Volunteer at Jungle Bamboo Reserve – Ecuador

Hola We are PermaTree (www.permatree.org) a grass root organic tropical fruit farm with the target, to live self-sustainable within the next 3 years. About us - We are a very focused and dedicated young family with the clear and simple goal of a healthy lifestyle including growing own food, caring about our environment and a self-sustainable goal within the next 3 years. PermaTree Is a non-profit education organization, Organic Fruit Farm and Regenerative Lifestyle Research, Jungle … [Read more...]

Volunteer at Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Africa

In Defense of Animals-Africa operates Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue in Cameroon, Africa, home to 72 chimpanzees. We have an ongoing need for 6-month volunteers to assist with camp operations. Tasks include helping with chimp feedings, washing, cutting & distributing fruit, overseeing use & care of camp equipment/supplies, painting & cleaning cages, and buying food & supplies in town. Hands-on contact with young chimps occurs only when we have juveniles on site (not often) & … [Read more...]

The Dead South are Great Guys and You Should Watch Their Video

A few years ago, when we ran our Hockey in the Himalayas project, we had a fundraiser.  We were looking for a band to provide entertainment for the night.  A friend of mine reached out to a local band and they were happy to perform.  I didn't know any of the band members, but they offered their services free of charge.  On top of that, at the end of the night, they donated a portion of the money they made from the sale of their merchandise. Pretty classy move by a classy group of guys. The … [Read more...]

Farm and Food Forest Caretaker – B.C. Canada

Zen & A Food Forest:  Farm & Food Forest Caretaker Position At Clear Sky Meditation Centre, BC, 2017 Do you love learning and growing? Would you like to live in a community based on the values of awakening and compassion? Would you like to connect with yourself, others and the natural world more deeply? If you answered “Yes!”, and you have a particular interest in farming and food forests, we invite you to apply for our 2017 Food Forest Caretaker position. Clear Sky is … [Read more...]

Volunteering and Internships with Afrik’Avenir

Afrik’Avenir is an association of solidarity in Togo and located in Lomé, the capital. Their main goal is to promote a socio-economic and cultural development for African population. The association receives : students, young graduated or any person who is motivated to help, professional or retired or those looking for an internship. What they are looking for: The missions can vary from 1 to 6 months. The intern or volunteer will have real responsibilities and the permanent members or … [Read more...]

Volunteer Teaching in Mai Chau

Vina Volunteer Service (VVS) is the first company in Vietnam, to deliver a variety of volunteer placements for volunteers in Vietnam, in the hope that we can support the community development and promote natural conservation. From 2001, a youth volunteer club was founded call Green Youth Club included more than 100 members throughout Vietnam. Green Youth Volunteer Club is operated by youth who aim to organize volunteer activities for youths all over Vietnam. From time to time, they cooperate … [Read more...]

Human Rights Volunteers/Trainers

EHA Uganda was founded by a group of concerned libertarians, interventionists and human rights activists with a prime objective of responding to various marginalized groups in Uganda that suffer from discrimination and exclusion. In Uganda, when for example, disabilities, teenage pregnancies or sexual orientation and albinism become public; they normally result into loss of social status, income, education, friends, family connections, and loss of identity. What they say: We are … [Read more...]

AVS Organise Summer Work Camps For Volunteers In Morocco 2016

We are a local NGO of volunteer work in Morocco, under the name of AVS association (Association Volunteering and Solidarity) one of our objectives is organizing international voluntary work camps in southeastern Morocco (Ouarzazate city and around). For every summer period (June, July and August), we propose three types of activities: 1. Activities with children (games and recreational activities). 2. Teaching languages (French, English, Spanish) to children or teenagers. 3. Practical … [Read more...]

Volunteer Teaching in School Tanzania

Take your life time your life time spent time with children in Tanzania, it’s not just holiday but you will help children in Tanzania to learn basic math and English Volunteer job description : Teach the children in grades 1 – 2 Spend time with the nursery children Volunteers can help teach the children basics, like the alphabet and numbers Colouring and other games. Helping the children to learn to read and write English Drawing, painting, music and singing! General cleaning … [Read more...]

Volunteers required at Guerreiros Da Luz

Hi Guerreiros Da Luz is a small local charity based on the Morro Sao Paolo island. We are looking for volunteers to help us build and run a cultural centre. The building has already begun but we need more helping hands as we want to finish the construction as soon as possible. The building is as much as is possible a recycle project and most materials used are recycled. Once the cultural centre is built we will need organisers, fund raisers, marketing help, English and Portuguese teachers, Arts … [Read more...]

