Biblioworks opens it’s 13th library!


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I received this email from Biblioworks.  They are doing great work in Bolivia.  Congratulations to them on opening their 13th libary!

“We at BiblioWorks are proud to announce that this past June we successfully opened our 13th library!

Based in the small town of Padilla, the library was a collaborative project with Across the Globe Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit that supports children and families living in impoverished environments.

The inauguration was held on June 20th and had a turnout of over 200 people! There were four speakers, two of whom included the Director of Education of Padilla and the President of the Municipality. Children from 6 different schools also attended to show their excitement and support!

IMG_0640The ceremony was completed with the traditional Chicha vase throwing, in which a vase filled with a typical Bolivian alcohol is tossed to the ground in an effort to bring about success and fortune.

A big THANK YOU to the staff and volunteers in Bolivia who helped the library get set up and running, as well as to everyone else who aided our efforts through their donations and continuous support!


Stay tuned as we embark on our next project!

Interested in learning how you can help with our newest library in Padilla, or furthuring our mission by other means? Click HERE to donate now!”

Volunteer with Biblioworks

BiblioWorks is a nonprofit that promotes literacy and education. Their mission is to provide communities in need with tools and resources to develop sustainable literacy and educational programs through schools, libraries, and cultural institutions.

BiblioWorks was founded on the principle that literacy and education are critical components of sustainable communities and cultures.  They believe that where knowledge, literacy, and learning exist, people have the resources to solve social issues, maintain and strengthen their cultural identities, and to grow their community economically. Since 2005, they have built and equipped libraries in rural and impoverished areas of central Bolivian. In rural Bolivia, the concept of public libraries is relatively new, and most children and young people do not have the access to books and information they need. They provide children and young people with tools so they will have new opportunities to pursue studies and jobs that will allow them to serve their communities and develop strategies to eliminate poverty. Their annual Reading Festival gathers more than 2,000 participants every year.  They bring reading into the street and make a party of it!

If your are interested in volunteering with Biblioworks, learn more about them.

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