Volunteer/ Intern abroad Problems and solutions

There are problems or challenges that we face in our everyday life. Some problems can be solved by being careful and prudent. While some can’t be avoided but we still have to deal with them either way. Volunteering is one of the best gifts you can give to someone and at the same time give yourself. There are several advantages and benefits of volunteering whether at home or abroad. Volunteering abroad has many exciting opportunities but it comes challenges as well. We can’t avoid all the … [Read more...]

Volunteer Abroad – 7 Fund raising tips

Deciding to volunteer or intern abroad is a great and sometimes expensive. The cost of travelling around the world is expensive. To work with the major volunteer abroad organizations like and you want to volunteer for them. Many of the programs offered are affordable but there are other costs in which you will have to incur. These costs are like flight expenses which in some occasions are very expensive. Also during you volunteer work you would want to travel, buy souvenirs and sometimes give a … [Read more...]

How to Fit Into a New Culture while Volunteering

When many of us go to a different place we sometimes find it difficult to fit in. A different place can be another part of town with your relatives. It could also be going to college, University, summer camp or a different work place. There are some of us who are lucky and have great personalities like extroverts who can mix in any crowd. On the other hand there some of us who can’t but want to be like extroverts and have outgoing personalities. To make it easier for us to mix with the others … [Read more...]

All About Home Stays While Volunteering

Imagine you visit a country and you have such a great experience you fall in love with the place. But you have to contend with hotel fees or hostel fees. As a foreigner the expenses will become too much at some point. Then you wish you had a cheaper place to stay to extend your holiday or your experience. What do you do next? You go to your laptop and hit Google and your type “cheap hotels or hostels and lodgings” plus country off course. Then you find out the fees you are paying are the almost … [Read more...]

Volunteering – Intern abroad basics

Here are a couple of tips in which I think will help you. I love to travel and visit new places. With my experience good and bad I thought I should share some of them. I sat one weekend with a couple of my friends and we are talking about travelling. I came up with the things you should and shouldn’t do when you are in a foreign area. Also this applies to places which you know. So lets get started, here is the list of tips: ·Make sure you know your embassy’s number. ·Find out the … [Read more...]

Benefits of volunteering abroad

Volunteering in the dictionary is defined as the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and service. To some this may seem as work or hard labor and many people tend to avoid volunteering. There are many benefits to volunteering or giving your time to others. Whether you are going to volunteer in your neighborhood, local volunteer centre, school or work place it is usually a fulfilling process. It’s known to be fun and engaging. Rather … [Read more...]