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Whale Shark Research Project

I received this email the other day. It looks like a really interesting opportunity to work with whale sharks in Mexico:

“My name is Darren Whitehead I am the scientific director for the Whale shark Research Project, a registered non-profit conservation organization based in Baja California Mexico. We are dedicated to the scientific research, conservation, education and the community based support and
direct public awareness for the protection of Whale Sharks in this region.

The reason I am contacting you is I would like to present to you our fantastic volunteer and internship program opportunities to help monitor and study our local populations of whale sharks on a seasonal basis.

I wondered how it works in regards to your selection process and how we could work together to offer these opportunities with you. I do hope you feel it is something that may interest you as it 
really is truly a once in a lifetime chance for interested persons to work alongside these
magnificent vulnerable sharks and be part of a rewarding non profit marine research program…

…Please take a look at our website and find out a little more information on what research agendas we are currently working with and read a little more in detail about the internship opportunities, their breakdown and what is expected of the applicants.

I look forward to your response
Kindest Regards
Darren Whitehead
Scientific Director

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