Roadmonkey and First Descents 2014 Expedition Vietnam

It is a rare and unique experience, “once in a lifetime to risk over-exaggerating”, when you can travel and work together for 10 days, on an adventure-philanthropy expedition, with 18 mostly strangers joined by a common past, in a foreign country, and leave feeling, not exaggerating, like family. From the moment I met the crew I couldn’t help but think of REMs tune “Shiny Happy People.” Few of us had met before, most of us left with moments, memories, friendships, and experiences that will … [Read more...]

Want $250 for your Volunteer Travel Plans?

We want to contribute to your volunteer travel adventure. We have partnered with Ecoripples and are giving away $250CDN.  Ecoripples is our new site connecting people to environmentally and socially responsible products and brands.  Check it out, we hope that you will like it! What do you have to do to qualify for some free money? All you have to do is tell us what you plan to do with the money in the comments below.  That's it.  Maybe you are planning to volunteer on an ecotourism … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Rural Uganda This Summer

Tired of expensive volunteer, gap-year and culture exchange programs abroad? Then Beacon of Hope Uganda is the answer! Beacon of Hope Uganda has a number of unique and challenging volunteer, gapyear and culture exchange placements in Uganda. Whether your passion is sustainable community development or vital healthcare work, Beacon of Hope Uganda can offer you an unforgettable experience. When you choose Beacon of Hope Uganda, you are about to discover a new culture, accomplish something … [Read more...]

A Broad Abroad and Candace Rardon

I had the pleasure to meet Candace Rose Rardon a couple years ago at TBEX in Dublin. On her website, Candace shares stories and illustrations from her globetrotting. Recently, I've seen her work popping up all over the place including this article on the BBC: Travelling solo in the world’s most romantic country. It is great to see her having success as her work and style are very unique. Here are a few examples of her work: I was browsing Candace's site and stumbled on to … [Read more...]

Just Biking Through Iran with Ed March

Ed March's journey is from Malaysia to the UK by motorbike. His commentary and video are great. I particularly like this perspective of Iran. Never thought of going there until I watched this video. You can check out more at … [Read more...]

Kuzi Project – Kirk Hollis and Seth Warren

My favorite thing about traveling is the people. When I reflect back on my travels, it is always the experiences that I have had with people that provide the most vivid memories, whether fond or otherwise. There is always an interesting sensation that goes along with those memorable encounters at the time they are happening. Something seems to switch on in my head and say 'this is one of those times'. Strange to explain, but maybe you know what I'm talking about. I had that kind of … [Read more...]

Why I Volunteered in South Africa

My volunteering experience has been the greatest experience and accomplishment of my life.  Last week the Vancouver Book Club hosted me at their book club discussion of Learning to Play With a Lion's Testicles: Unexpected Gifts From the Animals of Africa and it was a GREAT night. There was lots of lively and emotional discussion of the many themes that are presented in the book including why I chose to volunteer in Africa and if I would recommend it.  I volunteered in South Africa in … [Read more...]

Lindersvold School, also called The Travelling Folk High School

Lindersvold School, also called The Travelling Folk High School South Zealand (DRH South Zealand), works in cooperation with Humana People to People as part of the DRH Movement. The aim of the school is to provide the necessary skills and knowledge for those who want to take a stand against the world’s main problems fighting side by side with the poor. Our programs offer an unique chance to study and work together with people from all over the world. You will have the opportunity to travel … [Read more...]

Canoeing in Saskatchewan’s North

Canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan A couple months ago I went on a canoe/camping trip to northern Saskatchewan. I went with friends but it was essentially a guided tour. There were six of us. Three that can be categorized as dead weight (myself included) and three grizzled veterans of Saskatchewan's great north. Two to a canoe, so the numbers worked out well to balance the anchors and the old hands. Northern Saskatchewan is an amazing place. The rivers and lakes seem endless. On top … [Read more...]

Rafting down the Ganges

Want to take a Raft down the Ganges? I'm always looking for interesting trips and ways to go somewhere and do something different. That was part of the inspiration for making this site, hence the name True Travellers (from the idea of truly travelling). Here is a great adventure series coming up from a couple of guys (Adrian Traquair and Dustin Corkery) from my home town; Regina, Saskatchewan. How does a trip down the Yamuna and Ganges rivers from New Delhi to Dhaka sound? How about … [Read more...]

The art of acceptance: An ode to the night bus

Night bus. The two words spoken in the backpacker lexicon that most resemble vicious rumours. Either on that wildly exotic level, spoken about amongst excited groups of travellers all revelling in their new found 'real' experience. Or maybe spoken about like something that happened on a drunken Saturday night, which nobody wants to talk about again, maybe like being sick into someone's shoe. Whichever way you look at it there is no denying that they are great value. Not only can the fares be … [Read more...]