Roadmonkey and First Descents 2014 Expedition Vietnam

It is a rare and unique experience, “once in a lifetime to risk over-exaggerating”, when you can travel and work together for 10 days, on an adventure-philanthropy expedition, with 18 mostly strangers joined by a common past, in a foreign country, and leave feeling, not exaggerating, like family. From the moment I met the crew I couldn’t help but think of REMs tune “Shiny Happy People.” Few of us had met before, most of us left with moments, memories, friendships, and experiences that will … [Read more...]

Teach English in Hanoi, Vietnam

YESD is a social enterprise committed to community development. They are working to ignite lights of children and young people in the North of Vietnam by helping them widen their eyes and to gain access to a proper education as well as career opportunities. Their mission is to deal with unemployment rate amongst youth. Due to the Universities commonly teaching theory with little practical application, Vietnamese youth are faced with many obstacles in finding a suitable job after graduating. … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Hanoi – Bamboo volunteer organization

Volunteers teaching English and Culture exchange in Hanoi, Vietnam  Contact us: We are Bamboo volunteer organization (NGO) seeking support for our organization in Hanoi. Our work is mainly in communities, tourism, education, training, international co-operation, community capacity building and poverty reduction. We believe that education is fundamental to sustainable development. Our goal is to use educational programs to link people all over the World, … [Read more...]

Lifestart Foundation – Community Physiotherapist

Position Title: Community Physiotherapist Reports To: Founder / In Country Manager Brief Description The Lifestart Foundation is a grassroots, not-for-profit charity that helps disadvantaged Vietnamese people and their families to become self-sufficient. Founded in 2000 by Australian Karen Leonard and supported by a team of dedicated volunteers, the Foundation applies a holistic approach to helping those in need through proven working programs and initiatives which are designed to effect a … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Hanoi with Immigrant Children

Volunteer in the outskirts of Hanoi in the Kim Chung commune, Dong Anh district. The locality is in the process of urbanization, and as a result of the establishment of Thang Long Industrial Park, which leads to mass immigration from nearby rural provinces. Migrant workers accounted for more than half the total number of immigrants in Dong Anh district. Young workers with limited income are living in difficulty conditions. While we all know that children have rights to basic subsistence, … [Read more...]

Volunteer Story from Vietnam Volunteer

From the end of October to the beginning of November, I joined a Vietnam volunteer program “Preserve natural Resources and help communities in Sapa” organized by Vina Volunteer Service for 7 days. The reason why I decided to join the program was that I was interested in a volunteer work in overseas as well as I wanted to visit Sapa after I saw a beautiful picture of Sapa on the Internet. In Sapa, I stayed with a local family in Tavan Village. The family welcomed me warmly. They served … [Read more...]

Volunteer on an Organic Farm in Vietnam

Organic Farm in Vietnam You have decided to put your possessions in self storage for a period of time and are looking for something interesting to do. You have never tried being a farmer before but you are very interested in organic farming with a lot of fruits and vegetables. Vina Volunteer Service (VVS) in Vietnam may have the program for you! VVS is conducting a program called “Organic farm for all”. The program provides you with the opportunity to volunteer on an organic farm in … [Read more...]

Vietnam Volunteer Work

Vietnam Volunteer Work in Community Development and Education CVTD, Center for International Cooperation and Vietnam Talent Development, is a non-government, non-profit volunteer organization operated in the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. Our projects focus on two principal areas: Vietnam volunteer work in community development and education. As an informal education organization, our objective is to help these teenagers realize more of their potential and enjoy expanded capabilities to … [Read more...]

Hanoi: A Vietnamese introduction

There is, whichever way you look at it, a certain stereotype that hangs over the Vietnamese, an air of almost continued fascination. Obliterated by an indiscriminate US bombing campaign and then realigned with free market principles in the late eighties it is, in almost every way, bewildering to experience. Unlike the Chinese to the north or even the Thai’s to the west, Vietnam’s outward vision has exploded in recent years and this can be seen no less in the percentage of the population that at … [Read more...]

International summer work camp in Vietnam, 20th June – 30th July 2012

Would you like to travel to a country and experience its cultures more deeply than you would on a normal vacation? Would you like to take up on a new challenge and learn new skills? Would you like to take part in something worthwhile and meaningful as part of an international Team? CDS has once again come up with its annual summer work camp for young people from all part of the world, held in the North of Vietnam. As usual, the summer camp will be organized for the period of time from … [Read more...]

Volunteering opportunity with rural kids in Vietnam

CDS Rural education Development Organization (Vietnam) is looking for interested volunteers who would like to share their time and talents with the staff and students of our school. Volunteers strengthen and enrich educational programs and foster greater cooperation among all the partners in our rural school community. Our school welcomes volunteer involvement in a variety of areas and capacities. Volunteers may provide short term or long term commitment to carry out maximum support in … [Read more...]