicaragua, Ticuantepe. Between 2-4 o'clock children arrive from 8 - 13 years old, at night 7-9 o'clock youngsters from 13 years to 21 years. Lessons are taught in arts, music, dance, theatre, capoeira, circus and sports. You will organise the schedule, and offer these lessons together with the team of volunteers. Usually there are between 3 and 7 … [Read more...]