Free Volunteer Travel Resource Guide

The following is a few of our favorite resources to help you prepare for your meaningful travel or volunteer trip. Hope you find the list useful. Volunteer Travel The Underground Guide to International Volunteering - Kristy Henderson (the Nerdy Nomad) has put together a very valuable resource to help you learn about international volunteering. Her $14 eBook will save you dozens of hours of scouring the internet for legitimate and affordable volunteering opportunities. Shannon O’Donnell - … [Read more...]

The Underground Guide to International Volunteering

Kristy Henderson left her Canadian home in 2001. Since then, she has been volunteering, working, and travelling her way around the world. She now hangs her hat in Kigali, Rwanda. Lucky for us, one of the things that she enjoys doing is sharing information. Her website, Nerdy Nomad, has served as a great resource for travellers and travel bloggers for a number of years. Kristy's latest resource is an update of … [Read more...]

Fundraising Recap for Hockey in the Himalayas

I'm really happy with how our fundraising went for the Hockey in the Himalayas campaign. It took the entire month to reach our goal, but thanks to O'hanlons Irish Pub in Regina and generous donations from Alexander Keith's, Molson Coors Canada, Big Rock and a number of guests at the fundraiser, we were able to surpass it! I never considered our goal or project as overwhelming until I was asked on the CTV Live Morning show "why did you take on such an ambitious target?" I still don't know … [Read more...]

Volunteering Experiences from 5 Travel Bloggers

There are a lot of travelers out there that appreciate volunteering as a way of learning, having fun and doing something good for someone else. To me, it is very inspiring to read about their stories and how the experience changed them. I also find it interesting how different being a tourist is from being a traveler. Here are 5 experiences from travel bloggers that might inspire you too. Photo by: Izy 5 Inspiring Volunteering Experiences of Travel Bloggers: Volunteering in Cambodia - … [Read more...]

Gringo Trails

This documentary looks very interesting. Lots to think about on your travels. Check out "Gringo Trails Official Trailer" on Vimeo #Vimeo #backpacking #gringotrails #travel #explore #bhutan— Gringo Trails (@GringoTrails) October 24, 2013 … [Read more...]

Finding a Volunteer Program

In my last post, I identified that the first volunteer project of Wandering Wahba is to "get some hockey equipment together and take it to the Himalayas to play pond hockey with the locals". I thought it would be useful if I took you through how I arrived at this opportunity. Selecting a Volunteer Travel Opportunity With a quick search, you can find a number of volunteer travel resources including Volunteer Forever, Global Help Swap, and Volunteer South America. These sites are great … [Read more...]

Voluntourism at TBEX – Travel Blogger Exchange

I attended my first TBEX conference in Toronto last weekend. For those who don't know, TBEX is billed as "the world's largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, and new media content creators". I wasn't exactly sure what to expect but I thought I would check it out. I'm really happy that I decided to go. I left the conference impressed with its quality of speakers and participants. There was a significant presence from the voluntourism community. I was very fortunate to have the … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Fundraising for Your Volunteer Trip

Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to travel and see the world while using your skills and time to help a community in need. And beyond providing positive benefits to the host community it can also be a source of personal transformation. However, it can often be very expensive to participate in this meaningful activity. If it’s a financial obstacle that’s holding you back, there’s good news to share: At Volunteer Forever we’ve created a simple and effective online fundraising solution to … [Read more...]

Top 5 Volunteer Abroad Resources

Recently,I have been trying to put together a site called The idea is to make a list of low fee volunteer opportunities in Africa. It's only new, but hopefully it will become a useful resource. This led me to think that I haven't seen a list of great low fee volunteer abroad resources. So, here is my current list of Top 5 Volunteer Abroad Resources. 1. Daniela Papi and the Pepy Ride I think that Daniela Papi is someone people should checkout at the beginning of … [Read more...]

