Our Adventures in Thailand

We sent out a request for travel stories from our True Travellers' community and they were quick to oblige! Here is a story from Cheri about her and her fiance's adventures in Thailand: "My fiance and I wanted a change from our everyday life, so we decided to quite our jobs and move to Thailand to be ESL Teachers. We went over with an Agency promising us a job after we do a one month volunteer program in Surin,Thailand. So we signed up for it, and two weeks before our flight, they informed us … [Read more...]

Cynthia Hunt in Regina

Cynthia Hunt will be speaking at the University of Regina on Thursday, Dec 4th. More details below: Canadian filmmakers Pat and Baiba Morrow spent 3 years making the film, including five months shooting on location in Ladakh. The Magic Mountain is a tribute to the power of one individual – Cynthia Hunt – who has truly made a difference in the developing world. They first met Cynthia in 1991 when she worked in a Tibetan refugee camp in Ladakh. 10 years passed before their paths crossed … [Read more...]

Rick Steves: The Value of Travel

After spending 4 months a year for the last 30 years living out of a suitcase, Rick Steves reflects on the value of thoughtful travel. … [Read more...]

Sustainable EcoTourism with a Dose of Adrenaline in British Columbia’s Rainforest

Hollywood screenwriters and literary legends have long relied on the mystery, adventure and magic a forest holds to tell their stories. And it's no wonder after visiting the only aerial forest walkway in Canada: Greenheart Canopy at UBC Botanical Gardens. The weather is drizzly and grey - perfect conditions to meander through a coastal temperate rain forest only footsteps from where I live on Vancouver's west side. There is nobody else here, just my guides Bianca, an equally bubbly and … [Read more...]