Minga House Foundation

I would like this fooundation to be listed in Colombian Programs. Minga House Foundation is non-profit organization founded to host & facilitate community service and/or internship roles by international volunteers in the beautiful Colombian Coffee Region. Our training facility and professional bilingual staff will ensure you have a safe & fun educational experience! http://www.mingahouse.org/ … [Read more...]

SVS School For English

Hello! I wondered if you could add SVS School for English to your "Free Volunteer Programs in Asia" post? Founded in 2006, SVS School for English is a charity which aims to enable Sri Lankans and expatriates living in Sri Lanka to develop vital and empowering English language skills. SVS teachers are volunteers who come from the world over to experience Sri Lanka and help make a difference in the lives of its students. Food, accommodation and training are all provided - teachers just have to … [Read more...]

Volunteers Needed at Organic Farm

The Fruition Center is equal parts permaculture education center, hostel, and the heart of our farm. We have built this center to create and support a harmonious social and ecological environment, utilizing Permaculture, Biodynamics and Non-Violent Communication. Over the years we've had over 500 people of various cultures coming together to share their experiences and knowledge to contribute to a solution-based way of life. Our mission is to thrive! Thrivability is the ability for a system, … [Read more...]

Help ignored dyslexic individuals in Africa

Hello, Arcadia Dyslexia Africa, is a bilingual (English and French) dyslexia association based in Togo-Lome (West Africa). We are urgently seeking volunteers to help create better awareness of dyslexia, screen and teach children and adults with dyslexia and other moderate learning difficulties in Togo and extend the work to the English and French speaking countries of Africa. Please visit our site www.arcadiadyslexia.com Email us on : delali@arcadiadyslexia.com Join our volunteering … [Read more...]

Roadmonkey and First Descents 2014 Expedition Vietnam

It is a rare and unique experience, “once in a lifetime to risk over-exaggerating”, when you can travel and work together for 10 days, on an adventure-philanthropy expedition, with 18 mostly strangers joined by a common past, in a foreign country, and leave feeling, not exaggerating, like family. From the moment I met the crew I couldn’t help but think of REMs tune “Shiny Happy People.” Few of us had met before, most of us left with moments, memories, friendships, and experiences that will … [Read more...]

Volunteer India- Sanitation and Water Project Campaign

HEEALS provides internship and volunteering opportunities that offer a unique mechanism that lets individuals take on an important role in the program and organizational development. The organization offers various activities that cater to professionals and students alike. Living in HEEALS allows volunteers from around the world to not only work together, but also to spend time exploring diverse Indian culture, family system, cultural values, heritage, and tradition as a whole. Heeals … [Read more...]

Anahata Healing Centre in Ravandur, India needs help!

Hello Traveller Society, I've been gifted the chance to spend a week here in Anahata Healing Centre. I'm a traveller much like all of you and decided, while here in India, that I wanted to take part in a Volunteering Project. I stumbled (by fate) across Anahata, run by one of the most generous and kind hearted persons I've met, Kiran. His vision is to create a sustainable community or a community as one here in his home town of Ravandur, hopefully growing large and wider across India. His … [Read more...]

Volunteer at Jungle Bamboo Reserve – Ecuador

Hola We are PermaTree (www.permatree.org) a grass root organic tropical fruit farm with the target, to live self-sustainable within the next 3 years. About us - We are a very focused and dedicated young family with the clear and simple goal of a healthy lifestyle including growing own food, caring about our environment and a self-sustainable goal within the next 3 years. PermaTree Is a non-profit education organization, Organic Fruit Farm and Regenerative Lifestyle Research, Jungle … [Read more...]

Teach English in Guatemala!

1. Who are we? One, Two…Tree! is a non-profit organization focused on education in Central America. In Guatemala, we are based in Santiago Atitlán, a small town with approximately 45,000 people. For 90% of the population, Tz'utujil is their mother tongue, one of the 24 indigenous languages spoken in Guatemala. It is a beautiful town with a lot of history and with an important indigenous culture that makes it especially unique and interesting. In Santiago Atitlán, we are focused on … [Read more...]

Voluntourist needed: Children & Education Focused International NGO

Voluntourist Kenya, Indonesia or Thailand IHF is looking for forward-thinking, dynamic individuals of all ages/backgrounds to contribute to our international centers as part of our Voluntourist program. Our foundation has five centers across Indonesia, Kenya and Thailand and is run entirely by volunteers just like you, who have made commitments ranging from two weeks to multiple years. Who are we? http://www.ihfonline.org IHF is a non-religious, non-political, non-profit organization that … [Read more...]