Save money while volunteering abroad

"If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting."- Benjamin Franklin. Many volunteers do not go abroad with an aim of over spending their hard earned cash, for many it is a chance to give back to society and many a case to those less fortunate than themselves. As much as one would like to enjoy their experience while in a foreign country, a situation may arise where you may need to save and budgeted as such. A number of tips are provided here to help you curb your spending to a … [Read more...]

Finding a Cheap Volunteer Abroad Program

How to Find a Cheap Volunteer Abroad Program You've decided to volunteer abroad. Great! But, after a few hours of searching, you realize that finding an organization and program in your budget is going to be a challenge. You've found many programs that interest you but they all cost a small fortune. Your not cheap, but you want a cheap volunteer abroad program. Don't worry, there is a way around the hefty fees. … [Read more...]

Tips to Raise Funds Before you Volunteer Abroad

The thought of volunteering itself is so enriching and it provides you with the most rewarding experiences in your life but many times you need to raise funds for the volunteering services that you offer. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you in raising funds for the programme: Contact businesses and organizations There are many local businessmen available that are always ready to shell donations to help with the promotion of their business; you can start with the people whom you … [Read more...]

Volunteering Abroad: How to help, not hurt

Posted by: Lauren Seidl You want to travel the world and give back, so why not do both at once? This is what’s appealing about volunteering abroad, but many people overlook the fact that some trips can lead to more harm than good. If done the wrong way, volunteering overseas could take job opportunities from locals and build dependency. Volunteering abroad isn’t bad, but it’s important to see the reality of what’s happening before whimsically running off to help with the next natural … [Read more...]

Things to Consider before your volunteer trip and gap year

Before you leave home for your vacation or your trip to help and change humanity. Here are things you should look into to make sure you are not caught unawares. For inexperienced travelers these are very important and should not be taken lightly. As an experienced traveler you know some of these tips but also you need to be reminded of the basics. How much time do you have available to volunteer or travel? Many volunteers don’t plan their time well before they leave for their trip. Some … [Read more...]

Free Volunteer Abroad Programs

Free Volunteer Abroad Programs Volunteer work means giving your time and energy to work in a project without payment. The programs of the volunteer work are made by the organization in which you are going to volunteer in. Most of the volunteer abroad programs are flexible. As you will be putting in your time, energy and sometimes money, the volunteer programs available are flexible. The flexibility comes by choosing the numbers of hours that you are willing to work in a day or in a week and … [Read more...]

Saving money tips while abroad

Spending money wisely is one of the biggest things we all worry about. We are told not to spend more money than we earn. If you earn $ 2,000 a month you shouldn’t be spending $ 2,500 during that month. But it is easier said than done, we might pass by a shop and start buying things on impulse e.g. shoes (for ladies) and other clothing. Spending money is tricky especially if you want to make every dollar or pound or Euro to work for you. Using money is even harder if you are in another country … [Read more...]

5 Tips When Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages. However, there are a few things you need to think about before you go. Here are 5 tips when volunteering abroad: Make sure you find the right placement for you Whether you want to work with disadvantaged children, contribute to a health project or participate in a conservation programme, there are lots of opportunities available. However you need to be sure that you find the right project for your needs and abilities. … [Read more...]

The following articles may help you out with some common volunteer travel questions: [catlist name=volunteer-tips numberposts=15] … [Read more...]

Why pay to Volunteer Abroad?

Why pay to volunteer abroad is a common question asked by those who want to go and volunteer abroad. As a volunteer it means giving your time and energy to some project or to someone for free. Also when you are volunteering it means you are giving up your earning potential by giving your time to work for free. In that same time, you would be making money if you are working for yourself or working for somebody else.  With these see reasons it is hard to why you should pay if you are to volunteer … [Read more...]

Volunteer Abroad Expenses

Volunteer Abroad Expenses Travelling abroad is one of those things that you can’t do once and be satisfied. Travelling abroad whether it is for you holiday, career break, volunteer abroad or intern abroad is fun. When you are budgeting for you volunteer, intern gap year and tourist holiday here are things you should include in your budget. Many organizations and agencies out there try to give you as much information as they can about the cost. Although, they only tell you about the cost you … [Read more...]