Volunteer India- Sanitation and Water Project Campaign

HEEALS provides internship and volunteering opportunities that offer a unique mechanism that lets individuals take on an important role in the program and organizational development. The organization offers various activities that cater to professionals and students alike. Living in HEEALS allows volunteers from around the world to not only work together, but also to spend time exploring diverse Indian culture, family system, cultural values, heritage, and tradition as a whole. Heeals … [Read more...]

Anahata Healing Centre in Ravandur, India needs help!

Hello Traveller Society, I've been gifted the chance to spend a week here in Anahata Healing Centre. I'm a traveller much like all of you and decided, while here in India, that I wanted to take part in a Volunteering Project. I stumbled (by fate) across Anahata, run by one of the most generous and kind hearted persons I've met, Kiran. His vision is to create a sustainable community or a community as one here in his home town of Ravandur, hopefully growing large and wider across India. His … [Read more...]

Paid volunteer opportunity in West Bengal, India

During my volunteer time in India, I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Prem Tshering Lepcha, at this time the very dedicated Vice Principal of the Holy Child School. In 2012 he founded the St. Xavier´s English School and some time later I was fortunate to be able to help him with the funding of a small orphanage associated with the school. Now he would love to engage a volunteer and I am happy to be of assistance, as I do not have the time at the moment. Assignment: Teaching English as a … [Read more...]

4 Volunteering Opportunities in India

India is one of those countries filled with contrasts. When you go for a visit you will be able to experience its rich and vibrant culture that can be identified by its music, dance, food, history, clothing, festivals, and artifacts. India is the second most populated country in the world.  It is also a place known for its modern and ancient architecture. As if that wasn't enough, India has an amazing amount of animal species waiting for you to discover. India is a place where you can find … [Read more...]

Joy of being an organic farmer at Annadana

We welcome individuals keen to contribute their time, skills and effort to the Organic, Safe Food Movement. That Annadana today is able to reach out to thousands of farmers across the country is in large measure due to the generous support offered by its volunteers. Our Knowledge Farm is a bustling place with lots of activities. The beautiful part is you learn hands on and flow with the activities as the day demands. Only thing that we can provide volunteers is invaluable experience & … [Read more...]

Amazing Experience with bike trip to leh ladakh

Get ready for Motorcycle Tours in India. We offer you the best guided and most exciting real bike tours to Leh Ladakh, Himachal, Lahaul Spiti, Rajasthan or Agra. http://www.viktorianz.com/bike-tour-leh-ladakh … [Read more...]

Ice Stupa in the Himalayas – Innovative thinking to Combat Climate Change

One of the main reasons that we decided to do a project collecting hockey equipment and delivering it to SECMOL is because of the inspirational leadership of their founder, Sonam Wangchuk. I had the pleasure of meeting Sonam last January when we went to Ladakh. He is one of the most interesting, thoughtful, and insightful people that I have ever had the opportunity to meet. He is at it again, putting together an incredible project to preserve water in the form of "ice Stupas". The aim is … [Read more...]

Volunteering rural India

It is a perfect destination for those who are looking for an exotic voluntary tourism vacations in lush green landscape with mighty Himalayan peaks in backdrop. In simple words, bowl-shaped Kanda valley is a serene hideaway to explore pristine beauty of nature whilst helping the villagers in living below poverty line and lacking in even the basic necessities of life. Voluntary Tourism in Kanda is a life-changing activity. When you arrive at this quaint region, you’ll be impressed by its … [Read more...]

What does a hockey game look like in India?

Ever wonder what a hockey game looks like in India? Probably a thought that goes through your head all the time! Here are some photos from a game between the under 20 teams from Domkhar (in blue) and Lalok (in the other jerseys). … [Read more...]

Hockey in the Himalayas – Equipment Donation to SECMOL

Thanks to Viktor Pesenti for putting this great video together for us. … [Read more...]

