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Cynthia Hunt in Regina

Cynthia Hunt will be speaking at the University of Regina on Thursday, Dec 4th. More details below:

Canadian filmmakers Pat and Baiba Morrow spent 3 years making the film, including five months shooting on location in Ladakh. The Magic Mountain is a tribute to the power of one individual – Cynthia Hunt – who has truly made a difference in the developing world.

They first met Cynthia in 1991 when she worked in a Tibetan refugee camp in Ladakh. 10 years passed before their paths crossed again, and they saw a chance to collaborate and revisit one of their favorite parts of the Himalaya .

Dressed in a traditional shalwar khameez and a Montreal Canadiens baseball cap pulled down over her braids, Cynthia’s 25kg backpack is self-contained with camping gear, food and teaching materials. She spends weeks at a time in places far from any road, traversing 5,000 meter passes, camping on lofty ridges to draw her books, or walking over brittle ice in a winter journey through the Zanskar River gorge.

What shines through the whole film is Cynthia’s commitment to helping Ladakhis cautiously enter the 21st century with informed decisions.

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