Volunteer at Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Africa

In Defense of Animals-Africa operates Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue in Cameroon, Africa, home to 72 chimpanzees. We have an ongoing need for 6-month volunteers to assist with camp operations. Tasks include helping with chimp feedings, washing, cutting & distributing fruit, overseeing use & care of camp equipment/supplies, painting & cleaning cages, and buying food & supplies in town. Hands-on contact with young chimps occurs only when we have juveniles on site (not often) & … [Read more...]

Sustainable Community Development Program Officer Position in COSTA RICA

The Sustainability Demonstration Center, located in Costa Rica near Monteverde, is a great place for volunteers to get hands-on experience in sustainability projects and make a difference in a rural Costa Rican community. At the Sustainability Demonstration Center, we aim to demonstrate different environmentally-friendly ways of reducing the footprints we leave behind each day by leading Environmental Protection, Social and Economic Justice, and Animal Welfare programs. As the Sustainable … [Read more...]

Sustainability Demonstration Center Administrator in Costa Rica

The Sustainability Demonstration Center, located in Costa Rica near Monteverde, is a great place for volunteers to get hands-on experience in sustainability projects and make a difference in a rural Costa Rican community. At the Sustainability Demonstration Center, we aim to demonstrate different environmentally-friendly ways of reducing the footprints we leave behind each day by leading Environmental Protection, Social and Economic Justice, and Animal Welfare programs. As the Sustainability … [Read more...]

The Dead South are Great Guys and You Should Watch Their Video

A few years ago, when we ran our Hockey in the Himalayas project, we had a fundraiser.  We were looking for a band to provide entertainment for the night.  A friend of mine reached out to a local band and they were happy to perform.  I didn't know any of the band members, but they offered their services free of charge.  On top of that, at the end of the night, they donated a portion of the money they made from the sale of their merchandise. Pretty classy move by a classy group of guys. The … [Read more...]

Farm and Food Forest Caretaker – B.C. Canada

Zen & A Food Forest:  Farm & Food Forest Caretaker Position At Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC, 2017 Do you love learning and growing? Would you like to live in a community based on the values of awakening and compassion? Would you like to connect with yourself, others and the natural world more deeply? If you answered “Yes!”, and you have a particular interest in farming and food forests, we invite you to apply for our 2017 Food Forest Caretaker position. Clear Sky is … [Read more...]

Sharing Dreams Peru

Sharing dreams is a Peruvian not-for-profit civil organisation that has been legally registered since 2009. The organisation is involved in various volunteer programmes in the areas of the Central Andes of Peru. The programmes target improving the quality of life of Andean people and communities that suffer from hardship and social, economic and cultural exclusion. For the last four years, we have been working with communities, with the help of Foreign and Peruvian volunteers, developing … [Read more...]

What Country Fits Your Manners?

There is one type of traveler who holidays in different countries but is really just looking to enjoy the familiar pleasures of home in better weather. Another type has some interest in experiencing new cultures but is not prepared to make the effort to understand the nuances, preferring to allow all their preconceptions to be confirmed by the superficial interactions that they find. If you’re planning to volunteer abroad, hopefully you exist in a category beyond these limiting and privileged … [Read more...]

Youth Development Coordinator in Peru

Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) is a small UK-registered charity which works to give vulnerable children and young people in Peru the tools and skills to build themselves an independent future. LAFF partners organisations in Cusco and Lima which share our vision and supports them through education, vocational training, capacity building and sustainability projects such as income generation and cost reduction initiatives. Through the Youth Development Programme LAFF … [Read more...]

Program Coordinator in Peru

Mushoc Waraqi was founded in February 2016 in order to confront labor market challenges for women, particularly single mothers, people with handicaps, senior citizens and other communities in Huaraz, Peru. What they say: We are looking for a talented, responsible, and energetic person to work for Mushoc Waraqi. Mushoc Waraqi is a non-profit organization dedicated to work in solidarity with single mothers, low-income women, children, young people, and other marginalized communities in … [Read more...]

Coordinate and Manage Education Center – Indonesia or Kenya

International Humanity Foundation is an organization that believes in absolute transparency and functions almost entirely through the efforts of its hundred plus unpaid volunteers from all over the world, who give their time, skills, energy and love to help our family in Kenya, Thailand and Indonesia. What they are lookig for IHF is looking for hard-working, dedicated volunteers to commit their time and talents for one year in one of their children's home and education centers in Indonesia … [Read more...]