Mission for the Rural People

My name is Pastor Ratnam and I am from Vellatur, Guntur District, Andrah Pradesh, India. With God’s help I run an orphanage here in rural India ably supported by my loving wife and a small team. When I started 8 years ago we had no money and only a vision. To start with we housed 3 homeless children in our 1 bed straw hut and now we are able to provide a loving home for 150 children in our orphanage. The area is very poor and many people suffer from AIDS. many of the children have been … [Read more...]

Finding a Volunteer Program

In my last post, I identified that the first volunteer project of Wandering Wahba is to "get some hockey equipment together and take it to the Himalayas to play pond hockey with the locals". I thought it would be useful if I took you through how I arrived at this opportunity. Selecting a Volunteer Travel Opportunity With a quick search, you can find a number of volunteer travel resources including Volunteer Forever, Global Help Swap, and Volunteer South America. These sites are great … [Read more...]

Indian Film Festival Looking for Volunteers

Do you believe, in the power of media & communication to shift present human consciousness? Are you passionate for exploring socio-cultural issues that affects humanity today? Do you have interest in connecting with filmmakers/activists across the globe through correspondences with them? Would you find joy in identifying & curating meaningful films/media? Have you explored the world through films, books and contemplations? Have you traveled deep within your heart to discover the true … [Read more...]

Volunteer With Women in India!

Dear volunteers, We are a local women’s charity form Jodhpur in India called Sambhali Trust, and we would like to offer you all and opportunity to volunteer with us. Sambhali Trust provides underprivileged Dalit women and girls with educational, vocational, and social skills to help them to become confident and financially independent. Volunteers are central to our work, so if you are looking for a volunteer placement please check out our website: www.sambhali-trust.org. Nameste! … [Read more...]

Help stray dogs in Auroville, India

This is a volunteer community project to fix, maintain and improve the "Integrated Animal Care Center, Auroville" so it can continue to care for stray dogs and other animals. Friends of IACC is a project started by two resident volunteers, to build a volunteer community interested in animal welfare and sustainable living. Our main goal is to maintain and improve the Integrated Animal Care Center in Auroville while following sustainable practices to minimize its impact on the eco-system. Our … [Read more...]

Milaap.org is looking for Volunteers!

Milaap.org, a social enterprise based in Bangalore, India is looking for Writing Volunteers who have a flair for writing and excellent grammar and strong communication skills. Do you like to weave magic with words? Are you most comfortable expressing yourself by putting pen on paper? In that case, Milaap.org needs you! Milaap raises funds for people in need of microloans for basic needs like water, sanitation, lighting and vocational training. The loan applicants’ data needs to be … [Read more...]

India Christian Ministries

Our non-profit is called India Christian Ministries, which is an indigenous work that engages in various service activities aimed at improving the living conditions of the poor in India, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Several of our programs include: 1)Covenant Children Development Centers, which provides hot meals, quality English-medium education and tutoring for children who are at risk for child labor and sex trafficking. www.ccdc-india.com 2)Sarah's Covenant Homes, … [Read more...]

International Volunteer Opportunity in India – Smile Society

Details: There are thousands of refugees coming every year from nearby countries and from different cities and villages most of these families are living in very poor conditions at slums or on streets. Smile Society (ngo) had started their activities to help these kids in washing, cleaning, cleaning their clothes ,cutting hair and nails, basic education (pre-elementary), vocational training, food distribution, health care, art and craft, drama, language, and music. Daily schedule: Morning … [Read more...]

Volunteers wanted to work with Children – India

From: AimAbroad.com We are primarily interested in volunteers keen to work on the orphan girls` project as the condition of girls is not very good here in India. Most families do not want girl children and many are thrown into orphanages. Luckily, efforts have been made by various welfare organizations to protect these girls, to provide a safe and secure home environment and most importantly to offer them an adequate education. As a volunteer, you will share your time, energy and skills to … [Read more...]