Reasons to Volunteer with IndiGO

I am always looking for organizations where you can donate your time and work without having to also spend a fortune. This time I’d like to feature IndiGO. This organization was founded in 2014 by Holly Penalver and Benjamin Western. They had been volunteers before. It is an activity they enjoyed during their spare time but there were two things that overwhelmed them about volunteering. The first one has to do with people living in the developing world who have little or often no access to … [Read more...]

Volunteering Opportunities in Morocco – 3 Organizations

Morocco is a country in the northern area of Africa.  It is a magnificent place to visit if you want to experience the Arabic culture.  Located on the Mediterranean sea, it is a country that is popularly visited by sea. The country has everything to keep you busy for a long time with its markets, stunning mosques, gorgeous white sanded beaches, buildings from medieval times, cruising along its gorgeous Mediterranean coast, and terrains that range from sand dune to snow covered … [Read more...]

Volunteering in Peru – 3 Amazing Opportunities

Peru is a South American country where you will find attractions such as amazing archaeological sites from pre-Columbian cultures such as the Inca Empire. The country is also home to towns with colonial architecture, a wide range of animal species and huge mountains to climb. It is heaven for all sorts of travelers, especially those interested in ecological tourism. Aside from providing exceptional opportunities for exploring there are many volunteer opportunities being offered all over … [Read more...]

Free Volunteer Travel Resource Guide

The following is a few of our favorite resources to help you prepare for your meaningful travel or volunteer trip. Hope you find the list useful. Volunteer Travel The Underground Guide to International Volunteering - Kristy Henderson (the Nerdy Nomad) has put together a very valuable resource to help you learn about international volunteering. Her $14 eBook will save you dozens of hours of scouring the internet for legitimate and affordable volunteering opportunities. Shannon O’Donnell - … [Read more...]

Volunteer as a Fundraising Officer in Peru

Are you looking for the opportunity to improve your Spanish language skills and gain hands-on experience in the field in the International Development sector? Why not volunteer with LAFF, where your skills will be put to good use and you will have the opportunity to work directly with beneficiaries, gain valuable field experience and increased awareness of International Development issues, whilst practising and improving your Spanish language fluency working in a Latin American … [Read more...]

Community Development Volunteering Program in Haiti

Volunteer in the Kenscoff Region of Haiti and work in community development to improve local infrastructure, sanitation, education and overall quality of life. The Kenscoff people lack basic infrastructure such as roads, community buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. and greatly need the help of volunteers to improve their lives. As you travel and explore this stunning country, you will have the chance to help develop the Kenscoff region so they can properly preserve their culture while living … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Palestine

Volunteer in Palestine Program Volunteer in Palestine Program 2015, from 1-12 weeks  Are you interested in coming to Palestine? Would you like to live with a Palestinian host family? Would you like to volunteer with school and university students as well as community members? Do you want to learn about the Palestinian culture, situation and the Arabic language?If the answer is ‘yes’ to one of the above questions then Excellence Center for Education and Training Services, would like … [Read more...]

Teach English in Chile with the Chilean Ministry of Education

Currently accepting applications for the Volunteer Initiative in 2016! Apply Now! Volunteer Service start dates for 2016 are: • March 21, 2016 - July 31, 2016 • April 4, 2016 - November 26, 2016 • April 18, 2016 - November 26, 2016 • August 1, 2016 - November 27, 2016 About the English Opens Doors Program The English Opens Doors Program, run by the Chilean Ministry of Education and the United Nations Development Programme, is a fee-free program serving Chile’s youth. EODP volunteers … [Read more...]

The Little Friendly Farm Project

If you love animals, sustainable agriculture and the simple life and want to be far away from the bustle of the big city, we believe that our eco friendly farm might be the place for you. You will learn the simple Thai way of living in a rural area and enjoy caring for our animals whilst learning lots of new skills during your new work experience. We welcome anyone who is interested and wants to take part in our volunteer project. Here you can share, play full of love and enjoy your work … [Read more...]

Communications and Recruitment Coordinator

“ICS alumni have enthusiasm, grit and a global mindset all of which employers are looking for” - youth employability expert David Schindler. Use or develop your language skills in a professional setting overseas this Autumn to transform your CV forever. By Christmas you could have led a team overseas, used your language in a business context, and developed a range of skills from communications to project management. You’ll also have supported some of the most marginalised people in the world … [Read more...]

International Humanity Foundation Co-Director: Indonesia

Are you looking for a long-term volunteer management opportunity? IHF is looking for hard-­working, dedicated volunteers to commit their time and talents for one year in one of our 4 education centers in Indonesia. Your role will be to manage the day-to-day maintenance of the center’s programs and initiatives alongside an international staff, in the effort to provide a better opportunity for children’s futures. You are asked to complete at least 4 hours a day of local work and 4 hours a day of … [Read more...]

Come help with Monkeys and Horses on the beach in Costa Rica

The Monkey Farm Our goal is to create a revolutionary sustainable new model for monkey and wildlife rescue that can be duplicated worldwide. We are currently supporting the development of the project by giving guided horseback riding tours to tourists, along with providing a petting zoo of farm animals for donations. This unique new monkey and wildlife rescue center has been planned and is being developed by volunteers just like yourself. If you are chosen to come and help us, you won’t be … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Rural Uganda This Summer

Tired of expensive volunteer, gap-year and culture exchange programs abroad? Then Beacon of Hope Uganda is the answer! Beacon of Hope Uganda has a number of unique and challenging volunteer, gapyear and culture exchange placements in Uganda. Whether your passion is sustainable community development or vital healthcare work, Beacon of Hope Uganda can offer you an unforgettable experience. When you choose Beacon of Hope Uganda, you are about to discover a new culture, accomplish something … [Read more...]

Searching: voluntary project for dentist

hello! i would like to get the information if u know about program in Cartagena for dentists, to be honest i'm coming to Colombia for holidays but i have done a lot voluntary work so i really would like to help in Colombia also, i will stay 7 days but for 2-3 days i can offer my work at the clinic, to do the treatments or at least check-up, I'm a dentist from Poland with 3 years experience, now i'm doing the specialisation. please let me know if i can help somehow! … [Read more...]

Volunteer in Paradise – The Station in the Seychelles

We are a small, pioneering organization, advocating and actively working on saving homeopathy as a system of healing that can bring change to the individual, their community and the world at large. Our joy comes from guiding others to become more responsible for their health and wellbeing. Situated in one of the most beautiful places on earth but being very remote with little support for our passion to bring change, we also face challenges that other profit-oriented enterprises don't. We … [Read more...]

Social Enterprise Consultant

Want to learn more about social entrepreneurship and volunteer your time to make a difference? We are currently recruiting for our 2015 programmes! … [Read more...]

Music Teaching Volunteer Programs – Kenya

Our mission is to provide the children and the youth with an avenue to nurture their musical talent and at the same time tapping their artistic skills in a holistic manner. Our guiding philosophy is to make the world a better place through music.We aim to do this by increasing access to music within communities and spread music to our youth, allowing them opportunities not otherwise afforded to them. Our goal is to facilitate the gift of music-making to every individual life that is part of … [Read more...]

Volunteer Work Abroad Program Links

Volunteer Work Abroad Program list The following is a list of free or low fee volunteer work abroad programs. If you know of a volunteer work abroad program that is free or has a low fee, please share it in the comments and it will be added to the list. Volunteer Work Abroad Programs in Africa: Check out our new site: The "Centre De L'Espoir" Children's Home - Cameroon Mama Hope - Kenya ASTVS - Morocco Training of Rural Women in Uganda Kawempe Youth Center - … [Read more...]