Anahata Healing Centre in Ravandur, India needs help!

Hello Traveller Society,

I’ve been gifted the chance to spend a week here in Anahata Healing Centre. I’m a traveller much like all of you and decided, while here in India, that I wanted to take part in a Volunteering Project. I stumbled (by fate) across Anahata, run by one of the most generous and kind hearted persons I’ve met, Kiran. His vision is to create a sustainable community or a community as one here in his home town of Ravandur, hopefully growing large and wider across India.

His current mission, (this is where you come in!) is to build an Elderly and Learning Difficulties Centre for Children. He has a vast amount of ideas for growth and wellbeing but right night he needs like minded individuals to volunteer in either hands on labour, social media advertising and general fund raising.

Right now we need more help with the promotion and upkeep of this centre looking for anyone who has ideas of how to raise money, as charitable aid from the government here is very hard to achieve.

The idea for the future would be to create a volunteer membership program where the membership would cost $1 a month. This would entitle you to an entire week’s board and food ( 3 incredibly delicious ayurvedic meals a day from the organic farm) that month. If anyone want’s to know what that is in India currency, it’s around 66 rupees. Barely a meal in most street food in India!

But that’s thinking of the future. We just need more help from you generous people out their willing to work hard! If this sounds like something you want to do, or you want to inquire more, please check out for more information, or email Kiran at

If you would like to help but do not wish to travel all the way to India, please follow the website link, there is a donate section. The recommended donation amount within the page is only for staying guests using the full package at the healing centre, not a recommend amount for you beautiful folk.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it inspires you all.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. I receive posts like this once and a while and I always wonder about their authenticity. This one is a letter from Jake, but the person who posted it is kiran@anahatahealing from the organization. It is actually from a Jake the traveller or is from the organization posing as a traveller? what are your thoughts?

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