Sea Turtles in Costa Rica

LAST (Latin American Sea Turtles) Association  is a Costa Rican group with 11 members and a directive board of 5, working together to make a change in sea turtle conservation. We are members of WIDECAST, an international scientific network with country coordinators resident in more than 40 countries and territories of the Wider Caribbean Region. Our field teams are integrated by local assistants with unparalleled experience in sea turtle research and conservation, people with vast experience … [Read more...]

Tripstigator: Plug Local Creatives into the Digital Global Economy

Tripstigator.com seeks global instigators interested in identifying, collaborating, and marketing the services of extraordinary locals on our marketplace. Tripstigator, who? Tripstigator is a platform of outstanding cultural experiences and locally sourced ideas that plugs a demographic that traditionally doesn’t have access to the digital global economy into the e-commerce world. We are more than a marketplace, we are a community of instigators creatively empowering talents to connect … [Read more...]

Volunteer Opportunity in Healthcare Program

When you volunteer you are giving something back to the community by lending a helping hand to people and organizations. What you may not realize is that volunteering also benefits you as an individual. There are many good reasons to get involved in the community, including learning something about yourself. International peace center Africa offers Volunteer opportunities for young adults and adults abroad. This is also the right place to make friends with people who have similar interests, … [Read more...]

Social Voluteer – Work Directly with Andean Communities in Peru

Sharing dreams-Peru is a Peruvian not-for-profit civil organisation that has been legally registered since 2009. The organisation is involved in various volunteer programmes in the areas of the Central Andes of Peru. The programmes target improving the quality of life of Andean people and communities that suffer from hardship and social, economic and cultural exclusion. For the last three years, we have been working with communities, with the help of Foreign and Peruvian volunteers, developing … [Read more...]

Volunteer in London and New York City this summer!

Winant Clayton Volunteers is a charity which facilitates an annual exchange programme for British and American volunteers to support disadvantaged groups in London and New York. Founded in 1948 our aim is to promote friendship and cultural understanding through volunteering. Anyone, aged 18-80+, with a desire to support those in need in New York or London for eight weeks over a summer, can apply to join the programme. We have helped many volunteers to experience challenging, exciting and … [Read more...]

In India at the Moment

Sorry, I haven't been updating this site very much recently. I am in India until the middle of February and the internet is limited. I will try and update my instagram account when I can at http://instagram.com/andrewwahba. Thanks, Andrew … [Read more...]

Uganda Youth and Women’s Effort Fighting AIDS

Uganda Youth and Women's Effort Fighting AIDS (UYWEFA) is a humanitarian NGO. UYWEFA is committed to addressing and alleviating the negative effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that has caused untold suffering, poverty, and dehumanization throughout Uganda. In April 2011 UYWEFA constructed an education center in order to provide 50 Orphans and Vulnerable Youth (OVCs) in the community of Kazo with free education. In January 2013 we are hoping to increase the amount of students to 100 OVCs. The … [Read more...]

Medical Relief for Mark Schofield

My good friend Mark Schofield has found himself in a pretty bad situation. He went to Thailand to teach at an international school. He was in a scooter accident and is now in need of significant medical attention. While Mark believed he had medical coverage through his employer, his parents received an email from the school the day after the crash saying it will not be covering the medical bills. As a traveller, this is one of those situations you dread. Not only are you banged up in a … [Read more...]

V.F.N Orphanage in Nepal

Experience Himalayan Nepal require energetic volunteers to help run an Orphanage in Kathmandu comprising of 17 children aged between 4 and 14yrs old. You'll stay in the orphanage with the children and help get them ready for school early morning before taking them in. After this you will help around the orphanage or visit some of Kathmandu's sights before collecting the children from school mid-afternoon. Other activities include playing games, helping with homework plus getting them dressed … [Read more...]

Mother Nature Fights Back as a Species is Nearing Extinction

What do you do when you hear about a species on the brink of extinction? Are you the same as me? Do you turn the page, mute the TV or turn your attention to the latest technology gadget that cocoons us even more from the ugly realities in the world?             We do this because we feel helpless or we think 'someone else' will save them. After all how can one letter, one petition or even one email asking our friends to do the same really make a difference? Who wants to look at pictures of … [Read more...]