Voluntourist needed: Children & Education Focused International NGO

Voluntourist Kenya, Indonesia or Thailand IHF is looking for forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our international centers as part of our Voluntourist program. Our foundation has five centers across Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand and is run entirely by volunteers just like you, who have made commitments ranging from two weeks to multiple years. Who are we? http://www.ihfonline.org IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that … [Read more...]

Coordinate and Manage Education Center – Indonesia or Kenya

International Humanity Foundation is an organization that believes in absolute transparency and functions almost entirely through the efforts of its hundred plus unpaid volunteers from all over the world, who give their time, skills, energy and love to help our family in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia. What they are lookig for IHF is looking for hard-working, dedicated volunteers to commit their time and talents for one year in one of their children's home and education centers in Indonesia … [Read more...]

Center co-Directors Needed in Indonesia or Kenya

IHF is looking for hard-working, dedicated volunteers to commit their time and talents for one year in one of their children's home and education centers in Indonesia and Kenya. IHF is a grassroots, all-volunteer organization with no central office, so co-Directors complete 4 hours of international work daily that consists of various administrative tasks. Your role in the Indonesia center would include teaching and supervising classes as well as organizing various activities at the … [Read more...]

Volunteer with and Help Educate Pastoralists in Northern Kenya

We are a community based organisation. We are offering volunteering opportunities with school children, non-school going children, as well as morans and others. The foundation has various programmes consisting of an “Informal Education/Advisory Programme”, a “School Programme”, a “Business Programme” and a “Community Building Projects Programme”. The first involves health, life skills, literacy etc. advise, whereas the second is based at New Dawn Primary School which has a huge lack of teachers, … [Read more...]

Center co-Directors needed to help children in Kenya

Are you looking for a long-term volunteer management opportunity? IHF is looking for hard-working, dedicated volunteers to commit their time and talents for one year in children's home in Kenya. Our center is a home for children of various ages from the impoverished region of East Pokot. This is the biggest IHF center, with approximately 65 children. Living conditions in the area are harsh, and we provide basic needs such as a home, food, and access to education for children who would … [Read more...]

United Cultural Empowerment and Social Community Organization

UCESCO (United Cultural Empowerment and Social Community Organization) is a Voluntary, Non-profit making, non-political, equal opportunity and non discriminatory organization registered and headquartered in Kenya as an NGO Reg NO- OP.218/051/14-0208/9643, with an agenda of having a community-based approach in social issues empowerment in youths, persons with disability and the less fortunate in the society Currently we are carrying out Economic empowerment project dubbed “Kuku Kumi Plus” … [Read more...]

Music Teaching Volunteer Programs – Kenya

Our mission is to provide the children and the youth with an avenue to nurture their musical talent and at the same time tapping their artistic skills in a holistic manner. Our guiding philosophy is to make the world a better place through music.We aim to do this by increasing access to music within communities and spread music to our youth, allowing them opportunities not otherwise afforded to them. Our goal is to facilitate the gift of music-making to every individual life that is part of … [Read more...]

Amazing Smile Children’s Centre – Kenya

Volunteer to make a change Children in Kenya (FEE) The main objective of Amazing smile children centre (ASCC) is to improve access to basic needs to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children and providing them with functional education, spiritual health, skills and good Medical care in order to harness their potential to live a fulfilling life of dignity and contribute to world economy. We are seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our orphanage … [Read more...]

Help a child in Nairobi’s slums learn to read

Hi, This is Jay, from Volunteer4Free Kenya. We are seeking volunteers to help teach English to primary school pupils in Nairobi's Soweto slums, as well as visit, teach, and play games with children at Nairobi's main public hospital (Kenyatta National Hospital). Our program is supervised by coordinators with several years of experience in hosting international volunteers in Africa, and we offer both short and long-term volunteer placements (e.g. three weeks to six months). Volunteers with … [Read more...]

Work with a child with Down Syndrome in Kenya

Here is an interesting letter I received: "Dear sir/Madam, I have a beautiful little girl who is now 6 years old called Nyla, who was born with Downe Syndrome.  We live in Kenya, and I am desperately looking for a trained volunteer/teacher who would be willing to come work with her for about a year.   My husband works in wildlife conservation, therefore we are stationed in a reasonably remote area, along the Nairobi, Mombasa highway, in the Tsavo region in a wildlife conservancy.   … [Read more...]

Looking for volunteers! Kenya

Development Pamoja is a non profit organization whose aim is to create and expand opportunity for self empowerment of the community and inspire collective responsibility in building our society. We aim to make a difference by ensuring that the community have access to Clean water, Micro credit, Sustainable agricultural practices info, Medical care and that Children and the Youth have rights to Education. Please visit our website for more information on the programs we are carrying out. … [Read more...]

Community mobilizer/ project planning – Kenya

Posted by: Millan Ochieng Otieno ACBOHI volunteer programme in Kenya has available opportunities for international volunteers within our OVC support centers, schools, hospitals and community medical clinics.We work directly with the community where we assign you to area and fields that are relevant to you hoping you will make a significant difference to the society at large.You will be supported throughout the duration of your placement, with prior arrangement of accommodation.You will be … [Read more...]

Volunteering with a difference – Kenya

Posted by: stichting Mzaungu 4 Kenia Do you want to volunteer in a children home in Kenya? Get to know the Kenyan culture and have the opportunity to travel to Kenya's beaches and wild parks. In the mean time you give your services to the needy in the society and really make a difference in someones life. We of stichting Mzungu 4 Kenia offer responsible volunteering opportunity in Kenya. For more info look on www.volunteerkenya.eu … [Read more...]

General Volunteer

Posted by: International Humanity Foundation Volunteer to help children in Kenya, Bali, Thailand and Indonesia The International Humanity Foundation (IHF) is seeking forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our orphanage and education centers in Kenya, Thailand or Indonesia. IHF has grown over the past 25 years under the visionary leadership of Carol Sasaki, CEO and the dedication of thousands of volunteers from around the world. IHF is distinct … [Read more...]

Voluntary Service in Kenya

OPPORTUNITIES FOR VOLUNTEER WORK IN KENYA INTRODUCTION: Our Voluntary Service in Kenya Programme is run by Education Supplements International which is a registered non-governmental (NGO) based in Nakuru, Kenya. It comprises both short and long-term volunteering. This is a volunteer programme that aims to give opportunities to people who love and desire to live, work and contribute away from their home country environment, contribute to the progress of humanity and participate in … [Read more...]

Volunteer Abroad Africa Opportunities

Work in an Orphanage As a volunteer you perform a variety of much-needed services such as teaching Basic English, Math and other subjects to HIV/AIDS infected or hunger-stricken children in Africa. English/Math/French Teaching in Rural school Help to improve school children's conversational English and French, paving a road for a brighter future - instilling in them a working command of the English/French language in English or French speaking countries . Health Projects in … [Read more...]

Tumaini Miles of Smiles Center – Volunteer Kenya

TMSC was founded by Kenyan Christians who had the same calling and vision to give hope and to help the most underprivileged, deprived and vulnerable members of the society. Their hearts are especially drawn to orphans, widows and poor families.  Tumaini is located in the rural western province of Kenya in the Malava division, Kakamega District. Kakamega, Kenya is one of the communities that has no access to many things, including modernized development and educational projects that are … [Read more...]